Radishes & peach blossoms are a sign of spring in So Cal !

first tender radishes of the season

The itty bitty radishes are starting to firm up and take hold in the garden. Everytime the seedlings sprout up and start to dot the vegetable plots with their delicate leaves, we know Spring is lurking around the corner.

Brilliantly colored radishes not only tell us that the weather is beginning to warm up, but that it’s time to indulge in radish green salads. Growing garden radishes means that there will be plenty of tender and delicious radish greens to add to our meals. Radish greens are often taken for granted and tossed out, leaving only value in the radish root. But when you’re able to get your hand on tender radish greens, they’re an extra special treat to the kitchen.

flowering peach blossoms

All our flowering peach blossoms trees are peeking out from winter’s dormancy too. All the buds are bursting and exfoliating their outer sepals and in another week, we’ll have  huge explosion of blossoms. What perfect timing for these buds to start showing because the Lunar New Year is just around the corner . So many things are popping up in the garden now, these radishes and peach blossoms are just a start.

What’s lurking in your garden? Many of you probably still are under snow and ice, but hopefully soon there’s be some green popping out above the snow.

These signs of early Spring are exciting for us and this Spring is especially thrilling because we’ll be starting on our wood burning oven project!

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  1. Sharon

    I just found you guys and I ADORE your site. My qus is this; my radish greens are really prickly and sting like nettles…are they ok to eat? Is that normal? 😉 THX!

    1. White On Rice Couple

      Ours get like that sometimes. Here’s great link to read about it: Radish Greens.

  2. Angela

    Already? My radishes are still so tiny. They are just starting to wake up again and get on with the business of growing. And fortunately, my stone fruit trees are still dormant. I am not done with pruning, grafting and planting. No blooming yet please! I am at 2000 feet and a bit north from you, this little bit might be the difference.

  3. Amber @ Native Food and Wine

    What do you do with radish greens? Please e-mail with ideas. I’ve always felt it such a pity to throw them away!

    1. White On Rice Couple
  4. Larita

    Oh good grief! Are you serious?! Here in north-western Canada, we aren’t even thinking of snow melting, let alone things SPROUTING. I had no idea such things happened in North America. And I am incredibly envious.

    1. White On Rice Couple

      Larita – We’re very fortunate to be living in Southern California, where our Winters are very mild compared to yours. Move down to Los Angeles!

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