Victory Garden Classes – led by Master Gardeners


Most regular readers know we love our Victory Garden. If you are little unsure of how to create your own or want some great tips and ideas, the University of California’s Cooperative Extension is offer Victory Garden classes in 11 locations throughout southern California.  Here’s  an excerpt from their site:

The Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative helps new gardeners start their own gardens quickly and easily in a container, in the backyard or at a community garden.  The initiative brings together local families and neighborhoods to share their experiences, skills and produce.  Participants are able to turn this new interest in gardening into successful, productive gardens that will generate positive changes in their homes by helping to lower grocery bills and enhance opportunities to eat healthy food.

It’s a great opportunity to learn from Master Gardeners and get you a kick-start in developing a Victory Garden. You can find out more on the UC’s Grow LA Initiative page.


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  1. Maiya

    I keep a small window sill garden but have been wanting to create a victory garden for a very long time now. One of my main problems has been limited space. I rent a very small apartment in the middle of the city- soil’s not too great, sunlight is nearly nonexistant, and the little space we do have is shared. I would love to create a community garden in my neighborhood but am not really sure where to start. Do you know of any similar classes in Washington, DC that can help?

    1. White On Rice Couple

      That sounds like how we first started too. Tiny place, we actually only had a small balcony, which we shared with another couple. They were cool enough to put up with our crazy plants. Unfortunately we aren’t in touch with the DC area. So Cal is out stomping ground so we tend to find more goings on around here. Anyone else out there that can help?

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