Dried Chili Peppers – Can’t keep up with hot explosion

chili pepper

It’s always in October – December that our chili peppers explode with pods. Unfortunately, they get neglected too because we’re so busy at work.

With 8 different varieties growing and drying on the plants, it’s time to give them some attention. Half are still fresh and the other half are dried. Now it ‘s time to figure out some recipes for dried chili peppers!

chili pepper


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  1. cindy espinoza

    i was browsing your beautiful blog just reading some of your older posts….i love the gardening section. I have several dishes using dried chiles on my blog.
    with my husband being Mexican, there really isnt a day that we dont use chiles:)
    my blog is young, but you might enjoy some of the recipes….more to come.

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