Figs off the tree

We just picked a basket of figs off the tree. They’re super messy and duper sweet. And they’re for Adam. The Duke.

If Adam doesn’t come over and eat them all, then we’ll be making fig newtons. Homemade!


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  1. Laura

    Aloha, I would love to use this fig photo for an ebook I’m creating. I would give you full credit of course. Please let me know if that is ok with you.
    Laura Dawn

  2. Stacey

    Wow. Those are gorgeous, almost too pretty for words.

  3. Stacie Shepp

    These figs look divine and I am so jealous! We’ve had such a mild summer that our figs are still green…waiting for some ripening warmth and sun. Thanks for giving me hope and sharing such gorgeous photographs!

  4. DianasaurDishes

    I so want a fig tree right now! Will have to start keeping my eye out for a good deal, but first need to figure out how to rid my other trees of all the millions of bugs killing them.

    1. White On Rice Couple

      We used the Monterey Garden Insect Spray which contains spinosad to help “right the balance” of good bugs vs bad bugs in the garden. It still takes time to establish a good ecosystem in a new garden, but yours will be there soon.

  5. Matt

    What variety are they?

    1. White On Rice Couple

      We are not 100% sure, but we believe they are called Strawberry Figs. That is what the nursery told us when we originally bought the tree.

  6. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    FIGS! My favorites! I bought a fig last year….it died. I was heartbroken. RIP Phineaus. I tried again this year. My new fig Thor is thriving but he’s still just a baby. I’m crossing my fingers that someday I’ll have beautiful figs like you guys do.

    1. White On Rice Couple

      Love that you and Lori are naming your fig trees. Awesome names by both of you.

      1. Renee

        I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who names my trees! 😉 We have two Meyer Lemons named Lucy & George; the figs are Caesar, Newton, and Calpurnia; the Olive Tree is Olivia. I haven’t named my Laurels yet because I have too many of them, if there is such a thing…..

  7. Lori

    Wow! I am jealous! Planted 2 fig trees (named them Adam & Eve) and we have just one fig 🙁 Guessing Texas heat may be just too much for them…maybe next year?

    1. Darryl C.

      We live in NE Tenn… I now have 3 bigger fig trees… 2 Celeste, 1 Brown Turkey… AND 2 ‘baby’ Brown Turkey… LOVE fresh figs… Texas heat… I lived in Mobile, Al in the early 70’s… The house we rented had a separate Garage—AND behind the garage was a BIG fig tree— canned all of the tree’s figs in jam and just figs that summer… Mobile is ON the GULF… hot…!

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