Grow Kale as an edible and ornamental

Kale is often a forgotten green on both the dinner table and garden. Just one packet of kale seeds will provide enough kale to supply you till late spring!

In warm weather regions starting kale is perfect now, just in time for spring. For colder regions, begin sowing your seeds as soon as spring begins or when the weather begins to warm. You’ll be pleased with beauty of kale growing in your garden. Not only are kale wonderful edibles, but they make for equally beautiful garden plants. Their large, ruffly leaves are great as ornamentals and the different varieties of kale can landscape a garden with gorgeous colors and textures.

We left one kale plant to grow almost 4 feet high and it was a stunning addition to the garden ! Here’s a wonderful recipe for kale, potato and farro soup that we made last spring. Can’t wait to cook more with our garden kale soon!

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