If you could have one day, what would you do?


Do you ever take a much needed day just to un-plug, to remove yourself from your everyday duties and do what makes you happy? We’re not talking about a few hours, but rather, a full day that doesn’t include email, social media or work. Personally, we often forget about taking that special day where we can just forget about our work lives and do those simple things that bring us so much joy.

We were able to squeeze that type of day a few times this month (believe it or not) and it was invigorating. Making a conscious choice to not answer emails, ignoring most all phone calls and text. Just immersing ourselves in spending time together outside of the online world was amazing. And to think that we used to have lives independent of cell phones and emails is often hard to comprehend. Wow, it was those more simple days, way back when we didn’t have the internet that we were able to indulge in a full day of quiet joy.

So what would you do if you could have one day all to yourself and your family?

Our day is pretty obvious. Lots of garden time, followed by food and gatherings.

It’s those simple pleasures that mean so much.

We’worked in the garden a bit and checked on the veggie plots for pests and mold. Today we had to pull up some volunteer cherry tomatoes. 🙁 But it’s ok, we’ll just make some pickled green tomatoes.

Todd fired up his smoker and made some smoked pork shoulder & smoked chicken.  While we wait, we’ll pour ourselves a glass of wine.  Have you ever smoked a whole chicken before? You should. It’s an incredible and chicken dinner. Here’s the recipe.

 Diane gathered some garden blooms for bouquets around the house. Today she gathered Italian parsley flowers for the bathroom,  pomegranate branches and little calamansi limes for the dining room.

When friends arrive, we’ll give them the task of lighting the candles and we’ll start pouring the wine.

 We’ll eat and share stories into the night. Days like this are our favorite.


 Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend friends!

– Todd and Diane


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  1. Robin @ Simply Southern Baking

    Love this post…how special these times are. We had one of those days last month where we just had to get away for the day (reminds me…been meaning to share that in a post. Will be making a video from the pictures too…thanks for the tips at FBFOrl). We got up very early to head to the beach to watch the sun rise. It was an absolutely beautiful morning and so relaxing. We then headed to a local restaurant a few minutes away for an awesome brunch. They even had catfish and cheese grits…yummm! Can never have enough of these simple days. 🙂

  2. Ashley

    I do have that day – but I call it a Sabbath – a christian/religious practice and it truly is a spiritual practice. Once I started forcing myself to take a Sabbath – a day off from productivity and consuming – my perspective shifted, my values became clearer and my life changed.

  3. Tiffani

    I definitely take days off unplugged. They involve riding my highly spirited and insanely devoted rescue horse, Jinxy cat, on the beach splashing through the water…followed by relaxing at the barn with a huge glass of sangria (or wine…or margarita…or whatever I have in the cooler)….followed by a delicious dinner cooked by my husband on the big green egg…with my kids skateboarding in the driveway.

  4. Abbe@This is How I Cook

    With a garden like yours you should take time to enjoy. I would do something similar, but my problem is that when I’m in my yard, I always find something that needs doing. And then I don’t relax. A vicious circle, I know. good bottle of wine could sway me to sit down, though!

  5. Marjorie

    What you described as the “perfect day” is what used to be known as “the week-end.” Your activities were what we did before faxes, e-mails, answering machines, cell phones, voice mail and Skype were mandated by bosses to invade our homes and create 24/7 “work weeks.”
    We even remember when no business establishment was open on Sundays! That’s how you get a peaceful day of rest.
    Glad you enjoyed yours. We call ours “retirement” — when Life is Good!

  6. Your garden looks amazing. I’d spend my free day in it 🙂

  7. Terry Covington

    Being single and working 6 days a week, I find I need those days to unplug. I steal a couple of hours at a time doing photography, but especially in the autumn I try to drive out to the northern Oregon coast twice a month. I take the whole day, visit my favorite little harbor town to take pictures of the boats and pelicans and fisher people, and find one little shell or stone to bring home from every beach I walk on. I have a special little porcelain dish that is near my work desk which is piled with those little reminders of my times of play and renewal.

  8. amy

    Sounds like a wonderful day. 🙂 Love self pampering days

  9. Betty Kinder-Kirby

    Todd & Diane…..Love your beautiful garden, vases of herb flowers! Your outdoor garden is the perfect setting to share good food, wine and relaxing with friends. All the things I love! Enjoy your holiday!

  10. Jamie (Mama.Mommy.Mom.)

    You guys make me so envious with those photos… everything looks amazing! On the subject of tomatoes, do you guys have a fabulous pickled green tomatoes recipe? My great grandmother made these amazing pickled green tomatoes with garlic. I miss them so much! Sadly, the recipe died with her. I haven’t had them in nearly 15 years! I would love to try making some of my own, even if they won’t be the same as hers.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Hi Jamie- Your great grandmothers recipe sounds amazing and no one else’s will probably ever compare! We actually have a new recipe for pickled green tomatoes, but it’s for our cookbook. We’re not able to share it yet, but if you wait till October 1st, you’ll be able to get it. 🙂 here’s the link http://amzn.com/1617690481

      1. Jamie (Mama.Mommy.Mom.)

        Thank you for responding 🙂 I just pre-ordered it!

        1. White on Rice Couple

          Jamie- thank you for your support. xoxo btw- when the book arrives in October, please email us. and let us know. We have something special to send you. 🙂

  11. Liren

    This is, indeed, the perfect day! Thank you for the reminder to unplug, I always intend to do this every weekend, but miserably succumb to checking my phone. Tomorrow, I promise to treat myself to a truly unplugged day. A real book, a glass of wine, and fresh air is a must!

  12. Jean | DelightfulRepast.com

    Yes, we all need a, what I call, Unplugged Day or Me Day every so often. And yours looks like just the sort I enjoy most!

  13. JackieB

    What a lovely day! (And a lovely weekend to do it.) Your home and yard look fantastic, and very inviting. 🙂

    My perfect day is to lay around with a pile of books. Preferably in a hammock somewhere, where it’s sunny with a nice breeze. 😉 I get far too little time to read and really miss it. But tomorrow is that “reading day” for me! 🙂 🙂

  14. Eileen

    You have just described my “perfect day”. I feel the best when we have accomplished something at home. The best part is being able to sit down at the end of the day and sip a glass of wine, fill our bellies with good food, and proudly look at what we have done. On these given days the work itself doesn’t seem like a chore, but more like respite.

  15. JulieD

    Eat and drink wine but first go on a longgg walk along these row of houses along the river here. We just dream about the big house we would love to buy on that row 🙂 it’s about a 5 mile walk I think? I’m trying to get Curtis to do it this weekend. We talk about our hopes and dreams and just enjoy the view. Hope you have a nice Memorial weekend too!! xo

  16. Joanne @ Fifteen Spatulas

    I absolutely LOVE this post! One of the reasons I love food so much is it’s an opportunity for friends and family to get together. My perfect day off would be spent with family, friends, and a tasty feast for sure!

  17. Miss Kim @ behgopa

    I’d love to be doing the same thing you guys do! I’d also take a day to go shopping, enjoy fun in the sun at the beach, go hiking, eat some yummy food….or I can totally live on my bed all day and be content too.

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