Toshi Koshi Keiko 2007-2008!

Toshi Koshi Keiko, is a tradition among Japanese martial arts of practicing on New Years Eve to celebrate the transition of the past year as well as welcoming in the new year. Every New Years Eve, we celebrate with at the dojo with “T” joining his fellow class mates for a midnight class, while “D” watches and guards the potluck table from potential pre-nibblers.

This is a much anticipated potluck, for practicing Aikido from the last hour of 2007 into the first minutes of 2008 can really work up an appetite. This year we had a successfully large turnout of participants, and the bigger the turnout, the bigger the potluck menu! After a warm, wise and sincere speech from Sensei, and a ceremonial toast with sake, everyone’s delicious donation of food was well received by all our hungry appetites.

This is our great way of bringing in the new year: spending it with good friends and good food. Hope all of you had a great new year as well. Happy 2008 everyone!

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