Garden Blood Orange Giveaway- or maybe tangerines? kumquats?

Thanks to the heart-warming emails about our last blood orange margarita post, we think about all you blogger folks in the colder parts of the country that don’t get much sunshine, let alone fresh citrus. We’re spoiled because we get to bathe in warm sunshine and drink ourselves silly with fresh blood oranges from the tree.

So that we don’t seem selfish or caddy to rub our blood orange collection in front of everyone, it’s time to share. Blood orange giveaway!!!

That’s right, you read it correctly. We’re sharing the love and giving away fresh blood oranges from our trees to two lucky winners !. Our trees are producing more blood oranges than we can keep up with and there’s many of you out there that can’t get your hands on any decent citrus in your part of country.

Super sweet and fresh prizes from our garden!

Choice of Prizes: Kumquats (1 pound) or Blood Oranges ( 3 pounds ) Β or Tangerines ( 3 pounds )

What the heck! Or would the winners rather have some sugar sweet tangerines? Or kumquats? We’ll let the winners decide!

How to enter? Just comment below about which fruit you’d like to win and what you plan on making with it. Contest ends on Wednesday, March 24th at 9pm, Western standard time.

Two winners will be picked by random number generator through Twitter and announced on Thursday, March 25th . Giveaway open to USA residents only. Sorry International friends.

Oh, btw- our citrus trees are certainly organic and sustainable but if we ship it out, it’s definitely not LOCAL! πŸ˜‰

The contest has now ended! Thank you everyone for participating. The winners are listed here.


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  1. Madey e.

    I would have to say blood orange, I have never had a fresh one before (just the juice). And I would make a sorbet. πŸ˜€

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Sorry Madey e..
      You just missed the cutoff by a couple hours. The winners have already been chosen. Keep an eye out, this won’t be the last time we send out some of our garden fruit.

  2. AlisonM

    Blood Oranges all the way! Leite’s Culinaria just posted a recipe for Blood Orange Marmalade – and I would LOVE to make some with blood oranges from your tree!

  3. Quyen

    Such a hard choice since all of them look delicious!! I’m going to go with the blood oranges! I can’t wait to experiment with them! YUM!

  4. shankari

    I am visiting your website after many many months πŸ™‚ I would love my hands on those blood oranges – I would just eat them plain and may be use the zest on cakes?

  5. maggie

    How to choose?? I think I will say the blood oranges. I’m thinking a nice spring salad with some oranges, strawberries, mixed greens, toasted pecans and some cheese. hmmm. Goat cheese? Bleu cheese? I’ll have to think about that one.
    A margarita would go down well, too! πŸ™‚

  6. BC

    Tangerines or blood oranges! I’d bake a blood orange polenta cake or just eat them, since I am citrus deprived here in Minnesota πŸ™‚

  7. Jennifer

    Blood oranges- I totally am digging on your margaritas!

  8. Zara

    The blood orange look so good but I’ve never had a kumquat. So kumquat it is! πŸ™‚

  9. Amy

    I would pick blood oranges – since I have only had them a few times. I would make a variation of this tart from Bon Appetit: since it looks light & airy and perfect for warm spring days!

  10. Ella

    The blood oranges would be just fabulous….I’m imagining a blood orange tart… Yum!

  11. Michelle

    Blood oranges for sure!!!

  12. Jean

    Blood oranges, please, so I can make Matt Armendariz’ blood orange caramels!!

  13. Sherry

    I would love some blood oranges… And I think I would make some lovely marmalade to eat with scones. ^^

  14. ricky

    I would love to make a kumquot jelly. Before my great aunt sold her north California place it was a yearly event. It is just not possibe to find nice plump kumquot fruit here in Washington, it’s always small and very litle juice. Thank you for a great contest!

  15. Minti

    Blood oranges! Maybe just two kumquats and tangerines too please:-P. Never had homegrown citrus before!

  16. Garrett

    Blood oranges – because I have tequila that needs them. πŸ˜‰

  17. Jennifer

    Blood oranges please!!! Thinking I would start with a blood orange margarita, move to blood orange sorbets, then use them in salads (a fresh fruit salad and an orange and arugula salad with lemon vinigarette dressing I’ve been dying to make). Yumm!!

  18. Brenda Tillman

    I have never had a blood orange or a kumquat.
    It would be a tough choice. You might have to choose for me πŸ™‚

    Brenda T

  19. dianna sampson

    Blood oranges for sure. I first tried them in Italy and fell in love but living in Utah they are extremely limited to come by. I would try the Blood Orange Margarita and enjoy it tremendously!!

  20. Christine

    Blood oranges please! Delicious by itself, but I was thinking a fruit gel or heck, margarita would be fun.

  21. Lori

    Blood Oranges most definitely! I have to try one of those margaritas!

  22. Whitney

    I would love blood oranges and tangerines! I have been trying to get good citrus this year and for some reason it’s never sweet enough!! And you wouldn’t even have to ship! It’s like a 10 min drive!

  23. Laura B.

    Blood oranges all the way!

  24. LaJuana

    It’s kumquats for me…whenever I am lucky enough to find them locally I HAVE to have some…but to cook with? No, simply wash and eat and relish a childhood memory!

  25. Katie McNeely

    Blood oranges. Ohh! There’s beautiful!

  26. Shirley

    I would love some blood oranges! There would be blood orange tart in my future, as well as some marmalade and eating them out of hand. Yum.

  27. Lauren Lemons

    I would love the blood oranges to make Cindie’s Blood Orange caramels with toasted almonds and sea salt or maybe granita.

  28. Caity

    I would love the blood oranges to make some delicious salads with!

  29. Jo

    Blood oranges, please? Orange & radish salad!

  30. Michelle

    Those blood oranges look A-mazing and would go splendidly in a nice citrus salad!

  31. Cynthia

    I can’t get your blood orange margaritas out of my mind, so that’s what I’d pick.

  32. Hannah Valentine

    I *love* blood oranges and tangerines, but, I’ve never had a kumquat… so that’d be my choice! Lovely citrus-filled photos you have there! Whoever wins (picks me! pick me!) will certainly be receiving something very tasty!

    1. Hannah Valentine

      And I’d even throw some pics at you of me consuming them before I decide what I’d do with the rest… so many choices! Mmm… maybe a lovely Springtime salad!

  33. Christina

    Oh my, I think I would want the kumquats since I’ve never tried them before. I will probably look up one of your recipes for using them since I really don’t know what they taste like! πŸ™‚

  34. Wendy

    Definitely the blood oranges! A lovely blood orange and pink grapefruit granita would be perfect to trick myself into believing it’s summer in New Hampshire (even though it’s cold and gray and yucky outside of my window right now).

  35. Sara

    I’d love to make blood orange marmalade. Or top a spinach salad. Or juice them. Or really have any fresh citrus at all!

  36. Liz

    I would take blood oranges! My mom just sent me some tree ripened tangeries from an orchard in Ojai (I live in Colorado) so I was thrilled to find a box sitting on my porch. My daughter loves citrus fruits and introducing a new variety would be so fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Nicole

    Oh, I’d have to go with the blood oranges, and I’d probably eat half of them out of hand (I miss fresh citrus like crazy) and use the other half for citrus butter sauces (over firm white fish) and maybe a small batch of marmalade :).

  38. Lisa S.

    WOW – they all look great, but I’d have to go for the kumquats.
    Can’t get ’em here in the midwest.


  39. Nicole Spasiano

    I would def make those Blood Orange Margaritas again! Loved them.
    Or I’d make a refreshing granita.

  40. Danae

    Blood oranges would be my first pick.. I’ve seen some interesting drink recipes with these.. but kumquats are such an interesting fruit as well so I suppose they a very close second πŸ™‚

  41. Dragana

    Kumquats! I like to eat them fresh, sliced in a spinach salad with a citrus dressing. Our unusually harsh winter didn’t help our kumquats this year. Your kumquats look spectacular. Thanks!

  42. dawn

    I would eat them all up, but if I had to use them in cooking or baking I would make the tangerine almond cake that was posted on sunday suppers website. while sipping blood orange champagne.

  43. Dara B.

    blood oranges please!! ….and because practicing restraint has never been my strong suit (especially when it comes to food), i’d probably eat all three pounds just the way they are!

  44. Dave Ekrem

    How nice of you guys!!! I would LOVE some blood oranges. Living in northern Wisconsin, I won’t be seeing any for quite some time. What would I make? Hmmmm. I’d definitely make my girlfriend a salmon marinated in blood orange juice. Additionally I’d try my hand at a sorbet, as well as blood orange chutney for some good meaty Indian food. Yum. Stay positive, love the website.

  45. Angela@spinachtiger

    Blood oranges, and I’ll make marmelade, and serve some with seared scallops, some with crepes, and some with champagne.

  46. Dani

    I would love some tangerines. I think I’d use them for a chicken breast dish or for roast chicken. And make sorbet or ice cream for dessert. And cakes, lots of cakes; lemon and tangerine squares, cakes with tangerine cream filling,… The possibilities are endless. πŸ™‚ Thank you for this nice opportunity to win some of your fruit. πŸ™‚

  47. Sarah

    The blood oranges look amazing! I’ve never tried them and I always have wanted to. I would love to eat them raw, top my salads with them, or maybe make some sangria! Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. Beth

    Blood oranges please! I want to make blood orange granita, bitter blood orange marmalade, blood orange and almond cake, blood orange old fashioneds, duck a l’orange sanguine, blood orange mimosas, and/or blood orange and beet “carpaccio” salad.

    I think I will need more blood oranges.

  49. Kalynn

    The first time I tried blood oranges was in France. I bought them at an outdoor market in Provence. They were so delicious. I would make a vinaigrette for fresh greens or eat them by themselves and enjoy the memories. Thank you.

  50. Lillie Chaney

    I love your website – everything about it including recipes and photography. I would love the blood oranges and if I had some, I would like to make blood orange sorbet. They are so beautiful, but I have never eaten one.

  51. Angela

    blood oranges please. i’d like to just eat them as is. πŸ™‚

  52. Jacqui Hein

    Fresh blood oranges or tangerines would be wonderful! I would simple peel & eat the first one, savoring every bite. Then to get the creative juices flowing, I’d make a tasty tequila libation with some of the freshly squeezed citrus. Which might lead to a nice beet, chevre and arugula salad with a blood orange vinaigrette. Who knows… It simply nice thinking of the options, as we don’t have much citrus here in Central Oregon (as you probably know!). Thank you.

  53. Nisrine@Dinners & Dreams

    Gorgeous photos! It’s my first time here and I’m already in love.

  54. Evelyn

    Thanks for the citrus giveaway!! I would take the Blood Oranges, and use them to make a few things: First, I would substitute them for the Meyer Lemons in your Meyer Lemon Cranberry scones. My family has been demanding that I make these scones at least once a week. I can’t get Meyer Lemons (here in small town in Iowa), so I use regular lemons. I think the Blood Oranges would be a fantastic substitution. Also, I would use some of the oranges to marinate fresh tuna (along with some lemon juice, herbs and soy), for some early spring grilling. If I had any left, I would stew them with some dried apricots and pineapple for a morning compote. I think some blood oranges would chase away the last of winter in our house!

  55. Mary

    Blood oranges!

  56. profrip

    Blood Oranges for sure! Your’s are beautiful. Currently experimenting with daifuku, I think this should work in an interesting way.

  57. Lee

    Wow…love the blood oranges and would be in heaven if I could just taste them!! I’d make blood orange punch for my two girls. πŸ™‚

  58. Jennifer

    I’ve never tried blood oranges before, but with that deep, rich color, I would love to!

  59. Mona

    Blood oranges take me back to my semester in Italy. I’d eat them fresh and enjoy the lovely memories.

  60. An Pfister

    I’m pregnant so I can’t make any of the yummy alcoholic drinks with the blood oranges but I’d love to make some sort of salad with them!

  61. erica

    Blood Orange! I’ve never had it before, but I would love to eat it by itself. I would be interested in making some orange rolls with Blood Orange.

  62. Gail

    Blood oranges, hands down! Blood oranges and Meyer lemons are two of my favorite citrus fruits. Both are very hard to find in our neck of the woods. We’ve had a particularly cold, snowy and icy winter here in SW Colorado and your beautiful photographs of citrus fruit has be longing for warm sunny weather. The blood orange margarita recipe posted previously just about drove me crazy (still is) as it looked so delicious and I had absolutely no way to make it:-( Should I be a lucky winner of fresh blood oranges I would begin by making that margarita and followed by seared halibut topped with blood orange salsa.

  63. Shoshanna

    I’ve never had blood oranges and would looooooooooooooove to win this as a prize! Thanks Diane and Todd for sharing. :o)

  64. Lisa

    Blood oranges for sure. . . to celebrate a Syracuse Orangemen win and peel and devour with my girls.

  65. Caitlin

    I’m thinking blood orange margaritas sound pretty darned awesome…

  66. anna

    Those blood oranges look irresistible. Can I just peel em and eat em?

  67. Robin

    Those blood oranges look gorgeous – they’d be my pick! The blood oranges around me (southeast) just taste like normal oranges, but with more color. Your oranges look like they’d make me some awesome muffins, scones, breads, and of course your margaritas! πŸ™‚

  68. Annette

    I’ve never had blood oranges before…even though I live in the OC, shame. But I would love to try some with a tall blood orange martini by the pond. Yummmm, I’m drooling for a big sip!

  69. Sarah

    Blood oranges, and I think I would make marmalade with them.

  70. Gesa Zoellinger

    Ohhhh I would love to have the blood oranges…they are sooo tasty. I mean unbelievable and we only get them here every once in a while….I love to make a sauce of blood oranges with panfried scallops. YUM!

  71. Whitney

    Tangerines or Blood Oranges. Such a difficult choice. Going to have to say blood oranges

  72. Gaby

    Tangerines – they are my all time favs!!

  73. Teresa

    Kumquats – to make stress relieving tea!

  74. Sarah

    Definitely blood oranges! I came on your blog originally because of your garden, and ever since… I envy the weather with which you garden! Ah, how I wish I didn’t have a “real” winter, and how I wish I could grow citruses! Thank you for sharing your wonderful, magical victory garden with us on your blog!

  75. Marilyn

    Blood oranges please, for salads and drinks and glazes!

  76. Christine G.

    Oh! What a wonderful give away! I am a New Yorker just thawing out from this brutal winter and would love some blood oranges to chase the blues away. The 3 pounds of blood oranges would be perfect to make:

    1. Blood Orange-Spiced Rum Mojitos
    2. Grilled Red Snapper with Blood Orange & Mango Chutney
    3. Blood Orange & Coconut Milk Sorbet

    Please add me to the giveaway list!

    Christine G.

  77. Delia

    Blood oranges for a margarita or just to eat right out of the peel. I have until, what? about Friday to decide.

  78. Chef Sheree

    Some oranges and tangerines would be nice. For margaritas and tea cake. Thank you.

  79. Lisa!

    Oh, the blood oranges for sure…

  80. JennE

    Blood Oranges! I would definitely make the blood orange margarita and perhaps orange chicken but using the blood oranges. A Blood Orange Bread? Eating them as they are? Possibilities are endless!

  81. Jaclyn

    Some blood oranges please… for your margarita recipe!

  82. Nisa

    I would love to make blood-red orange pork chops! But any/all of those look lovely!

  83. Renato
  84. Renee

    I’d pick the blood oranges. And make the margaritas!
    and this:

  85. Teressa Harrington

    I would love to win, I have never had blood oranges or kumquats before.

  86. Sharlene

    Blood oranges!! A blood orange and chocolate cake has been on my wish list for months. I’m drooling just thinking of it.

  87. Charlene

    Blood oranges! I’d use them in a salad to start with. Yum!

  88. meg

    Blood oranges. How I adore them. I would probably make an orange-cranberry polenta pound cake with blood orange glaze.

  89. Johanna Thompson

    I have a killer chocolate cake recipe thats made with olive oil, in it I have started including mandarin zest.!!!!Yum, seems to be the general consensus

  90. Puppydogs

    Wow, having citrus trees in your yard must be wonderful!
    If I won, I would choose blood oranges.

    I really like reading your posts. Thank you for sharing!

  91. Gigi

    Blood Orange Curds, Cream Cheese stuffed Danish.

  92. Gigi

    Crepe Suzette using Blood Orange.

  93. Catherine McP

    I live in AZ and dont think I’ve ever had a blood orange! Honestly, whatever you have the most of, I’ll be happy with that!

  94. Mia

    I would love blood oranges! I have a wonderful recipe for a Mediterranean blood orange and olive oil cake. πŸ™‚

  95. Gigi

    Table Salad incorporating Blood Oranges in an Asian Vinaigrette

  96. Gigi

    Pepper Jellies with Blood Orange Zest1

  97. Gigi

    Blood Orange Compote over Vanilla Ice Cream.

  98. Gigi

    Red Snapper with Blood Orange Salsa!

  99. Gigi

    Grilled Chicken with Blood Orange Marinade…something similar to El Pollo Loco or Pibil!

  100. Gigi

    It’s snowing in this part of the country…..Blood Oranges will be a welcome site to receive…it will help remind of my trip to Southern California this summer. Planning on visiting Little Saigon…can’t wait!

  101. TrucVy Zoe

    Wow. I like kumquats. They are delicious. What to make with them? Kumquat Mojito! Yummy.

  102. Diane

    Decisions, Decisions………ummmm. Even thos (blush) I’ve never had a kumquat, I have a new recipe for Blood Orange Salad Dressing. I love their color; so I choose Blood Oranges. Thank you so much!

  103. Austen

    Ohmygosh. I haven’t had a real, good blood orange in … FOREVER! I would make drinks with the juice, possibly some flavored vodka with the rind and some salad dressings with whatever else I didn’t immediately shove into my face! How generous of you guys!

  104. grace

    how generous of you to share your bounty! believe it or not, i’ve never tasted kumquats, so for fear that i wouldn’t like them, i’d have to go with the blood oranges. macabre name, delicious fruit. πŸ™‚

  105. Gigi

    Incorporate Blood Orange Marmalade into my French Macarons!

  106. Gigi

    Make Pimm’s Cup Cocktail….AHHHH..Refreshing!

  107. Gigi

    Would love to make Blood Orange Marmalade.

  108. Katie

    I would absolutely love to make some kumquat preserves! Although I’m not entirely sure they would last that long!

  109. Gigi

    Would like to make a vinaigrette with Blood Orange for a Spicy Citrus Shrimp Salad!

  110. Marit

    ummmm, blood orange and fennel salad, blood orange sour mix for sunny day cocktails, and a curd sounds good too.

  111. Kris

    The blood oranges, for sure! It’d be a good excuse to try your blood orange margarita recipe, then I’d also make a roasted beet and blood orange salad, and a blood orange vinaigrette probably as well.

  112. cheri

    Love to try the blood oranges in a salted caramel candy. Saw the recipe while back at Mattbites and have been dreaming about it daily!

  113. Pat Koss

    Believe it or not, I just found out about the wonderfulness of blood oranges around 10 years ago. One of my co-workers had one in her lunch. I love them! I love making a salad with the orange sections, red onions, and walnuts on lettuce. It’s the height of indulgence for me. I can’t find them often. When I lived in CT they were there for a very short time. Now that I live in NC, I have to go to specialty stores to get them. But they are delicious. Pick me! Pick me! Thanks, and the shrimp and snow peas and pasta was great.

  114. Lyn

    I would have to pick the blood oranges. My mouth was watering just looking at your blood orange margarita post. I haven’t had any in several years now (I have to drive 25 miles one way just to buy basic groceries!) I also remember seeing a blood orange salad a few years ago-it looked so yummy, I’d have to locate that recipe again…) Thank you so much for offering up this giveaway, it will really make someone happy! Karma points to you!

  115. Liliane

    I would love any one of those gorgeous fresh fruits! I’m thinking maybe some kumquat jam for my morning toast, or blood orange sauce to pour over fish fillets, and as for the tangerines…peel and eat!

  116. Angie

    We’ve got plenty of delicious citrus here in Florida too, but I’d love to sample some California kumquats! They would be great in a kumquat refrigerator pie and maybe some kumquat compote.

  117. Jill

    Those tangerines look delicious! I would love to make a tart incorporating them with a light sugar glaze..mmm..

  118. Margarita

    I would like to have some bloodoranges for crispy duck stuffed with oranges and oranges sauce, but because i live in the Netherlands I can’t compete unfortunately! But your fruits look LovelY! Good luck to everyone else !

  119. laurie

    Oranges or tangerines. Id make a curd and then make a cheesecake. YUM!

  120. A Canadian Foodie

    I have been in Europe many times at the end of the Orange growing season – and in CA a few times, also at the end of the orange growing season. I have NEVER picked an orange off of a tree and I have always wanted to. Some things people take for granted, as such a thrill for others. To have fresh oranges or any of your citrus outside of my door seems unbelievable to me. That is why I enjoy your work so much. Not just the photography – but the garden to table manner with which you cook. That is the only way to go in this day and age… but so few take the time. And, I am in a climate that is primarily a winter climate. Our growing season is so incredibly short – but, I, too, use every spare inch of the rich black earth her to grow food and fruit in. Bravo for you – and THANK YOU for being so kind to share! (and don’t forget your next door neighbours…. I bet they covet your garden daily).

  121. Frank Furter

    Oh my! I’d go for the blood oranges, since here in -KANSAS- we rarely see them. Not to mention, we’re in the middle of a winter storm today. :^(

    I think I’d like to make some sort of reduction to put over a pork tenderloin, and of course, some margaritas!

    Thanks for the contest.

  122. MollyCookie

    I pick the oranges! They all sound wonderful though!

  123. Madeline

    I’d love to taste your blood oranges, they are hard to find in the Northeast but when you do-WOW. Need to keep that Vitamin D level up here! Enjoy your blogs.

  124. Frances

    All three! Oh wait, I can only choose one. I choose the blood oranges — it snowed last night (in Texas) and I can’t think of anything better than staying indoors, working on some pictures with a blood orange margarita by my side!!!!!

  125. anne

    All the fruit looks delicious and I’d use any or a mix to bake a citrus upside down cake.I’d be using fruit, rind and juice so making use of all the sweet and tangy goodness.

  126. Deloras Vind

    The blood oranges would make a lovely marmalade!

  127. Elise

    Those are beautiful!! I would love some blood oranges. If I did win, I would start with Smitten Kitchen’s flaky blood orange tart!

  128. bunkycooks

    Blood oranges! Oh, yes…and I would make your margaritas! πŸ™‚

  129. Kerry

    Mmmmm…. so many gorgeous blood orange desserts on right now – I’d probably go with the latest: an upside-down cake made with polenta, with the blood oranges bathing in caramel underneath the whole thing. And then eat the rest straight up! Your yard must smell amazing when these trees blossom.

  130. Anna

    Mmm, I would love some blood oranges. Maybe make the margaritas or else just eat them straight! I’m very very very jealous of your year round produce, we just started our seeds yesterday since it’s been warm here in Wisconsin lately, and today we have snow!

  131. Heidi

    I would love to make blood orange marmalade….Minnesota yearns for citrus!!!

  132. Robin Baker

    Definitely, the blood oranges…sangria, margaritas or just to eat…yummy!

  133. Victoria

    I saw my first tree in bloom in Central Park on Thursday, and the willow trees are just starting to green. There are actually some crocus raising their little heads upstate, and I spied a robin on the lawn this morning.

    Spring may actually be coming.

    Some beautiful, grown-with-love blood oranges would remind me of sustained sunshine, which has been sorely lacking in this part of the country during a dreary winter. I would make some WORC Margaritas and the orange cake I snagged from Chocolate & Zucchini. It’s delish – especially topped with cream lightly whipped and scented with Mathilde Orange XO Liqueur.

  134. MAI

    Blood oranges for sure!! And I would make a beautiful tropical punch with these floating on top….ahh summer is almost here!! Thank you

  135. Brandie

    I’ve never had blood oranges, so I would definitely pick those. As for what I would make with them, I’m sure they would be wonderful in a grilled chicken salad.

  136. Nicole

    Ok, so there has to be some sort of honorable mention to the person commenting from the coldest, darkest place. I am living in Fairbanks, Alaska. I would love some blood oranges. I would make blood orange juice for Sunday breakfast to start and also some blood orange curd for a layer cake, and then….Can you just send the tree?

  137. Holly

    Blood oranges.

    I dont think they’d ever make their way into a recipe – I’d just eat them as soon as they were cut. YUM

  138. Kathy M

    The sugar sweet tangerines would be enjoyed completely raw and as is! Yummmmmmmm.

  139. xuanie

    Blood Oranges would be my choice, for the simple fact that I have never seen (let alone eaten!) this fruit in person. There’s no need to get fancy with these beautiful blood oranges. I’d just cut each orange into four pieces and sink my teeth into them!!!

  140. kaela

    What no assortment option?? πŸ™‚

    If I had to pick one, I would say blood orange. I see blood orange mimosas, a tangy spring citrus salad, and definitely some marmalade a’ happenin.

    Thanks for offering to share the bounty!

  141. Hannah

    Blood Orange Tart with Orange Caramel Sauce from Bon Appetit

  142. Allison

    I would love to have some kumquats! My grandparents have kumquats in their backyard, but since I’ve moved away for college, I rarely get to enjoy any of the many, many fresh fruits they grow. I’m not sure what I would make with them, but honestly, I would probably devour most of them before I get the chance to make anything.

  143. jacquie

    would love to have any of them – any fruit picked fresh from the tree would be more than welcome as we are finally coming out of winter and back into spring out here in the east. since i have never had any of the 3 i would be more than happy to let you make the choice.

  144. Stephanie

    How about “Blood Orange Upside Down Semolina Cake”, a recipe from Leela at She Simmers!!

  145. Divina

    Oh, I can’t join this giveaway. But to answer the question, I would love the blood oranges and make a granita out of it.

  146. Talia

    I would so love the blood oranges. When I was visiting family in L.A. we got some at the farmers market and made a gorgeous salad of blood oranges, onion w/ a vinaigrette: so simple and so delicious… I’d love to make it again if I could get my hands on some of those oranges!!

  147. Doreen

    Blood orange……………..cupcakes. Kumquats…………….pickled. So many options so little time.

  148. julo

    Definitely blood oranges! Just juicing them is wonderful, but I would probably try one of those upside blood orange cornmeal cakes I keep seeing. Yum!

  149. Lethea Benson

    I’d love the blood oranges=) I’d like to try a Mimosa with Blood Oranges!

  150. Heather

    It’s starting to warm up in Boston, but one thing we never get is local citrus. I’m thinking I’d make a citrus salad with a minty vinaigrette to be enjoyed on a nice warm spring day. Or a citrus risotto.. with scallops on top! Blood oranges are my favorite, so I think I’d have to go with them. πŸ™‚

  151. salena

    Mmm, blood oranges! We’d probably inhale them so fast that they’d be gone before we could make anything with them. πŸ™‚

  152. fotoglutton

    Wow.. beautiful fruit and I am equally envious, living here, in Wisonsin, we don’t get a hint of weather that would allow us to grow citrus!

    Great blood oranges are the hardest to come by, here, and I can picture throwing slices into my spiced sangria and making sweet and tangy blood orange/key lime pie and a granita with lemon zest.. sectioned and tossed with honey and a sharp cheese with some nuts would be good as well.. and of course I would make photographs of ALL OF IT! …and post them to my blog and to you for your enjoyment πŸ˜‰

    Great contest, by the way.. you are too lucky to live amongst over-fruiting trees!


  153. Willa

    Oh, oranges to be sure!
    And I would make margaritas after your recipe.
    And I might NOT share with anyone!

  154. c. fortune

    I am an art student in the Appalachian mountains. We have had record breaking blizzards the last 3 months. I would love some kumquats. Kumquat & Vanilla Bean marmalade for my toast.

  155. Meghan

    Oh man, what would I make with it? A tart perhaps? And some sour mix? And glaze for angel food cake, and mojitos, and candied citrus rind, and juice and…

  156. tjnjtown

    Blood oranges……………margaritas!

  157. irene

    would love the blood oranges, and would try it in cupcakes or a tart. thanks!

  158. Margie

    Blood oranges!!! I can’t seem to find them around here in NJ.

  159. ellyse

    Your pictures are just beautiful… Blood Oranges… yummm

  160. Amy I.

    Oh my goodness, how generous of you two! Tough choice, but I’ve played a lot with kumquats recently so I’d pick the blood oranges. I’ve been planning on making the Blood Orange Polenta Upside-Down Cake that Bon Appetit published recently. And of course I’d devour plain any leftover fruit after that!

  161. Nick

    I love kumquats, though here in a small midwest town it can be difficult to find any that are of decent quality.

  162. Connie

    Blood oranges all the way! They rock just by themselves.

  163. Katrina

    Blood Oranges. We rarely get good citrus in Juneau, AK. Hope of fresh oranges would help ease the pain of today’s snowstorm!

  164. Anne

    Oh, definitely the Kumquats! Do we have to make something? Can’t we just eat them fresh and yummy au naturale’? πŸ˜€

  165. Edie Howe

    Mmm, blood oranges. If I won the giveaway, I’d make a dribble-y mess down the front of my shit with them. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

  166. Former Minnesotan

    The fruit looks lovely.

    Everyone is so excited about making blood orange margaritas that I’m getting thirsty! I make cranberry sauce year round using oranges and orange zest. Blood oranges combined with cranberries would be awesome! Glasses full of Blood Orange juice would be awesome! The margaritas are tempting too!

    The tangerines are lovely too. I’d eat tangerines straight out of the peel. I shared Kara Kara orange sections all winter with coworkers and I’d share these too.

  167. kat viray

    I’d like some blood oranges pleeeaase. πŸ™‚
    I’ve never had them before, which is wierd since I live in so cal. I’d probably add it to a fruit tart, or add it to a salad…or a fruit salad tart? maybe a sorbet? So many possibilities! I’d have it by itself first to see what they taste like.

  168. Ruthie

    Blood oranges! I will put them on EVERY salad I eat. πŸ˜€

  169. Bhavana

    I would love to get those blood oranges – I have never had any. I would definitely make your margarita with them and of course eat some.

    Keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  170. sara

    Oooh, I would love some fresh oranges! I would use them to either make some marmalade or to make orange yogurt cake!

  171. Michelle

    Oh my gosh! So cool. I would love to win the blood oranges but I don’t know how I’d use them. I’ve never even seen these here and I have seen so many great recipes online for them. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  172. Jamie

    Oh . . . blood oranges, please. 3 lbs. Well, I’d eat half with my husband probably juice the other half. Sounds yummy.

  173. Libby

    MMMMMM! Blood Oranges, please! I would love to eat them in a delicious salad or maybe even make them into a Blood Orange Upside Down Cake like this one:

  174. Kim

    my choice: blood oranges!! But, what to make? hmmm….. I’ll use a couple in another batch of your Midnight Ride for hubs and I to sip while we decide how to use the rest.
    Good luck everyone! (and thank you, Todd and Diane, for the generosity!!)

  175. Jayme

    I would love to make some blood orange macarons! Also, I’d really love to just taste a fresh, ripe blood orange. The ones I seem to find are never very good, unfortunately πŸ™

  176. Fran

    Hmmm… I’ve had a kumquat thing going on recently and they’re not very abundant, but on Wednesday I passed up blood oranges because they looked dry. The produce buy had opened one and put it in plastic wrap and it still looked dry. Ugh. I’d go for the blood oranges if I had the choice. Thanks for the contest!


    WOW! I’m torm between kumquats and blood oranges – would make curd or marmalade!

  178. Katie

    I would love love the blood oranges! and I would drink blood orange juice every morning.

  179. terri

    i suppose it’s not fair for me to enter, since it’s easy to get citrus (well, tangerines, at least) here…but i have to admit that i’m drooling over the blood oranges. your generosity in sharing everything from recipes to photography tips to produce from your own garden is amazing!

  180. Vasili

    The blood oranges would make the PERFECT sorbet. πŸ™‚

  181. Fern S.

    You know… If I get picked. I wont be picky.. I will take what ever anyone else doesnt. the thought of Kumquats ( yummy) Blood Oranges ( Delish) and Tangerines ( Big Smiles here)

    I can imagaine making preserves, salads, muffins, maybe a cake..

    oooh oooh ooh.. maybe a butter???

    ok… I am hungry now..

    If I get picked.. Thank you…

  182. julian

    blood oranges, i’ve been trying to track them down here and haven’t found any this year, they’re one of my favorite fruit so i’d probably stuff myself silly with them, juice some and make ice cubes or lollies for high summer. and i’d really like the chance to try making blood orange madelines

  183. Peggy

    Oh my my! Kumquats for sure.

  184. Rivka

    Blood orange marmalade! Or just a simple blood orange salad with feta and mint.

  185. Alex Lincoln

    I would love the kumquats. It’s 25 degrees in Denver, with a foot of snow. We don’t have of anything growing around here. I have an orange-saffron gastrique on a snapper dish on my menu, and I have been dying to try it with kumquats. Plus, I just won a sack of saffron from another blog. It’s meant to be.

  186. Kirstin

    Wow! hmm…tangerines first. I’d eat the whole batch fresh! Second would probably be blood oranges, a pretty tart would definitely be on the menu.

  187. my spatula

    SO gorgeous! Blood oranges for sorbet would be a dream!

  188. sharon

    ooh definitely the blood oranges! I think they’d make for a lovely addition to pound cake

  189. edina

    Blood oranges please! Other than eating them out of hand, I think I’d make a sorbet out of them. Thanks!

  190. Jessie

    I’m down with some blood oranges, honestly. You’d think they’d be around, being as I live in SoCal, but my farmers’ market hasn’t had them for two weeks!!

  191. NV

    I’d like to receive some blood oranges so that I can eat, juice, or jam the fruit.

  192. Topper

    Tangerines! I am finally going to make tangerine ice cream this year.

  193. Amy

    Blood Oranges or Tangerines please!

    Oh man…I’m sorry for being vague but I’m sure I could make something creamy and cool (pun intended?) out of one or the other. This is a fantastic give away! : )

  194. alicia chow

    i would love to make your blood orange margaritas! yum!

  195. Danielle

    I have just recently discovered the amazing kumquat and therefore my first choice would be a box of those! They’re the most interesting little citrus fruit, aren’t they? I love ’em! Great giveaway!

  196. gillian

    Oh, I would have to go with the Blood Oranges. Any we get here in the Northeast are flavorless. I would definitely make the margaritas, and eat half plain and out of hand. Squeeze some fresh juice for my two little boys, and maybe share a few with others!

  197. JDez

    Ah for some heavenly kumquats! My husband and I first experienced them on a trip to Hawaii and I made grey snapper with kumquat relish fish tacos….divine. What wonderful concoctions have you made with them?

  198. Jo

    Oh! What a wonderful giveaway! I would have to say tangerines, but I have never eaten a kumquat, so I may need to try those.

  199. Jessica@FoodMayhem

    I want the blood oranges! With 3 lbs, I could do so much. A little for your margarita, a little as some kind of reduction to drizzle on crepes? Maybe some supremes for a salad with beets.

  200. Kelaine

    I would love blood oranges…just to eat! πŸ™‚

  201. Tanya

    Blood oranges without a doubt. I would juice them, eat them plain, and use them in salads with avocado and beets.

  202. Brian

    I would LOVE some blood oranges. So many things I’d love to make w/ them…

  203. Sarah

    Blood oranges, definitely. And I’d try your margaritas….

  204. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    Coincidentally, I’m making your blood orange margaritas tonight to celebrate the first warm, sunny weather of the season here in New Jersey! That’s not to say I wouldn’t love more blood oranges from you guys – I still haven’t had the chance to make Matt and Adam’s caramels yet. Or Garrett’s kumquat tea… why do you Californians have all the fun?

  205. Lindsay

    Honestly, I would love to win them all!! But if I had to choose I would go with the blood oranges. I have bought a few from around here (Louisiana) and they just aren’t as bold and red and sweet as yours look (and probably taste). I would definitely make some sorbet or ice cream out of them. Tangerines would also make an excellent sorbet so I would have to make a big decision. (P.S. Thanks for your great site for starting the Food Blog Forum. Its great!)

  206. Julie

    I would love some blood oranges! Please send some to NY! =)

  207. Abby

    Blood oranges for that blood orange tart from smitten kitchen…with the caramel sauce. So yum.

  208. Suzanne

    I’m loving the sounds of all the things people will make with their citrus if chosen. I think I would have to go for the blood oranges. My family loves regular oranges and have never had a very good chance to try blood oranges. I would definitely have to look up some of these recipes people are talking about on here if I won. What a great way to splash some sunshine in our lives!

  209. Nicole

    Blood oranges, to make cocktails, sodas, and ice cream!

  210. Sarah Hope

    I would love to make your summery blood orange margarita with some yummy fresh fruits! Anything to encourage spring and summer spirits to stay around :D.

  211. Joolsey

    Blood oranges! I’d eat half by themselves because I love fresh fruit, and I’d use the rest to make a blood-orange upside-down cake. Yum. They’d warm a Northeasterner’s heart after an awful winter!

  212. Muslim Wife

    Wow, way too hard to decide…but I guess the kids would devour the tangerines the easiest…or the blood oranges…or the kumquats…ugh, can’t decide! Either way, I’d try an sneak a few from their grubby hands and make an achaar (spicy indian pickles) with it. Delicious with warm home made naan and a little yogurt raita to cool the heat, on the side.

  213. Laura

    I’m all about the Blood Oranges! Not only do I live in the midwest, but I live in a smaller rural area so I usually have to travel an hour or longer away to find a store that will carry them.

  214. Deb

    Oh my, the blood oranges make a spectacular sorbetto using a little bit of my homemade limoncello to prevent it from freezing too hard…. blood oranges in the garden? Wow.

  215. esther

    orange and kumquat olive oil cake! YUm!!!!!

  216. Lisa P.

    Since I’m pregnant and off the blood orange margaritas or the like for the next few months, I’d love to concoct a virgin cocktail with the 3 lbs of blood oranges. I have a great recipe for Cynar (artichoke liqueur), lemonade, and a splash of Prosecco. Now to think of analogous drink, virgined, to cool off the heat from the bun in the oven. Additionally, since your generous offer is organic, I can’t go wrong with a blood orange Sicilian Orange Tart. The zest in the crust is divine.

  217. Karen

    I’d love to have some blood oranges as I’ve never eaten them before. I’d make some drinks, some cakes or cupcakes, and probably a salad with them! Great giveaway… thanks!

  218. Cooking with Michele

    So generous of you! I would take any of these – I’m sitting here in Denver watching it snow AGAIN and the thought of something fresh is making my mouth water! I’d probably use them in a salad with fennel, or perhaps create a marinade for fish, or maybe just eat them raw!

  219. Katie

    Definitely the blood oranges! I have an orange and jicama salad recipe that I love, and I think it would be even better with these!

  220. Zach

    Definitely love some blood oranges. I tend towards preferring to use them to make cocktails, but chances are I’d end up eating a few just the way they are, too!

  221. Carolyn Tang

    Oh how beautiful! I would love some kumquats…I grew up in San Diego, and when I was growing up, we had a single kumquat tree that would just spew fruit! Alas, I moved to Chicago, where I’ve been for over ten years. Nary a kumquat here. What I would do…first is easy, I’d probably plop myself down with a big bowl of them and nibble the skin straight off the fruit like I did when I was a kid. I miss that. Then, I might salt some in a jar and preserve them as a good remedy for colds (as my aunt used to do). And, though I’ve not done this before, I’d probably try them on a microplane and use with fish, or over vanilla ice cream. Or, I’d let the grated rind dry on waxed paper and use as a dried seasoning. Ah, so many ideas…sunshine in a box it is.

  222. Annette

    Blood oranges. We’d probably eat them raw. Put some slices in a salad or something like that. By the way your roasted garlic ginger peanut recipe is awesome.

  223. Jane L

    I would go either for the tangerines or blood oranges. I would just eat them all natural, and save the peels for some candied orange peels. I love oranges, if I was selected I could also use the kumquats for some candied kumquats that I saw at David Lebovitz’s Room for Dessert book. Perhaps I would also try one of his citrus recipes in the Ripe for Dessert book.

  224. Vicki

    They’re all so beautiful! I’d have to go with blood oranges – I can never find them around here!

  225. Sare

    Those blood oranges are gorgeous and I love mixing the juice with campari!

  226. Jenelle T

    Tangarines! I love simple salads with tangerines…fresh, sweet, and puts me in the mood for better weather! Which we’re just barely starting to see here

  227. Carly

    I think it would be a toss-up between blood orange margaritas and blood orange sorbet. Perhaps both?

  228. Sara @ OurPrivateKitchen

    How in the world am I suppose to choose?! I’d love to try them all and..gahh!!…your pictures are so not helping my decision. I guess I’d have to choose the blood oranges though. I would love to re-create your blood orange marg and maybe use some as a merinade! Thanks; what a fun giveaway!

  229. Lori

    Really?! Yay!! Well, since I excitedly sent your Blood Orange Margarita Recipe and picture to everyone I know with promises to try making them this summer, I will have to choose the oranges. I am known for making margaritas all summer but have never strayed from limes so chosen or not we WILL be trying your recipe this summer. Thank you for sharing your photos of your beautiful yard and wonderful recipes and your sweet dogs. I always look forward to your posts.

  230. Katie @ goodLife {eats}

    So wonderful of you to share!! I would love blood oranges. Sorbet would be awesome, but then I’d also be just as happy to eat them. Thank you!

    1. Sara @ OurPrivateKitchen

      Sorbet!! Now that is a good idea; I bet that would awesome!!

  231. keiko

    I so wish I could taste these beauties – one day in your garden! xx

  232. Ken

    I would go with a vanilla buttermilk panna cotta with roasted blood oranges. sweet and sour, simple.

  233. Shelly

    Ooo! I would LOVE the blood oranges! We don’t get those in WI.

    I make at least 2 things with them:

    Blood Orange Pots de Crème &
    Blood Orange Petit Fours

  234. Livia


    My first introduction to blood oranges was coming down from my hotel room in Italy to the expected continental breakfast of a stale roll and some cheese, only to find pitchers of this juice. It looked like tomato juice, it was so red, but it had pulp and didn’t smell of tomatoes. And then we tasted it, and it was such as sweet and clean citrus. Oh, man! I went out and bought a handful of blood oranges at a stall that very day and stained one of my travelling shirts eating them, but they were so worth it.

    After last month’s #canjam, I’ve been wishing for some citrus, whose rinds hadn’t been treated, to fall into my lap so that I could make marmalade. But if it were blood oranges, I’m not sure they’d last long enough to turn into jelly.

    1. Livia

      And then I just now happened across this kumquat and mango chutney with onion seeds recipe.

      Oh citrus, I love you so.

  235. Rebecca

    Oh my gosh. Pick? Um, if I win, can I pick then? I have reasons for wanting all of them. Kumquats because I’ve never had them fresh. Blood oranges because I’ve only had the juice form of them. Tangerines because they are the particular favorite of my fruit-loving fourth born son who is adorable when he’s excited! So. I am breaking the rules. I’ll force myself to choose if I win. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity you two!

  236. Anna J.

    Definitely the oranges! Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  237. Adrienne

    Oh my gosh what a cool giveaway! I’d go with blood oranges, and I’d either make delicious cocktails, or marmalade, or maybe sorbet…. YUM!

  238. Allison Day

    Heh, I don’t think it’s fair that I enter, seeing as I could just go down to the farmer’s market and get some. πŸ˜‰ But yours look gorgeous! (And if I were to get some? I wouldn’t be able to cook with them. Son would eat them all before I could even think of using them for cooking or baking! πŸ˜€ )

  239. sarah @ syrupandhoney

    Best. Giveaway. Ever. I would pick blood oranges…but can I be completely boring and say I would just eat them as they are?? Maybe with a smidge of soft cheese…

  240. rick @ alamode

    ooh those blood oranges are beautiful! if we’re local, can we do will call? πŸ˜‰

  241. mara

    The blood oranges look lovely. I think I’d make some blood-orange zucchini bread.

  242. Melissa

    I would make a mixed citrus salad with avocados and shallots over a bed of field greens, and it would be amazing!

  243. Margaret

    I would adore some Blood Oranges. I have never had one and would love to find some ways to cook/bake with them. Or just eat them = RAW!!!

    Thanks for the chance.

  244. Josh


  245. Linda

    I choose Blood Oranges. I’m thinking Matt’s Blood Orange caramels or a poundcake.

  246. Heidi Robb

    LUSCIOUS! Blood oranges, please, to make Rose Gray and Ruth Roger’s spring harbinger of Rhubarb Orange recipe as a stir-in to my home made yogurt.

  247. Lara

    BLOOD ORANGES! I’m dying to try the blood orange margaritas… and I think we can sort of work out that the oranges would still be local when they’re shipped to Nashville, seeing as I was born in Westminster (Bishop Ave!), which would make me a local, so in bringing the oranges and myself together again we can consider it a closing of the circle… right?

    (I know, I’m grasping at straws.)

  248. Phoo-D

    Oh this would be so nice! It snowed two inches last night and I feel like winter will never end. I’d love a mixed box of all three. Margaritas, cakes, mai tais, and pies would come out of my kitchen in no time flat!

  249. Lisa Trifiro

    Blood Oranges Please!

    Blood Orange , Shrimp, and Mango-Wasabi Ceviche with a cool refreshing Blood Orange Citrus Sake Sangria.

  250. Shaina

    Mmm. I don’t know how to choose, so I’ll stick with the blood oranges. They look delicious!

  251. JulieK

    I have always wanted to try Blood Oranges.

  252. Caitlin

    blood oranges!!

  253. Hannah V.

    I would love to make a blood orange syrup to put on to of greek yogurt or ice cream.. yum!

  254. Marion

    Kumquats. Definite πŸ™‚ That would certainly give me lots to do during a couple of days.

  255. chau

    mmmm the blood oranges and i foresee sangria!! in my future

  256. RH

    Put me down for three pounds of blood oranges, please! I could eat them with a light beet & arugala salad, and use the juice of the rest in a delicious date/orange loaf to have for dessert.

  257. Marc @ NoRecipes

    WOW they look amazing! I’m thinking I need to move back out there. I’d go for any of the above, and could see myself making everything from glacΓ©ed citrus to alcoholic beverages, to tagines.

  258. Bri

    Oh hooray! This is the nicest thing EVER. I would make….my salmon with a blood orange thyme glaze. Need some citrus here. It’s snowing. I’m depressed. πŸ™‚

  259. Patricia

    I’d love some blood oranges! No citrus here in Illinois…What to make??? Thinking (after the margarita) a nice curd would be fun. That way I could savor the flavor a bit longer. Thanks!

  260. Candyce

    I’d love to make Kumquat marmalade! Nothing better on a piece of toast or pancakes in the morning to warm us up in chilly Chicago! πŸ™‚

  261. ladywild

    Tough choice! Oranges look amazing. That’d be my choice.

    1. Hamsini

      Wow…what lovely pics! I love tangerines πŸ™‚

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