More garden tomatoes in November

When we thought we had picked the last tomatoes, these sun gold vines  proved us wrong. Today we changed over some of the vegetable plots to winter peas and greens. It was time to pull up these sun gold vines and they were still producing fruit in November!

Sun gold tomatoes are serpents and don’t ever seem to want to die off, until we yank them out of the ground. They’re hearty and happy in Southern California weather. But it was time to say good by to the vines in this particular plot for now. We’ll see them again in Spring.

The ripe tomatoes are like sweet candy and we made some spicy pickled green tomatoes with the green ones. The recipe will be posted on the cooking site later.


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  1. Todd S

    I love Sun Gold tomatoes: so perfectly round, delicious, and easy to grow. The vines in the picture look like the red currant tomato vines I had last year. If you’ve never grown them, they are fun, but take over everything, so give them lots of room to explore. You’ll only need a couple of plants, but you’ll have buckets of pea sized tomatoes.

    I planted a late crop of San Marzano tomatoes for sauce making. It was so warm in Mississippi that they lasted until December. That’s a first for my garden.

    Get all my tomatoes from She’s in middle Tennessee, but has the most diverse list of tomatoes I’ve seen.

    Todd S
    Hernando MS

  2. Rene

    Hello, just found your blog it is so cool!! Love the “white on rice”! I have a question. I love fried green tomatoes but I am wondering if I can freeze them so in February, I can actually have my favorite side with my fried catfish. Please let me know if I can and how to do it. Thank you.

  3. sarah

    wait… so you can actually plant vegetables and stuff NOW?!

    must research…

  4. Annapet

    Just today I finally cleaned out some of my tomato planters. I may overwinter the ones on the deck. My boyfriend grows tomatoes and peppers in Southern California year-round.

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