We’re Baaaack (But not for certain) – After A Hard “Hit”! …… Then We’re Down Again!

We got hit hard since Friday afternoon….Down! Our site fell into to the deep, dark abyss of the internet. We’re still trying to figure out exactly what happened to our site, but we’re finally up again, dusting ourselves off of these technical difficulties. Maybe it was all the interactive highlights we’ve been trying to add to our blog that caused us to crash. That’s what happens when you get two wacky , blogging nut-heads like us trying to steer the blog at the same time. Who do you think is the back seat driver?

UPDATE as of Tuesday, March 11:

Our site has been held hostage by our hosting company and no one on their end can figure out the problem!! We’re up , then we’re down again. Up, then Down, Up then Down. It has been frustrating !! So until we find a solution to the problem with *******(won’t mention names), we won’t be adding new posts . Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon…..

Please check back….. but in the meantime, if it’s your first time here….Welcome! and please feel free to browse while the site it still up .

Sincerely, Todd & Diane

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  1. Cakelaw

    Hi T&D, Glad to see you back!

  2. Kirk

    Hope you straighten out all your technical difficulties soon!

  3. Donald

    I came ’round only to find that ya’ll were gone. Somebody’s head should roll, especially if you pay to be hosted!

  4. matt wright

    Glad to see you guys back. Maybe the next post should be the CEO of your hosting company going a few rounds with you guys!!

    If you are looking for a new host (and you should..), I have had great luck with Lunar Pages. Took a while to find them – I went through 4 bad hosting companies.

  5. Morsels of Memory

    Hang in there! Hope all your site hosting problems will be resolved soon!

  6. FlaNboyantEats

    so sorry to hear… one of my hosting companies has gotten the worse of me this week! so much so, i’m transferring my files to another server tomorrow! i’ve had it! visitors, customers, etc… should not have to go through this!

    keeping fingers crossed for you!

    PS: got my rosemary… was going to cook it tonight in my mashed potatoes but i did coconut rice instead to go with the red snapper escaviche! i’ll make sure to tell you when i use it. and, thanks again. you all rock!!! your friend, Bren

  7. Annemarie

    Holding my breath until it all gets sorted out. Of course, this time lag means that you can spend TWICE as much time editing and spiff-iffying your next video. Boo-yeah.

  8. Christine

    I just watched both your videos and all’s I gotta say is: Wow. Love them. Keep up the fantastic work – you guys rock.
    p.s. song request for next video: anything by van morrison 🙂

  9. LisaRene

    Just a little FYI (if you don’t already know) since your dealing with technical difficulties, your site takes a good 30 seconds plus to open. Typically I open it in a second window because it has taken over a minute a few times. Same for when I click on a link within your site. Could be a Safari compatibility issue since I’m a MAC user. I know my site is slower since I use .mac and not Blogger or something similar to run my blog.

    I’m certain you will be back to 100% soon!

  10. lifedramatic

    So glad you’re back. Hope everything gets fixed soon. Love your site!!


  11. Smiddlemore

    Love your site. Great food porn. Big mistake looking at your site while hungry. Now need to go raid fridge.

  12. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Fancy moves indeed!

  13. pam

    Glad ya’ll are back. I love your site!!

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