Food Photography Shoot Out Event-Giveaway

*This giveaway has ended, thank you to all who have entered, it was vey very hard to choose. Rather than select only 2 people, we selected 8 and they have all been notified.  Your comments below will be put on our waiting list for next events!

Trust us, we understand the frustrations that many of you experience when photographing food.

Being self taught photographers, we struggled with many technical and creative issues related to food photography, but we didn’t give up. The two of us worked together, pushed one another to remain motivated, focused, and excited about this amazing craft.

When we had technical questions about lenses, editing and workflow, the replies were often snobby, treating us like amateurs and second rate photographers. Instead of getting angry, we’d get even. Well we did get a bit angry. Frustrated. Irritated… And also very motivated. We spent endless hours learning, searching, practicing and perfecting our skills and craft together, buoyed by each other’s support, feedback and sharing.

We always swore we would never ever treat anyone in the same way that we were treated way back when we were first trying to become better photographers. Screw all of those old-school, peer down your nose at anyone asking a question, snobby farts. We were going to help any and everyone who honesty sought knowledge which we could help with.

After years of hard work, persistence, practice and two photography companies later (specializing in portraits, events & food), we feel that it’s our time to give back and help those who were in our position years ago. And we’d always treat them with respect and dignity that they deserve.

Please let us introduce our very first Food Photography Shoot-out: a free, informal and community event where everyone gets together to encourage and help one another build skills in food photography.

Our Philosophy:

  • no one should feel alone when you want to learn
  • learning is always more fun as a group
  • everyone has something to share and teach

What Happens at the Food Photography Shoot-Out?

  • It’s kinda like an informal food photography workshop, but where everyone helps one another learn.
  • We (Todd and Diane) will give a quick presentation about food photography basics.
  • We’ll give a live demo on how we approach a food photograph from storyboarding, storytelling,  vision, styling, technical exposure considerations, editing, workflow to final image.
  • Everyone will talk about lenses, cameras, tripods, equipment. You name it, we’ll talk about it.
  • We’ll all talk about the business of food photography.
  • There will be lots of fun props to play and shoot with. Attendees will be photographing plenty of food.
  • There will be a potluck. Yes, food.
  • Attendees will have plenty of hands on shooting practice in our studio.
  • Photo editing will be discussed.
  • More food shooting will continue.
  • Hopefully everyone in the group will step up to the plate and share what they know, give back.
  • Todd and Diane will be there to answer any questions you’ve ever had about food photography.

What Happens after the Food Photography Shoot-Out? – that’s all up to the attendees, but hopefully…

  • New friendships and bonding will be born.
  • Knowledge will be passed, gained, and continually shared.
  • Crotchety, greedy old-timer photographers will rot in… Sorry, we’ve really let go of this.
  • Todd and Diane will have several cocktails after getting home at the end of a long day.
  • Todd and Diane will sleep good knowing that a small handful of people will feel less frustrated about food photography.

Who gets to attend and when?

  • We’ve selected a few individuals to attend the this first Food Photography Shoot-Out at our studio.
  • We’ll be having more events in the future for larger groups. You’ll just have to be patient. Hopefully someone will provide and offer a larger venue for our future events for more attendees.
  • The very first event will be held at our private studio in downtown Los Angeles. It’s a small space and we can only accomodate a small number of participants. And our studio has big windows with lots of natural light!
  • Date is set for Wednesday (our day off!) February 9, 2011 from 11am-2pm, in downtown Los Angeles


We’ve already selected 12 local bloggers to join us on the Food Photography Shoot out. So we’re giving away 2 spaces to our blog readers!

How to participate in the Giveaway: (Please, Read Carefully)

  • You must be a food blogger with an established, personal food blog for at least 9 months. Repeat: If you don’t have a food blog that’s at least 9 months old, you will not be considered.
  • No brands, corporations, LLC’s,  or companies are allowed to participate in the giveaway.
  • Leave your comment below and tell us what have you struggled with in food photography or how this event will help you. Be short, be real and don’t leave your life story.
  • Leave the link to your blog in the comment form, not in the actual comment! One link back to your blog is plenty.
  • We’ll select 2 bloggers by the end of the giveaway on Sunday, January 30, 2011 at midnight, PST.
  • Winner will be announced back on this post Monday January 31, 2001.
  • Winners will be responsible for their own travel and accomodations.

Thanks everyone!

-Todd and Diane

Note: this event is not sponsored in any way and is fully funded by us, in our studio.

come shoot-out with us in our studio!


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  1. Bijouxs

    Hi Todd & Diane,

    I would love to attend the next Food Photography shoot out at your studio. I am getting back into photography via my food blog: Bijouxs: Little Jewels from the Kitchen, which I launched last year. An art school major, turned private chef, now writing and photographing food, I was honored to be featured in Pasadena Magazine’s Food & Wine Issue in November. Now I am working on the photography for my cookbook. I am LA local, so very easy for me to attend. I like what you both say about learning and sharing your craft of photography. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Lisa

    Hi Todd and Diane, I hope you had a successful day at your shoot out! I have been researching cameras, what do you suggest for a good quality entry-level or a little higher camera? Thanks in advance.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Totally depends on budget, but don’t think of just getting a camera. Invest in your lenses, too. We recommend starting with one good lens that fits the type of photography you want to shoot, then get the best body you can fit in your budget after that. We shoot Nikon and love them. Have many friends who love their Canons, too. Don’t know too much about other brands.

  3. Summer Rose

    I came to know u guys when u tweeted a bit ago , well im barely active on twitter and the unfollo thing is some automated pluggin:-)
    Sorry 🙂
    And am so thrilled to find ur super fantastic site and gaze thru ur work!
    UR studio is amazing and ur pics stunning!
    Hope to pic lods of tips and more , i really need those to improve my pics now!
    Wonderful day and Super sunshine love filled Valentines day *365!

  4. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I realize this event is closed.

    I live in San Diego and in the future, if you are EVER running an event like this, I would love to come. I would gladly pay to attend! If you ever run workshops or do events, count me in 🙂

  5. Sallie

    Just take a look at my site and you absolutely know why I need to be there!!! My recipes are great, photos not so great (well really pretty awful). Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  6. Louilicious

    Man, wish I could be there! How about doing it on skype? 😉

  7. Shawnda

    I’m not entering – but I just wanted to say this is such a fantastic idea. There’s no such thing as too much pretty food on the internets 🙂 We learned sooo much from you guys down at Food Blog Camp and feel like we were able to apply it immediately when we got home. Those 14 bloggers will be super lucky and will no doubt be able to pick up a ton of tips to help them further their skills.

  8. Andrew Camp

    I am a trained cook who loves to write and think about food, but the only problem is I have no knowledge of photography and sometimes feel ashamed of putting my pics up on my blog. I really just want to understand the basics of food photography. My current blog has only been up for 5 months. Previously I had a blog that I had bought the domain for, but did not renew and lost all the content online, but do have old articles I wrote.

  9. Joy

    Hello Tood and Diane!

    I’ve followed your blog for awhile now and have always been mesmerized by your shots. I would very much like to be considered for your workshop. I recently purused my passion in food and photography and have been practicing different techniques day by day. I usually learn by checking out cookbooks in the library and studying the pictures I find and try to recreate them with my style. I have much to learn and would be honored if you considered me for this event. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  10. Rachelle

    You guys are amazing. If only I could join in! I’m sure it will be wonderful and I can’t wait to read (and see) more about the first shoot-out! 🙂

  11. Kathleen

    I love the beauty and art I see in your photographs beyond the fact that they are attached to a great food blog. I mean that honestly and not at all in a brown nosing way 😉 I would kill to be able to begin to understand how to achieve just a little bit of that. I struggle with the usual suspects, lighting, camera mechanics and photo composition. I truly love how a wonderful photograph can convey a feeling. It’s that element that I long to start to learn to create. You guys are so generous to offer this to your readers. Thank you!

  12. Sonia

    I would love to learn some basic lighting & presentation tips/tricks/techniques. At present my experiments & experiences are limited to a few setups at home. I bought a nice Camera recently (Lumix Gf1) and want to graduate to next level by applying what I would learn from. Thank for this !

  13. Renee

    We learned so much from you both and really appreciate your generous spirit! Wish we lived closer. (Or wish you would come to NY- In the summer, of course.) This would be a wonderful opportunity for anyone who gets to attend! You are huge inspirations!

  14. tannaz

    this class sounds like a godsend. i am a long-time newbie when it comes to all aspects of photography, so i’d love to get a good introduction plus expert tips and insight. fittingly, my struggle is documented on my food blog.. in the very post that led me right here. ask, and you shall receive, i guess!

  15. AlohaLy

    Although I’m not a food blogger (my own personal blog is sadly in need of attention), I continue to be awed by your site — the beautiful photos, the mouth-watering dishes, the idyllic garden, the fun pets. Being a neophyte photographer (aperture, F-stop???), I applaud your efforts to educate others in a positive light. Is there any special category I could fit in and attend — innocent bystander, gopher? 😉

  16. eatdrinknbmerry

    I learned about shooting inside a kitchen simply by using a Speedlite. This is an unselfish, generous move by two very talented photographers. Cheers to you both.

  17. Sandy

    You both are incredibly generous-what a wonderful thing you are doing. Thank you for giving us the chance to share in this and learn from you. Lighting, let me count the ways I need help with lighting-you can’t do anything about the grey in Seattle but I know you can teach me how to get my photos to look like they have been lit by beautiful natural light ! Styling and composition-I struggle, sometimes I get it right but most times it lacks that little oomph. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed . Aww and even if I don’t I will still follow and use your photos as something to aspire to ! Thank you again for being such sharing spirits.

  18. Grace

    What an amazing event and a wonderful thing to do – helping the community. Thank you both! I struggle with probably the usual, white balance, lighting, how to set up backgrounds, how to tell a story with my photos and of course composition. Is there anything else? I would love to attend and I know I would leave with so much information to help me succeed in finding my voice through my photography.

  19. ravenouscouple

    What an amazing and generous opportunity! I’ve been struggling with white balance. Yesterday at a food event with harsh yellow lights, I had no idea how to custom white balance–even Cathy, Gastronomer couldn’t assist as she doesn’t know Canon. Not that it should matter, but Wed is my day off too, lol. Learning from you guys would amazing. Thanks! Hong

  20. Krystal R.

    I would love to attend your class. I have trouble with composure and finding the light in my pictures, but I’m also still using a P & S. I’m trying really hard to upgrade to a fancy SLR, but I would love some pointers to take my pictures to the next level. I would love to meet you guys, the workshop is the day after my birthday…so it would be a sweet birthday treat for me!!!

  21. marla {family fresh cooking}

    You guys are awesome & that is all there is to it. What you give back to the community is huge. You have taught me so much since I have known you. I am forever grateful to know you & if you ever need anything from me I would love to give back in any way I can 🙂

  22. Lisa {With Style and Grace}

    I would absolutely LOVE to attend your class, but it’s a little far from SF 😉 Just wanted to say I think you guys are incredibly talented photographers and I hope that our paths connect someday. Thank you for doing what you do and inspiring those of us to reach the next level in food photography. I dream of becoming a food stylist and photographer. That’s it, just wanted to say thank you 🙂

  23. Cristina

    Hi Todd and Diane: I enjoyed your presentation at FBF last Spring. What a fantastic opportunity and so generous of you two! I’ve been keeping my eyes open to see if you were going to offer another workshop like the one you held with Helene last year in Colorado. I’ve had my blog/site up for several years. During the last year, I have made strides in my food photography, but have been feeling stuck…like I’m missing something & consistency. Often, how I visualize what I want the shot to look like, doesn’t always translate in what I actually produce (the mood). My compositions, angles and use of light & fill lighting are challenges. I’m working on my photography to take it to the next level beyond my blog.

    Please keep me in mind for the next workshop you might offer, if I don’t make the cut for the two you select. Thank you!

  24. Teresa

    Learning to take beautiful photographs of my dishes would make me happier with my blog and would certainly motivate me to cook even more. Although I’m not able to enter the contest, I hope to stumble upon a recap of your class which sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing the pictures included with this post. They’re actually quite helpful.

    Wishing you all the best!

  25. judith

    Last year I discovered your website and fell in love with your photography. Before I purchased my DSLR camera I asked my neighbor, a photographer if he thought I could take pictures like yours. With certitude he said yes.
    I would like to learn from you guys.

  26. Stephanie

    Todd and Diane,
    What a lovely thing to offer to the community. I am not entering, just saying thanks for your generosity. Would love to participate in the future.


  27. Jeanne @JollyTomato

    What an amazing opportunity! I am still working with a point-and-shoot so I definitely need to learn more in order to to take things to the next level. At the moment I write/blog whenever I can find the time, and the photography always seems to come in a distant second. As for my photography questions, I am struggling with lighting because I do most of my work in the evening, and even thought I love the look of natural light I never seem to have enough of it.
    Thanks for the inspiration, and best to everyone on here!

  28. Charlotte

    What an exciting opportunity! I too am self-taught in food photography and while I am usually happy with my shots for my blog, I’d like to step up my game and start working professionally. I’m definitely interested in learning how to wisely choose and use props, as well as how to select the appropriate lens for the desired composition/set-up.

  29. Lee Fruchter

    I would like to attend the next event or future events. I like to shoot fruit.

  30. Dorothy at Shockinglydelicious

    Would LOVE to be exposed (little joke!) to your talent and teaching! Every once in awhile I take a pretty darn good food photo, but it seems more a fluke than a plan. I am a confident cook, but when it comes to photography, I cringe internally, thinking that I am simply not doing justice to my food. Looking at my photos, I can spot lighting issues, certainly styling, composition…just for starters. I want to get good enough to match the title of my blog!

  31. Melani Bauman

    This is such a wonderful and generous idea! I wish I lived in LA so I could have a chance to join you, if this contest was in New York I’d be desperate for a spot. My struggle at the moment is that although I love to photograph food in natural light most of the food I cook for dinner isn’t ready to be photograph until it’s dark out so I really need to get to grips with my flash. Good luck to all of you here who are close enough to be in the running.

  32. Jackie Alpers

    What a wonderful idea!

  33. Katie | GoodLife Eats

    This is when I wish I lived much, much closer. I have different struggles depending on the day. Sometimes figuring out light, other times it’s the styling that holds me up. And as any mom will tell you, some days it’s more about finding the time to get it done…but there’s not much that you can do to change that.

  34. Jenn

    Todd & Diane, thanks so much for the inspiration and opportunity.
    I’ve been blogging for over a year now and started taking the photos to the next level last year. I now see the virtue of natural light and have seen big improvements in my photos. Where I struggle is food styling. I’m experimenting but often it’s hard and not sure what to incorporate. Thank you!

  35. Grace

    I would LOVE the opportunity to learn from you guys! While I have a good instinct for composition, my weak spots are in the technical aspects of photography, especially shooting with flash and post-production. I mainly stick with natural light, which limits my shooting to the hours between 10am and 2pm, because all my flash shots look like they were taken with a point and shoot and someone’s uncle’s birthday party. Your tutorial on flash shooting was very helpful, but I could still use your expertise!

  36. Laura @ Family Spice

    WOW! That is amazingly generous of you! I have been blogging seriously for 1 1/2 years (first 6 mos sooooo doesn’t count!) and I love photography. My big issue is TIME. I have three kids (if you count hubby, 4 kids!) and when dinner is ready, there is no time to think about the presentation. They are in a rush to eat, I am in a rush to take a picture and I am never totally satisfied with the resulting photograph. I would love hand on advice on styling, lighting and of course, optimizing my DSLR.

  37. Atria Claudia

    Although I don’t post my answers here, your blog is one of my endless sources of inspirations. I have a folder in my PC called “inspirations”, where I download exciting food photoes…
    I am amateur but I love to learn and , unfortunately, I don’t have possibility to participate in a workshop (but I love to!), because we are living in completely different parts of the word, your blog is still so outstaning and valuable sources to learn.

    It is so nice, that you support one another and share your passions together.
    I love to see your blog developing and I wish you all the best!

    Greetings from Poland!

    ps. also, food ligthing is one of the problem I have to face also. I use only sunlight but would like to learn something new, not necesarilly light-box and fancy lamps.

  38. The Cilantropist

    Hi Todd and Diane! My blog has only been around for just about a year now, but I have really worked hard to take it to the next level and advance my content both on the photography and the writing side. I think I am a better photographer than writer (ha! at least I can admit it!) and so I have been developing my skills in that arena. I switched from P&S to DSLR (I have a Canon Rebel T1i) last October and I have been ENAMORED with photography ever since. I shoot mainly in my kitchen space and use a tripod, but I would love to learn to better manipulate light since I only shoot with natural light. I also use manual settings on my camera (mostly AV mode) but although I know ‘how’ to change the settings to get the photo I want I dont have too much of an idea what each of the settings really represents. I use a 50mm prime lens as my ‘workhorse’ but I just purchased a macro lens and would really like to learn how to take full advantage of that. And of course, to get a hands-on experience with your carefree, comforting food styling would be priceless. Thanks for extending this opportunity!!!

  39. sarah

    t+ d!

    i’ve been using compacts, and now want to be able to use bf’s bigger cam…! plus i love you guys 😀

  40. Kate @ Savour Fare

    Oh, I would LOVE to come to this. I really struggle with sharpness. I shoot with Canon, which I think yields a “softer” picture overall, but I also think this isn’t an excuse. I think it’s partially focus problems, but I’d like to really get my food photographs looking crisp. And consistently crisp, because sometimes I am AWESOME and sometimes I suck.

    If I can’t get into this one I’d LOVE to come to another one. I loved your presentation at the Food Blog Forum event.

  41. Zohar

    Ok, this is the thing, I live in Israel. Far far away. So I won’t be able to attend this great idea of a workshop you are organizing.
    Would it be possible to video the event and upload it so that many many more wannabe photographers/chefs will be able to enjoy it?

    Thanks, Zohar.

  42. Cassie,

    WOW! What an amazing opportunity!! Thank you, thank you for doing this and offering two extra spots! I love your blog and have read through your pasts posts on photography tips which I really appreciated. To meet and work with you would be amazing!

    I am a complete novice to photography in general. When taking pictures of food I often struggle with the whole lighting issue. Also, making the food look more appealing in photos-possible tricks to make the food come alive in photos. Thanks for your consideration!!

  43. Jun Belen

    Hello Diane, I met you very briefly in BlogHerFood in San Francisco. I would love to get the opportunity to shoot with you and Todd. I started my blog close to a year and a half ago as a marketing tool for my photography and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’m a self taught photographer and would be thrilled to pick your brain on everything from lighting and lenses to storytelling through photographs. I live in San Francisco so a trip down to you would be quick and easy.

  44. Robyn

    Todd and Diane I was in the first Food Blog Forum presented by the group and was very rewarded by attending. Your presentation was top notch. I would love to participate sometime as a local blogger in an event of this sort. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to right now, of course I would! I’ve been taking photos for over 8 years now and still know I could use a day with a couple of professionals. I live out in the Inland Empire and would love to attend as well learn so I could pass along the info to bloggers who live out here too. Being able to have and show the support you guys do would be a great thing. Maybe if I don’t get to attend this time around, I could convince you to come out here for a day.

    Thanks for all you guys do for the food blog world.

  45. Anna

    I’m a mom of two little boys, so I need to know how to create beautifully styled photos efficiently. I need to take the time to learn more about my camera, how to make the most of the props/dishes I have, and for goodness sakes, how to make an oatmeal cookie look good! (Does anyone else have unphotogenic cookies?)

  46. Rachel Riggs

    HELP! Consider my attendance a public service as my photos are an atrocity. I use the Canon Rebel XSI and literally only know where the shoot button and the one dial on top is. There – I said it out loud. And I just happen to have an unused ticket to LA burning a hole in my pocket. I love your blog and share a similar aesthetic sensibility but am am paralyzed by my lack of knowledge. Thank you for your consideration, it is a most generous offer!

  47. arthi

    This definitely will be an answer to my problems…I have a new digital camera but struggle to get good pics..still learning but this workshop will help me get better.

  48. e-eats

    OMG, I would love the opportunity to meet and learn from the two of you! I love your blog, and think your photos are amazing! I started my blog a few years ago as a fun way to document my food related experiences. I’m still finding my voice, and am slowly improving my photography skills. I would love to learn the tricks of the trade from people who inspire me so much!!

  49. Jane

    I started my blog 2 years ago using a point and click camera. I am now at the point where I am devoting more time to my blog and want to produce consistent quality photos. I struggle often with lighting. I am ready to buy a new camera and would be thrilled at the opportunity to participate in your Food Photography Shoot-Out.

  50. Lynda

    This is an incredibly generous offer and another positive example of the power of the food blogging community. I would love to take my photography to the next step. Beautiful food photos rock, and one of my blog resolutions for 2011 is to find a class that would help me consistently accomplish this. My best photos tend to fall in a similar format, and I would like to expand my use of different techniques. Until now I have been self-taught, plugging away and learning from my (many) mistakes while reading blogs I admire such as yours for inspiration.

  51. Elizabeth @ Saffron Lane

    Generosity is good. This is great! Seriously, it’s people like you that make people like me feel less lonely trying to navigate the blogosphere and world of food photography. Some days (many days, actually) I have to give my all to maintain motivation. And, you’re right. I’ve found a lot of people unwilling to help. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. The world needs many more people like you.

    I’m in the Bay Area and won’t be able to make it on that date, unfortunately. But, I would love to hear about future events so please, please keep me in the loop.

  52. Nick (Macheesmo)

    Oh man! Wish I was in the LA area. I’d love to come to this and learn from you both.

  53. megan

    You guys are amazing and so lucky that you have one another for support. It has been truly inspiring- and I love your philosophies!


  54. Liz the Chef

    Shoot – not a pun – my blog only went up September 23…Hope you will do this again!! I live in San Diego and am so eager to learn about food photography.

  55. Kim

    I’ve been a fan of your work since before I had a blog. In fact, it was your email to me back then that encouraged me to take the leap. 15 months later… I’m still going… but since I’m just a “hobby blogger,” I haven’t set aside the time to attend the “big conferences.” Nor can I afford to (back to the hobby thing). But I do want to better what I do, and I couldn’t think of a better mentor to learn from. Having an opportunity to meet with you, learn from others and share some tales would be a greater gift than any other “giveaway” could possibly offer.


  56. Tara

    I would love to attend – what a fantastic opportunity you’re providing! My biggest challenge with food photos is obtaining a good depth of field. I shoot in shutter priority because I really like the “feel” it gives to my photos (vs. aperture priority) but I have trouble getting the right balance between amount of light and the f/ stop so I end up shooting everything in f2.8. It’s pretty frustrating especially when I actually think ahead to add a few props to the scene and then they get lost because the photo is so focused on the food.

  57. susan

    Diane & Todd – I think you both know how I feel about the two of you! Since I first met you (at your first Food Blog Forum), I knew the two of you would be a huge source of inspiration and knowledge. You guys are incredibly generous and I would love to be able to attend this!! Fingers crossed!

  58. TripleScoop

    HI Diane and Todd.

    I’d love to attend your event. I shoot at night mainly and only on the weekends I get shoot with daylight. I’d love to understand more about capturing the light and how to compose delicious shots.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  59. My Man's Belly

    My blog is almost 2 years old and I think the photography is progressing but S-L-O-W-L-Y. I would love to have the opportunity to spend the day shooting and getting questions answered. My biggest problem (I think) is my composition. I shoot in a tiny space with good light so composition is a tough one. (There’s just no room to spread out and take those longer shots.) Getting to the bottom of that challenge would help me take my photography to the next level.

  60. Denise@ There's a Newf in My Soup!

    Todd & Diane – John and I were just talking about wanting to take a food photography class and I/we would jump and scream at the chance to learn from you. Your blog has inspired me from the beginning. We have the cameras, lenses, lighting, and so many props, but need more direction on lighting and styling the scene for our photos. We’ve come a long way on our own, but this workshop would keep us moving in the right direction.

  61. Lucy Lean

    Would love to be included – have SO much to learn and you two lovelies are the best teachers

  62. A Canadian Foodie

    Now this is inspiring. I cannot come. But, I am truly inspired by your generosity. This is exactly the kind of thing I do in my local community – but, not with photography: with cooking and baking to enable those that need and want help an opportunity to get it.
    Standing ovation to the both of you!


    Guys, really cannot tell you how much both of you inspire us; and without getting all mushy and gushy, just know that your example of giving back sets the bar high and makes us want to stretch ourselves to reach that place (not brown-nosing, just honest observation – same feelings even if we don’t come). Composition, the framing of a shot so that it tells a story is, at the moment, my biggest challenge . . . keeping in mind that I’m still shooting in the ‘autofocus’ mode . . .

  64. Andrea Meyers

    This is reason 1,001 why we love you two. Wish I could be there, but will enjoy following the story.

  65. deeba

    If wishes were horses….
    SIGH… have fun all of you who attend! What a fab opportunity!

  66. Tracy Grant

    That’s fantastic you two!! Wow! I wish I qualified! warmth and sun would be so lovely right now..gray and snowy here in Traverse City, MI. Time to start a food blog! I shoot food all the time but a blog could be a good way to keep at it. hmm.

  67. Kita

    What an awesome thing to host! I think it’s so kind of you guys to be creating, funding and hosting an event such as this. I’ve had a billion questions about food photography and photography in general since I started my blog and it really is an uphill battle. Hopefully something like that can be hosted on the east coast someday. I know of local photog shot-outs, but you have to be considered a professional to show up at those and well, they aren’t really geared for foodies.
    I tip my hat to you two for doing this.

  68. Chef Louise

    Hi guys, how do I struggle with photography?… let me count the ways. I cannot explain the disappointment I felt when I was invited to the Mexico trip and then had to bow out because of finances- AUGH! Reading everyone’s posts has made my heart sad… I feel like I have read, researched, practiced, and cried over my photos. I am right on the edge of a great photograph and would really love that push from you guys. I am local and would love the opportunity to learn from you.
    Chef Louise

  69. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    This is going to be such a wonderful event. And boy I wish I could be in LA right now. 🙁

  70. alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

    I would love to go. Your work is truly amazing and inspiring, and you two are such genuine, authentic people. As a past magazine editor, I have never seen such talent. I am still learning photography, and it’s one of my passions. I would love to see you in action and learn all that I can.

  71. Michelle

    I adore your work, the style is so easy and pleasant. I would love to come and work with both of you and the entire group for a day. I am increasingly enamored by my blog but often feel held back by my photos. I have all the tools and the passion, now the next step….skill. I would love some all around guidence with special attenetion to styling. This would be incredible!
    I would be giddy to fly to LA for the event!

  72. Yoly - YNR Live

    Wow, what a great opportunity. Wish I lived a lot closer! I’ve enjoyed your tips and yes, I know I need a good DSLR to bring my pictures to the next level. Wishing for a livestream or something we could read later on. Thank you for giving back.

  73. Belinda @zomppa

    Fantastic philosophy and approach!! Wish I could be there…hope there is a summary/feed!!

  74. Lael Hazan @educatedpalate

    I wish I could attend! I need to have a much better relationship with my camera. I have SO much to learn. I specialize in either yellow or blue photos. I don’t understand the camera yet and I want to make it at least a friend.

    I look forward to experiencing the “shoot out” vicariously through the blog. Hopefully something will rub off. I’ve already learned so much from you guys.


  75. droolfactor

    OMG! I’m so jealous!! Sucks to be on the other side of the world…Would it be possible to consider a webinar or online session that peeps not in the US can take part in? Pretty please????

  76. Muy Bueno Cookbook

    You are so the “Giving Tree”, I love you guys! Thanks for paying it forward. I’m soooo the rookie here and just need your suggestion for a first camera, a real virgin here…be gentle…our photographer is in Denver, with my sister, my other half of Muy Bueno, but I need to start taking some impromptu pictures…cause I just gotta…Besos…Veronica

  77. Sukaina

    I soo so agree with Jacqueline. I live a million miles away and there is no way I can compete to attend this. Would you consider a paid live stream for those that are interested. It would be ever so helpful?!!!!

  78. Monica

    I need to take my photos to the next level. So far my P&S (yep, my P&S) has done the job, so I know that I have to find my voice and experiment more… I was honor to meet both of you at the FBF event last year and this will such awesome opportunity to have more one on one time, not only with you but with such a great community! Crossing fingers!

  79. Jacquline

    I know that I will not be able to compete to join, but it would be AWESOME if somehow after the seminar someone would like to “highlight” the really helpful techniques and share on their blog or somewhere else for the rest of us, pretty please!

  80. Amanda @ Easy Peasy Organic

    So wish I was an LA-er for this one! Maybe one day you guys’ll do Skype ones for us across the ocean …

  81. moowiesqrd

    I struggle with finding my “voice” in pictures. Maybe it’s my background as a scientist, but I can take a technically decent photo (exposure, in-focus, etc.) most of the time, but it often lacks a proper frame, emotion, and I can’t quite tell a story with my shots. It’d be great to spend hours shooting with you guys and hearing your thoughts on what I can change/improve. And I would love to just watch you guys work. If you don’t pick me, please consider having the next one in San Diego. I’ll bring the food! 😉

  82. Prerna@IndianSimmer

    I am a new and amateur photographer who like many is constantly trying to improve the skill by learning, trying and looking for some help from experienced people and have bugged you too in the past a lot if you remember 🙂
    If I am lucky enough to have session with you guys I would love to learn about use of some artificial lighting techniques, food styling and also the post processing part (both photoshop n lightroom). At the same time some guidance on how to start a career in the field.

  83. EatLiveRun

    Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to go! As a total newbie photographer, my biggest struggle is with composition. I’d love to get some tips on setting up the perfect “foodie” scene. 🙂

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