Lemongrass- perfect edible landscape

3 stages of lemongrass: whole, slivered, fine mince

Beware, lemongrass can be like a noxious weed if it’s not controlled. But growing lemongrass in a pot is an easy and beautiful landscaping choice, as well as ideal ingredient for the home cook!

We’re preparing a fresh lemongrass marinade for some grilled beef and maybe some homemade curry paste. Yummm…

controlling lemongrass out of some of our garden pots

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  1. Jess B

    Hi guys! I love your site, so beautiful! I, too, have a giant lemongrass plant in my backyard (in Culver City) and am wondering if you trim it back in the fall/winter? Keep up the good work!

    1. White On Rice Couple

      We are continually using and trimming our lemongrass all year, so we don’t necessarily do it just for the fall/winter like we do our other grasses. It usually does get a haircut in winter, but that’s more because the rest of the garden is occupying our time less. Definitely doesn’t hurt it.

  2. Judy Ngy

    You can grow Lemongrass in a big pot as a house plant..I do this and my daughter does too…she makes lots of curry and lemongrass teas so she has to have it around a lot.. My husband is from Cambodia and its like one of our family staples for seasoning food. Good Luck

  3. Mae

    Where would I start if I wanted to grow a small pot of lemon grass in a climate as that of Alaska? Is it possible?

    1. White On Rice Couple

      We don’t know for sure, but this is what we’d try…
      Grow the lemongrass during the summer after you’ve gotten past the freezing temps. It should grow like mad, then harvest and freeze the lemongrass to use the rest of the year. Lemongrass keeps fairly well in the freezer, and you can freeze it chopped or crushed.

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