Guest post for BlogHer about the making of Peanut Butter Pie Video

Thank you all, to each and every single one of you for watching the Peanut Butter Pie video dedicated to Jennie and Mikey.

We’re both so proud to be part of this online food community and you all helped us complete this video with your love and support.

Blogher asked me to write a post about why and how this video came to be. It was deeply healing for me to share this with you all. Please visit this piece over at blogher.

thank you a million times,



Freaking Good Home Made Blackberry Ice Cream & Stehly Organic Farms Story

Know the difference between an average blackberry and a Stehly Organic Farms blackberry? Amazement.  Pure eye-rolling amazement. As if Mother Nature herself reached down and handed you a blackberry and said, “Here. This is what a blackberry should be.” Plump. They have a deep, round sweetness that is counterbalanced perfectly by the classic blackberry tang.…