Joshua Tree lens flare

waiting patiently for sunset

We were in Joshua Tree National Park for a shoot in late Spring and waited out for the sunset. The luscious, golden desert light at dusk makes for stunning photography.

Gosh this place is amazing, even during the dry season, Joshua Tree has beauty hidden in every corner. You just have to look closely. We played around a bit with the amazing light and great flare.

finding beauty in the desert

The desert is always a special place for us. It’s serene, still and a therapeutic escape from our hectic city lives. Some might call the desert too desolate for photography, but we find the place rich with wonder.

Again, you just have to look past the brown, the heat and look for the life. It’s there, you just have to find it.

left: pic of diane shot in harsh sunlight. right: todd shot in warm golden light of arriving sunset


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  1. Doan

    I just want to say your site is amazing! I’m inspired. I’m a writing and visual art student, really glad I’ve stumbled upon this.

  2. Naseer

    Wow, love these photos! We actually made it to the desert (southwestern Utah) for the first time this year, and were completely floored by the beauty. I could see how people develop a spiritual connection with the desert.

    Did you consider sticking around to try taking some star trail photos? I hear Joshua Tree is one of the best places in the country to try that out.

    1. White On Rice Couple

      We used to spend days out there, however lately when we’ve been to j-tree we still have to work the next am. Just need more than 1 day off in a row!

  3. Jean

    You are absolutely right about the desert, how beautiful it is even though one may not see this at first glance. My husband introduced me to desert/hot springs camping 10 years ago and I loved it right away. I’ve had a chance to visit JTNP and it’s as you say. In the spring when the flowers are blooming, it’s full of life, full of color.

    It made me happy to see your beautiful pictures here.

  4. Katie @ goodLife {eats}

    I hated the desert when we first moved to NM. But now I notice something pretty every day. It’s just a different kind of pretty.

  5. Phoo-d

    What beautiful shots! I love Joshua tree and have such fond memories of camping and rock climbing there. The trees take on such an otherworldly look at night!

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