Tomato explosion in October!

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Our tomatoes are a bit confused. They’re exploding with new growth and flowers in October, thinking it’s the peak of Summer. The three wine/whiskey barrels to the left are overflowing with new branches, while the barrel on the right has a new plant (seeded by birds) that’s growing like a weed.

And oh, Sierra is in the middle to give reference to how crazy huge these tomato plants are!

Tip – We purchased these whisky/wine barrels at our local hardware store for about $25. They’re wonderful as instant container gardens and big enough to let vegetable roots stretch out. Just ask the folks at the store to drill a few drainage holes at the bottom, fill the barrels with some good draining soil and you have an instant veggie garden!

Their vintage, patina look is mighty impressive too.


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  1. Nicole

    Meh, our tomatoes became naturally seeded about three years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that we went away for 3 weeks and came back to a huge, TOWERING tomato plant growing as high as the first story and had taken over an old, also rather enormous rose bush, and was limping over the wall and into our driveway. We call it Monstrous Tomarose, or MT for short.

    And I’m diggin’ those whiskey barrels, too.

  2. Andrea

    That’s awesome that your still have tomatoes. Our tomatoes have stopped producing but we have a boatload of green tomatoes that we’ll pickle. I love the whiskey barrels, have been looking for some of those for forever it seems, but they run $50 a piece in our area. Have to find someone who wants to get rid of theirs.

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