Persimmon Tree’s Overwatering & loss of fruit/flower

persimmon tree

Our persimmon tree is on it’s last batch. With about 1o huge fuyu persimmons left on the tree, we’re taking our time and savoring every single fruit.

The best part about these fuyu persimmons is that they can be eaten crunchy or soft. When allowed to soften on the countertop for about a week, the hard fuyu become soft and slippery, just like Hachiya persimmons. So we can have the best of both persimmon worlds! We can devour them straight off the tree and crunchy sweet like an apple, or allow them to take their ripening time and eat them soft.

This year, we had an especially successful crop because we reduced the watering on the tree. In previous years, the tree experienced excessive flower and fruit drop. After doing some research, we think the overwatering had some severe effect on the fruit longevity on the tree. So, we cut back the watering and the majority of the fruit stayed on the tree!

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  1. Stanley Ginn

    My persimmon tree drop a huge amount of fruits. How can I stop it? I water it once a week. Am I over watering? How often then? Thanks for any help.

    1. Todd & Diane

      Persimmons can be finicky. In general we’ve been told they want consistent watering. Too much at any time and they’ll drop fruit. Too little and they’ll drop fruit. Mess with their roots and they’ll drop fruit. Ours gets watered from drip irrigation heads twice a week for about 20 minutes each time. But we are also in SoCal where we haven’t gotten much rain this year. We’ll turn off the irrigation for about a week after each rain. Hope that helps.

      1. Stanley Ginn

        Thank you, Todd and Diane. I must have been over watering my tree because I water with a sprinkler
        at medium rate for an hour each week. I’ll cut back and see what happens.

  2. Veronica Mendez

    Hi! My Name is veronica . I was working as a nanny in Silver Lake C A in Los Angeles.. the neighbor where my boss was living he had trees of persimmons. when the trees had a lot he used to give me bags of persimmons for my dad and my sister cause they love them . so i used to give my dad every single bags cause i don’t like them . but now i have many years that i stop working there. so i don’t get them anymore so now that i’m living with my new boyfriend i found out that he loves persimmons. and his from mexico he told me that where he works his boss got surprise cause he was eating persimmons and his boss is asian now he buys persimmons for my boyfriend and i buy too for him but he won’t make me eat persimmons cause i don’t like them . but i know that is good for your health

  3. Diem

    I love persimmons. I had to convince my husband to plant one in our yard last year as he is not a big fan. We lived in N. California. We moved to the tropics since then and just recently planted soursop and rambutan. I can’t wait for them to bear fruit one day.

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