Koyasan, Japan

by on January 2, 2011

Retreats are often moments of personal time that we don’t often do enough for ourselves. When we planned our trip to Japan, a mountain retreat was instantly on our itinerary. On our memorable Japan trip, we took a few days to travel up to the secluded mountain of  Mt. Koya to stay at one of the Koyasans and the experience was amazing.

Koyasans are buddhist temples that offer overnight stays. While there, guests are welcomed into the daily lives of monks. Meals are all vegetarian and we were given a small glimpse into monk lifestyle. We even attended the daily meditation and prayers, which after a while, learned that sitting on the floor for an hour is a lesson in both mental and physical stamina.

The menu at the Koyasan’s are simple, vegetarian, fresh, clean and pure. Full of delicately steamed vegetables with whole grains and light soups, the meals left us feeling so refreshed and cleansed of the strains of daily city life. Although the meals were simple, the attention to detail in presentation, preparation and respect to each individual ingredient made each course seem like a work of work. Eating this meal was a fine example of how  eating a small quantity of well prepared foods is more satisfying than eating a huge quantity of bad food.

The town, high up in the lush mountain, was cool and foggy, very reminiscent to the beautiful still paintings of rural Japanese mountain life. The trees are lush and the streets are quite, dotted with beautifully constructed buddhist temples nestled quietly in all the greenery.

It’s hard to not be a transformed person after a visit to Mt. Koya.The long trek up the mountain by train was worth the trip and we look forward to returning again. Soon!

- Diane and Todd

Evening dinner at the Koyasan

misty fog surrounds the temples

daily chores at the temple

main town of Mt. Koya


A Thanksgiving Story – The Hungry Travelers Video

by Todd & Diane November 24, 2010

Many folks we know are thankful for a warm meal at Los Angeles Mission this Thanksgiving. We’re thankful for that, along with our families and dear friends. What are you thankful for? Hope you all have a warm, safe and terrific meal with loved ones. Everyone deserves such basic human compassion and sustenance. -Todd & […]

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Discover New Oceans

by White On Rice Couple Photo October 24, 2010
Thumbnail image for Discover New Oceans

  ” A man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore .” – Andre Gide Finding courage can be difficult sometimes, but when we do, it’s always the starting point to something wonderful and gratifying. Find your courage through amazing people that inspire you, that support and […]

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Rain Rain

by White On Rice Couple Photo October 3, 2010
Thumbnail image for Rain Rain

Kyoto, Japan Rain rain falls on the street, mud in puddles cleaning my feet.

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Inside a writers space

by White On Rice Couple Photo August 12, 2010

Two weeks ago while filming Shauna and Danny’s Gluten Free Girl and the Chef’s Cookbook promo, we were able to squeeze in some quick visits to some other favorite Seattle friends. Being able to work on a project with Shauna, Danny and Lucy was a treat in itself, but to see Matt from WrightFood and […]

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Sneaking shots in NYC

by White On Rice Couple Photo August 3, 2010

  While in NYC a few weeks ago for a shoot and good food, our friend Jaden took us to times square for our first visit. And it was a memorable one with a gazillion people, energy, excitement, lights and more activity than we could catch.

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Joshua Tree lens flare

by White On Rice Couple Photo July 20, 2010

waiting patiently for sunset We were in Joshua Tree National Park for a shoot in late Spring and waited out for the sunset. The luscious, golden desert light at dusk makes for stunning photography.

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Momofuku Ssam Bar – New York City

by Todd & Diane July 15, 2010

As soon as we booked our tickets to New York City for a work shoot at The French Culinary Institute, we knew Momofuku Ssam Bar was on our hit list of “must eats”.  This is how we run our business affairs: secure the contract, book the clients, think about where to eat in the city […]

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Gorgeous Boulder, Colorado

by White On Rice Couple Photo July 4, 2010

  It was a quick, intensive and deeply gratifying trip to Boulder, Colorado last week. Our super star friend Jen Yu of Use Real Butter organized a food photography workshop and we were invited to teach, along with another rock-star blogging friend, Helen from Tartelette.

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Upcoming Portrait of a Gourmand w/Hasty Torres

by White On Rice Couple Photo June 9, 2010

We just shot another feature for our Portrait of a Gourmand series! We’re featuring of Chef Hasty Torres of Madame Chocolat in Beverly Hills. While shooting some stock photos of her amazing chocolates, we decided to take her outside her chocolate factory for an impromptu photo shoot. She’s so photogenic! The new feature will show […]

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Food Photography & Styling Workshop

by White On Rice Couple Photo May 26, 2010

Todd, setting up for a fun workshop in Los Angeles. Our next food photography workshop will be in Colorado on June 28-29, 2010 with rock starts Jen of Use Real Butter and Helen of Tartelette !! Jen is hosting this exciting workshop in her beautiful town of Boulder, Colorado. Can you imagine how gorgeous Boulder is going to […]

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Portrait of a Gourmand Photo shoot – Behind the scenes

by White On Rice Couple Photo April 11, 2010

It was a gorgeous late afternoon at Crystal Cove State Park where we met with Martin from I Love Blue Sea. We photographed him for a feature on our photography series, Portrait of  Gourmand.   Todd setting Martin up for the next shot. Martin is so tall.

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Portrait of a Gourmand – Martin Reed – i Love Blue Sea Sustainable Seafood

by Todd & Diane April 11, 2010

Portrait of a Gourmand – A gourmand is simply, someone who takes pleasure in food and eating. This is a continuing photographic series of gourmands, from all walks of life. There are many gourmands that inspire us in profound ways that make us experience and think about food differently. These portraits essays and interviews share […]

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Nikko, Japan

by White On Rice Couple Photo April 3, 2010
Thumbnail image for Nikko, Japan

The pure mountain water in Nikko, Japan is refreshing, cool and satisfying. The town of Nikko itself is an embodiment of serenity through the gorgeous mountain scenery and historic architecture.

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Restaurant Calm Before the Storm

by White On Rice Couple Photo March 18, 2010

One of the best parts of photographing a restaurant is a few hours before opening. It’s the calm and quiet before the storm of service. We love these moments when we can take our time to wander, capture and watch the staff tend to their pre-opening tasks. Best of all, we have the whole restaurant […]

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Rancho La Puerta Foundation & The Rain Women’s Organic Garden

by White On Rice Couple Garden February 7, 2010

One of the most emotional moments I had during my social media retreat at Rancho La Puerta spa was watching little children playing happily in a make shift play ground along the Tecate, Mexico river. The old swing-sets were rusted, but still working. The old car tires that were floating in the river of trash, […]

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Rancho La Puerta gardens

by White On Rice Couple Garden February 3, 2010
stone thumb

Walking through the garden grounds of Rancho La Puerta Spa and Resort is a stroll back in time. The raw simplicity, native vegetation and beauty of  the regions natural species are abundant throughout the property.  Even though non-native plants can be found popping up in different planters and hillsides, the majority of the gardens maintain […]

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Video – Food Photography w/ On Camera Speedlight

by White On Rice Couple Photo February 1, 2010
food photography lighting tips

fried bacon shot at night with speedlight on camera Adding a few step-by-step pictures of our cooking preparations really help readers visualize the process of the recipe. But at night, it’s almost impossible to get a decent picture of food cooking on the stove top because there just isn’t enough light. Shooting with speedlights attached […]

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Online Food Photography Class Giveaway on Sally’s Site

by White On Rice Couple Photo January 30, 2010

Professional photographers Ron Goldman and Kathleen Clemons are having another online course for food photography and they’re giving away a spot for the class! In collaboration with the folks at The Picture Perfect School of Photography, Ron Goldman and Kathleen Clemons , they’re letting one lucky winner take this great food photography course as the […]

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How we photographed the Edamame Soybean Soup shot

by White On Rice Couple Photo January 24, 2010

  We were hungry, really hungry and so were the dogs. So to fend off two hungry dogs and to appease our growling stomachs, we took this shot really quick because sometimes we have the patience to spend too much time on a photo. Our approach to food photography at home is simple and we […]

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