On Failure

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It’s one of those months where some things just don’t seem to go right.

What we worked so hard on and thought was going to be right the first time around ended up being the exact opposite. At the end of the day, what would seem as a loss, was actually a gain. Regardless of what goes wrong on a project, everything always ends up as a lesson to do it better or right the second time around.

We’re reminded of this thanks to Susan Jeffers:

” You’re not a failure because you didn’t make it. You’re a success because you tried.” – Susan Jeffers

This was our mantra for the week.


diane and todd

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  1. Divina

    Thanks for this reminder.. Sometimes I’m afraid to step out of the box because of failure.. but I don’t have to be afraid.

  2. Dennis

    I like to think that everything that happens in life is for another reason. I’ve had hard times but then they lead to good times and sometimes success. I hope things get better for you!

  3. Ben Gebo

    It’s the sweet and the sour. When we experience bad, negative things, it’s important to know that balance is nature and that the pendulum will eventually swing in a positive direction. Be positive and positivity will spread, even when you hang your head.

  4. Roberta

    Thank you for the quote, and the post, so honest and human!
    We are here to learn and share, and failure is part of the process… unfortunately our society has made sucess the ultimate goal…and everytime we fall we feel bad about it…
    thank you then for your wise words…

  5. Maris (In Good Taste)

    Lovely mantra . One that benefits us all

  6. Phoo-d

    Thomas Edison had some great quotes about failure. One of my favorites is “I haven’t failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”

    Sending hugs and happy baby noises your way!

  7. Alyson

    The only way we really learn is from our disasters… or so I attempt to console myself. =P

  8. Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves

    That’s a good mantra. My March totally sucked so I understand.

  9. Lan

    i’m a very firm believer that Failure is just an excuse to get up & try again.

  10. FoodPhotoNYC

    Thanks for letting us know that projects that go astray are not the exclusive bailiwick of we beginners who are still struggling to learn and improve. I have found that as we make mistakes we also ensure successes and come to accept falling short of our ideals as a learning experience. The more they happen, the less painful each becomes and the more our knowledge increases.

  11. Renee

    It is one of those months isn’t it!?! Thank you so much for the beautiful quote and the reminder that all is not lost. You are both an inspiration to us and we hope that everything is well with you. Saw a book title today that really struck a chord and think it is also a good mantra- “Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity” by Sark. Sometimes it takes a quote, a song or a book title to set the mind right again. Sending you hugs and thoughts of support!

  12. Sarah Hope

    You guys don’t know me but I <3 you both. While I applaud your positive spirit, sometimes I think it's good for the soul to have a moment to commiserate in the difficulties of life with a friend. I hope you find a lovely balance of both. And I also hope you partake of a delicious beverage of choice to celebrate the misery and the closure of moving on from it.


  13. Kiran

    Very well said, thanks for sharing positivity and love the iphone shot 🙂

  14. Shanon

    For what it’s worth, you both have made an impact on my life, and I am sure many others that look forward to your posts would agree. I hope that things turn around for you. You’ve got a ton of people rooting for you.

  15. Laura

    Thanks for sharing this quote! I’ve come to appreciate this way of thinking more the older I get, but can still use the reminder from time to time.

  16. Karen @offthemeathook

    If you guys are “failures”… then what are the REST of us? 🙂 You probably don’t realize how many people admire and look up to you, not only for your endless talents but for your kind, joyful, and generous spirits–that shine through in all of your work.

  17. Donna A.

    Vivere Senza Rimpianti!
    Live Without Regrets (another mantra in Italian)

  18. Elizabeth @ Saffron Lane

    So simply put and so full of truth. I’ve been feeling this way a lot lately, too. The funny part is that when I look back on what (in the moment) seemed like failure, it was actually the catalyst to bring me to something else … something better. Despite our best laid plans and intentions, there are times the universe seems to know best. Wishing you much upcoming success!

  19. Yvette

    You will always be a winner in my book! You have accomplished so much! I love the quote — it’s a great reminder to focus on the things we have accomplished and not focus on our letdowns along the way. You are a huge inspiration! ~Yvette

  20. megan

    Thanks for the reminder, I am in the ‘licking my wounds’ phase of disappointment. A new resolve and a new mantra, could not have come at a better time.

  21. Liz the Chef

    Shall we start a club? Must be something in the stars and planets 😉

  22. Susan H

    Rocky roads and life lessons sometimes are the pits. This month was NOT a total loss – remember the excitement when you posted about the Williams Sonoma Art Director!!!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Susan- we LOVE you. Thank you for that wonderful reminder.

  23. TripleScoop

    Love the mantra. You guys still rock in book!

  24. Pete

    Thanks for everything guys,sorry for whatever happened. The road gets bumpy sometimes,but we keep going,because it’s such a lovely road. Enjoy

  25. Helene

    Brought tears to my eyes. This is so profound. Love you guys xoxo

  26. Alex

    Thank you so much for that post, it could not come at a better time for me… Keep it up!

  27. JulieD

    Pick up and try and try again. You’re so right, it’s so hard sometimes because I’m such a perfectionist and failure can be such a disappointment. I do lick my wounds a little and move on. I would rather make an attempt and fail than regret that I never tried at all. Thank you for being you, Diane & Todd. I hope things are better next week! 🙂

  28. TheKitchenWitch

    It just may be the March/April curse or something. I fell flat on my arse a few weeks ago, too. At least you aren’t in the fetal position, still licking your wounds (ahem).

    You are both so generous, talented and genuine that I know another success is right around the corner.

    ps: Hope to see you when you return to Colorado this year!

  29. Snippets of Thyme

    I don’t know what happened recently but I do know that I felt like I had found a very successful couple, working hard in an industry that I admire, when I recently came across your blog. Recently, we watched “Kings of Pastry” on Netflix. That was a great documentary chronicling the success and failure of the worlds top pastry chefs.


    ouch. ouch. not that things didn’t turn out as planned but ouch that these kinds of situations happen. but here’s where it gets interesting because as you quoted, ‘success because you tried.’ and that, dear friends, is half the battle, as you well know. what i appreciate even more, is that you share both success and failures with us . . . because that is how WE learn. and to know that when i’m failing, i can remember that good, highly successful friends have these moments too. it helps me to push through and move forward – thank you for that.

  31. corinne

    very well said ! it’s always good to see life like that 🙂
    Merci and i wish you a very good day !

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