Baked acorn squash was never a dish that I obsessed over. Because of my love of butternut squash, acorn squash always seemed to hide in in the shadows of my other squash love affairs. It wasn’t until I started food blogging that I really understood the appeal of these cute acorn shaped globes.

After 2 holidays of food blogging, I read a mountain of blog posts about roasted or baked acorn squash and every single post was dripping with amazing butter, sugar and more butter and sugar. I was visually hooked and put this dish on my mental notes of “must.try.soon”. Now I wish I had tried it sooner because now I’m asking: Dear Acorn Squash. Where have you been all my life?!

I won’t make such a broad generalization that this recipe is so EASY.FAST.and SIMPLE (although that’s the truth) because there is one step that can be intimidating. If you’re a home cook who doesn’t own a good sharp knife, beware.

Sliced squash and fresh sage

The only difficult part about preparing acorn squash (or most hard winter squashes for that matter) is that it’s  as hard as rock when it’s raw. One can probably use it as a lethal weapon and if thrown with enough force, the acorn squash can probably take our your enemy pretty quickly. Personally, I’ve never toyed with this thought, although hard squashes do make great paper weights.

Butter, sage, sugar. Oh yeah.

If you can get past the initial cuts with a good sharp knife with safety and all your 10 digits still attached to your hand, this acorn squash recipe is as easy as pie and will be a sure winner to any holiday meal.

The oven roasting aromas of browning butter, sage and toasted pine nuts had me humming Christmas songs in the kitchen. Yes, this silly little dish put me in a good mood. Go figure. Before I knew it, the squash was finished and I was eating the warm, flavorful slices like candy.

I’m obsessive about acorn squash now and it took me this long to finally discover their flavor and cooking appeal. I’ve found a new squash love and Dear Butternut Squash, please don’t be jealous.

Happy Holidays! xoxo


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Roasted Acorn Squash with Sage & Pine Nuts Recipe

Yield: 4 servings.

Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 2 T unsalted Butter
  • 2 T Brown Sugar
  • @ 20 2" Sage Leaves
  • 1 medium acorn squash (@2 lbs), sliced into 1/2" thick wedges
  • 2 T toasted Pine Nuts
  • Sea Salt and fresh cracked Black Pepper to taste


    preheat oven to roast at 375°F

  1. Melt butter a med. saucepan over med. heat. Continue cooking until the butter stops sizzling, then add brown sugar and sage leaves. Stir until everything is mixed well, then remove from heat.
  2. Toss acorn squash and pine nuts with sage leaves and brown sugar to coat completely, then spread out into an even layer onto a sheet pan. Season to taste with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper.
  3. Roast for 15-20 minutes or until tender. Serve warm.
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Lovely, healing Sage

by White On Rice Couple Garden November 14, 2010
Sage image

Last week we made some baked acorn squash with our garden sage. LOVE growing sage, it’s so earthy, healing and therapeutic. If we could and had the garden room, we’d grow tons of varieties of sage. YES WE WOULD. Heart sage.

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More garden tomatoes in November

by White On Rice Couple Garden November 10, 2010
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When we thought we had picked the last tomatoes, these sun gold vines  proved us wrong. Today we changed over some of the vegetable plots to winter peas and greens. It was time to pull up these sun gold vines and they were still producing fruit in November!

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Carrot seeds sowed!

by White On Rice Couple Garden October 29, 2010
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The carrot seeds that we collected from last season are finally sowed! We’ve been so behind on gardening and the carrot seeds were beginning to sprout without the soil. We’re looking forward to having some more fresh carrots in the next few months and if the rain continues, we’ll have an even better crop. Excited. […]

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Garden Bouquets

by White On Rice Couple Garden October 3, 2010

I love making garden bouquets from fresh herb and vegetable flowers. The process of strolling the garden with clippers in hand is my form of meditation. My previous posts are here on Garden Bouquets and Blue Mason Jar Vases. -diane

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Mega Beet Root Henry- Guess his weight & Knife Giveaway

by Todd & Diane September 19, 2010

Meet our mega beet root from the garden. We decided to name him Henry because we know of a cute, huge dog named by that moniker, and when we think of huge, we think of Henry. So, Henry is pleased to meet you all and wants all of you to guess his weight!

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Figs off the tree

by White On Rice Couple Garden August 23, 2010
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We just picked a basket of figs off the tree. They’re super messy and duper sweet. And they’re for Adam. The Duke. If Adam doesn’t come over and eat them all, then we’ll be making fig newtons. Homemade!

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Heirloom Kentucky Beefsteak Tomatoes

by White On Rice Couple Garden August 20, 2010
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Wow! these kentucky beefsteak tomatoes are fabulous! They’re huge, heavy, juicy and sweet. We amazed at how silky they are, so little seeds and so meaty. These are the best beefsteak tomatoes we’ve ever had and they’re definitely on our list to grow for next year.

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Too many tomatoes- what to call this dish?

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We have tomato monsters now. There can never be too many tomatoes, but we can definitely run out of names to call the dishes that we create with them. Last week we finished a batch of sun dried tomatoes (literally. sun. dried), tomato sauce, tomato paste and tomato everything. Pretty much. Here’a a quick shot […]

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Garden Herb Flower Bouquets for you all

by Todd & Diane August 12, 2010

I had many career changes in my life, all starting when I was in the second grade. Teacher asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up and at that point in my life, I loved puppies. So naturally, I said I wanted to be a Veterinarian not because I knew what it […]

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Oh Figs

by White On Rice Couple Garden August 12, 2010
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This Summer has been quite mild in Southern California and heat loving fruits are waiting for that temperature surge! The figs are slow to sweeten up and it’s probably due to the cooler days. Every morning we pay a visit to our gorgeous fig tree, hoping the squirrels didn’t beat us to any ripe fruit. […]

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Buddhas hand for a friend

by White On Rice Couple Garden August 4, 2010

Our buddhas hand tree is doing well this year, much better than last year. The roots are finally settling in and we’re expecting to have at least 10 fruits!

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Video Tour- Dog’s View of Our Summer Garden 2010

by Todd & Diane August 1, 2010

To celebrate the dawn of August and glorious, but sizzling Summer in full swing, we’re taking you on a tour of our Summer Garden. This tour is from the perspective of our white boxer, Sierra.

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Lemongrass- perfect edible landscape

by White On Rice Couple Garden July 20, 2010
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3 stages of lemongrass: whole, slivered, fine mince Beware, lemongrass can be like a noxious weed if it’s not controlled. But growing lemongrass in a pot is an easy and beautiful landscaping choice, as well as ideal ingredient for the home cook! We’re preparing a fresh lemongrass marinade for some grilled beef and maybe some […]

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Welcome home meal

by White On Rice Couple Garden July 9, 2010
Thumbnail image for Welcome home meal

fresh tomatoes and oregano for salad The plane landed, we made it home to two happy dogs waiting with toys in mouth and the garden veggies that grew an extra 2 inches while we were away. The best welcome home treat was seeing the dog tails wagging and a garden lunch waiting to be picked.

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Calling out for peach recipes

by White On Rice Couple Garden July 5, 2010
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We just picked a basket full of white peaches from the garden and need some recipe ideas! Got a good one? would love to know, just leave a link.

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Jaune Flamme Tomatoes & Quinoa Salad + Food Blog Forum Seminar Atlanta

by Todd & Diane July 4, 2010

Summer is in full swing and there are two big announcements finally due out that we’re equally thrilled to share. To kick-start the good vibes, the garden-geeks in us are happy to report that our heirloom tomatoes are doing fabulous this year. Of the 20 heirloom tomato plants we started, only 3 have died and […]

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First big batch of heirloom tomatoes

by White On Rice Couple Garden July 3, 2010
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Weee!! We’ve been collecting the seasons first huge batch of tomatoes. The good news is that only 2 heirlooms died of the 20 that we planted. So far, so better of a record than last year. Looking at a vigorous and healthy brandywine tomato is a great sign that we’ll have a bumper crop of […]

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Pickled Green Tomatoes & The Butcher and the Vegetarian

by Todd & Diane June 13, 2010

This year’s tomato track record isn’t all that bad yet and we’re immediately jumping on the pickling band-wagon. The current tomato plant count is 4 out of 20 died due to disease, which is much less than what we suffered last year.  In 2009, the whole nation suffered a tomato crisis where a late blight […]

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Wine barrel seedlings

by White On Rice Couple Garden June 9, 2010
Thumbnail image for Wine barrel seedlings

lettuce and mustard seedlings getting huge! mustard seeds are flowering The seedlings are doing well! It’s been a few days since we walked the garden and being away for work had us really missing the morning strolls and weedings. Today we checked on the status of our seedlings and they’re huge! It’s time to transplant […]

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