Huntington Library Rose Garden Glory

Today’s visit to Huntington Library Gardens was the most visually stunning ever! On previous visits, we either missed all the rose blooms or visited too early.

But today, we were lucky enough to catch the rose garden in it’s peak, with every single rose bush in blooming glory!






























And what varieties are these? oh please don’t ask. There were hundreds of varieties to write down!


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  1. Laurie Brown

    The red single with the white eye is most likely “Betty Boop” but I can’t help you with the others. They are stunning photos, though!

  2. Carolyn Parker

    Your blog is stunning– got here via Cindy– have fun today with all the hits and subscriptions you’ll be getting. I put you in my reader and look forward to your creative flow.

    At my house it’s chocolate on roses,


  3. Oscar Garcia

    Great pictures. All it takes is 30 seconds looking at your picture collection and one gets inspire to keep going with the hurdles of the day.

  4. Phoo-d

    What gorgeous photos! Mr. B and I went on a date to the Huntington Gardens and Library several years ago. I was so impressed by both the grounds and the art collection. It is a beautiful location!

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