Carrot seeds sowed!

The carrot seeds that we collected from last season are finally sowed! We’ve been so behind on gardening and the carrot seeds were beginning to sprout without the soil.

We’re looking forward to having some more fresh carrots in the next few months and if the rain continues, we’ll have an even better crop.

Excited. Hungry. Garden Carrots.

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  1. Matt

    We don’t even bother saving the seeds. Just let four or five carrots go to seed, shake the seed heads onto the soil wherever you want them, and compost the old carrots. The seeds won’t sprout until early fall.

    1. White On Rice Couple

      For some of our veggies we’ll do the same, but we wanted to try the carrots out in a new spot this year. Love it when you get a vegetative cycle going though. Feels complete!

  2. Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

    Good thing carrots seem to thrive when neglected. We usually let ours stay in the ground all through the winter and pick the biggest sweetest carrots in early spring. Yum!

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