Life on The Balcony Blog Container Gardening Event

If you haven’t already discovered Fern Richardson’s fantastic blog, then you’ll be in for a fabulous treat.

Fern’s blog, Life on The Balcony, shares gardening tips and tricks for container gardening on high-rise and small patio’s. She has informative and inspiring ideas for gardening in small spaces and places. We both started our container garden on the second floor of a tiny patio apartment and it would have been wonderful to have had Fern’s blog as a resource.  Since then, we’ve moved over to a bigger backyard, but container gardening is still plays an important role in our garden.

Fern is hosting a blog carnival event where you share you stories on your edible plants that are grown in containers. You can read more about her blog event and while you’re there, peruse her wonderful archives of information.

Participate on Life on The Balcony’s  Container Garden Carnival Event!

May all your container gardens flourish with mighty beauty!


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  1. Fern @ Life on the Balcony

    Hi guys! Thanks for sharing info about the carnival with your readers. I hope you’ll submit an entry!

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