Food Photography & Styling Workshop

Todd, setting up for a fun workshop in Los Angeles. Our next food photography workshop will be in Colorado on June 28-29, 2010 with rock star Jen of Use Real Butter.

Jen is hosting this exciting workshop in her beautiful town of Boulder, Colorado. Can you imagine how gorgeous Boulder is going to be at the end of June?

We’d love for you to come join all of us for 2 intensive days of learning food photography and styling. All four of us (Diane, Todd, Jen and Helen) will be there to teach you all we can . The itinerary is looking fabulous with plenty of demonstrations and hands-on practice that will boost your food photography and styling to the next level.

There are only a few spots left so head over and sign up on the Art of Food and Light Workshop website! Look forward to seeing everyone in beautiful Boulder Colorado at the end of June!

learning with a group of others is fun and productive!


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  1. Nathan Ciurzynski


    I’m just getting interested in food photography and after having my first food shoot recently realize just how much I have to learn about it. I actually had a lot of fun with it. I realize now that I didn’t style enough and I also went a little too wide with the aperture. I’d love it if anyone had some time to critique this shoot. Here’s a link to the images on my blog:

    Thank you!

  2. Cynthia

    I love the photograph of the empty room. I wish you much success with the workshop. You are a talented photographer and the attendees are lucky that you are willing to share your talents with them.

  3. Lois B

    I’ll be in Poland the end of this month, otherwise I would be there! I learned so much from your presentation at the fbf seminar in March. Enough to see that I still have MUCH to learn!

  4. marla {family fresh cooking}

    Gosh that clean white room looks like the perfect place to get all creative. Boulder will be a blast. I have never been and have heard amazing things about it there. My home away from CA is Telluride, CO. It will be fun to see another part of such a great state. xo

  5. Phoo-d

    I’ll be there in June. Can’t wait to meet everyone and see beautiful Boulder!

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