Chef Headshot- Accidents are good

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Sorry to not have photo-posted in so long! Since Thanksgiving, we’ve been terribly busy with back-to-back shoots. But we’ll be posting again here regularly!

chef headshot

Last week we had a portrait session with an amazing Los Angeles Chef (write up on photo blog soon) for his new restaurant. We shot in mixed lighting , both natural and strobe, to achieve different moods and effects.

This particular one was shot with a strobe, but it was an accidental shot. Todd was still setting up the strobes, while I accidentally fired a test shot. Even when the strobes weren’t in correct place, the shot turned out pretty good. Chef looked at me right when I fired and Todd’s initial strobe placement lighted Chef’s face nicely.

This shadowed, moody look was what we wanted, but we didn’t think the first test shot, especially when it was an accident, would turn out OK. For the final shot, we made final some final adjustments and we’ll put that on a later post, showing you how we lit him up.

So, accidents often do capture some pretty good shots!


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  1. Melissa

    A very handsome photo of a very handsome man.

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