First big batch of heirloom tomatoes

Weee!! We’ve been collecting the seasons first huge batch of tomatoes.

The good news is that only 2 heirlooms died of the 20 that we planted. So far, so better of a record than last year. Looking at a vigorous and healthy brandywine tomato is a great sign that we’ll have a bumper crop of these huge tomatoes. The last 3 years have been a struggle for us when it came to growing heirlooms.

Once we stop eating all the tomatoes, we’ll write up a series of tomato posts for all the varieties that we’ve grown.

Stay tuned for tons of tomatoes!

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  1. Farm with a View

    Gorgeous! I’m a first-time gardener also in LA (West LA/Santa Monica) and having a rough time with tomatoes … Major June and July gloom has resulted in lots of green tomatoes, but no ripe ones yet. (We put them out into the ground in early May.) We also have a couple of Brandywine plants. Am getting anxious, especially after seeing your pretty photos! Fingers crossed!


    1. White On Rice Couple

      Don’t forget to feed your tomatoes regularly. There are several excellent organic choices out there. We tend to use several diff ones. If you have problems with mildew with the cooler weather, try neem oil. Good luck on the ‘maters! Nothing better than garden grown tomatoes!

  2. White On Rice Couple

    Nicole- we have about 17 varieties! I can’t think of all them on top of my head right now, but we’ll be writing about them all! We just posted about the orange Jaune Flamme on the cooking blog.

  3. nicole

    what varieties do you have?
    they are beautiful!

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