Kalamansi Limes are soooo delicious!

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kalamansi lime calmondin

Kalamansi limes (calamansi, calamondon oranges) are amazing! They’re fragrant, beautiful and so delicious! When they get a chance to ripen, they becomes a touch sweeter and more fragrant, similar to mandarins.

Our tree is going nuts and there’s plenty of new flowering popping up everywhere. Can’t wait for our tree to fruit enough to that we can share with everyone.

Until them, we’ll keep them all to ourselves for plenty of  juice, cocktails and desserts. 😀

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  1. veron

    Ahhhh…I cannot find them over here. Calamansi is what we use in the Philippines…lime and lemon will not simply do. I tried growing them once here in VA but it died in the winter. 🙁 I’ll try to grow them again and see if I can move it to the basement when the weather gets cold.

  2. Andrea

    Oh, they are so pretty! I used to have a calamondon orange tree in a pot. I kept it indoors in cold weather and let it sit outside in warm weather. This worked well for a couple years and I actually harvested some of the delicious little oranges, until one year some citrus-obsessed pest began devouring the poor tree and it never recovered. Also lost my key lime to the same bloody pests. I’ve been hesitant to try again but that beautiful photo has seriously tempted me.

  3. Fuji Mama

    Oh yum!

  4. alice

    I so much want to just grab one off my computer screen. I hope one day (soon) I will be drinking mojitos from your limes. 🙂

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