Oh Figs

This Summer has been quite mild in Southern California and heat loving fruits are waiting for that temperature surge!

The figs are slow to sweeten up and it’s probably due to the cooler days. Every morning we pay a visit to our gorgeous fig tree, hoping the squirrels didn’t beat us to any ripe fruit. The figs are developing beautifully, but only a few are ripe and ready to eat.

Maybe in about 3 more weeks, we’ll have sweet figs dropping for all to enjoy! And there’s plenty to share with the squirrels.

hurry hurry and ripen! Can’t wait to make some fig jam.


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  1. Margo

    Those are gorgeous figs. I tried growing a fig tree, but didn’t really take care of it properly. I think I want to try again and do it right this time.

  2. sarah

    you should probably not invite me over when the figs are ready and ripe. you will wonder how the fig tree was left naked after i leave…

  3. Matt

    Our figs over here in Delaware on the East Coast are just starting to ripen as well. Yum, I just had a dozen or so figs for my lunch.

  4. Margot

    What a beautiful figs! I only once got a chance to buy fresh figs and they were not even half that photogenic… brownish and they did not even taste sweet.

  5. Shaina

    I love the contrasting colors in the figs! I’ll happily share some of the heat and humidity from the Midwest with you to help them ripen.

  6. Maria

    I have never seen such beautiful figs!

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