Buddhas hand for a friend

Our buddhas hand tree is doing well this year, much better than last year. The roots are finally settling in and we’re expecting to have at least 10 fruits!

This gorgeous specimen has our friends name on it : Jen!

Hopefully in about 2 months it’ll be ready to be shipped to it’s new kitchen home in Colorado!

baby buddhas hand- bwahhhh!!


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  1. donna

    hello i am tryiny to find out more about the buddah hands plant, i would like to know if the plant will bear fruit from just a cutting or does it have be grafted from a proudceing plant. thank you for your site and your knowledge………………. donna

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Hi Donna,
      We aren’t citrus experts but a cutting or graft should produce fruit eventually. Generally for citrus people recommend cuttings be from a mature, producing tree and the cutting come from new growth that has hardened off at least 6-8 inches. Heres’s a link talking about propagating buddha’s hand. All of the varieties we’ve seen have been self-pollinating.
      Good luck!
      T & D

  2. Violet

    We have 9 of these citrus trees planted in our backyard. The ones planted in pots tend to do better than the ones that we put into the ground. I have one that has a finger that is 12 inches in length this year.

  3. marcela

    Hello, I want to know about how to take care about the buddhas hand citron, I have one but citrons appears and fall down when they are little…..can you told me about the soil or anything that can help me
    Thank you and sorry for my bad english !

    1. White On Rice Couple

      For the best advice, check with some of your local gardening stores. They tend to have the best advice for your geography. We’ve only grown the one tree, and just know a bit about it. Most all citrus like a lot of feedings. We keep ours in a pot on a drip irrigation system and it seems to be happy. Lots of sun. Ours still drops most of it’s tiny “hands” but we will get about 5 or 6 hands each year.

      1. marcela

        Thank you for the answer, I also have my tree in a pot and this spring it seems that it’s gonna be all right because it has many fingers ok……I onle feed it with my vermicompost,

  4. Judy

    quite interesting, never seen one and don’t know what it is but it certainly is a conversation piece!

  5. Helen

    I have one of these in my garden which I planted a few years ago. After it started developing a few fruits my gardener knocked on the door and told me, “Helen…something is really wrong with that lemon you planted. I think it’s been irradiated.” Quite a novelty, visitors to my home hardly remember anything else, but they all remember this tree!! Yours looks lovely and healthy.

  6. Nicole R.

    Slightly creepy but totally fascinating!! I have to read more about this one, never even heard of it before now. REALLY love your blog.

  7. TheKitchenWitch

    Can’t think of any chick more deserving! How cool is that thing?

  8. Jen Yu

    OMG!!! No way! I feel so humbled having you guys for friends. I’ve never seen green buddha’s hand before. That is so beautiful (as if *everything* in your garden). You really really ought not feel obligated to send me any. You made my day with the photos – so cool 🙂 You two are the BEST. xoxo

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