Thank you Mom and Mẹ !

Working in the retail business has it’s ups and downs. One of the drawbacks of working with the general public in the service industry is being swamped for the whole Mothers Day weekend, helping everyone else ensure that their Mom’s are taken care of, pampered and recognized, while our own Mother’s get a quick hug or phone call as we run off to work.

But Mom and Mẹ ơi , here is another quick shout to you and all Mom’s out there that you are loved unconditionally for all your nurturing, sacrifice and unfaltering devotion to us, your children. You’ve kept us warm and fed, healed us back to health during our sick days and forgiven us for our stubborn youth. We apologize for being pains in the asses at times and not holding our tongue when we should. Yes, you are the ones that brought us in to this world, and you are fully capable and entitled to taking us out too!

We are not perfect, nor do we strive to be. But your guidance does helps us to become better people. Thank you, we love you!

Happy Mother Day !! Here are some orchids and Eden roses from the garden for all of you Mammas !

What did you give/receive for Mother’s Day? Please share…

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  1. White on Rice Couple

    Recipe Girl- Disneyworld? Wow, that’s a great time to be a kid again!

    blackberry- You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your new rice cooker!

  2. blackberry

    I got a rice cooker. Thank you for the roses.

  3. RecipeGirl

    Give: We’ve invited both my mom and hubby’s mom to come and stay with us in our beach house this summer. That’s their gift!

    Receive: I got flowers from my kiddo. Hubby and I don’t usually exchange gifts, but we are going to Disneyworld this weekend so I suppose that counts!

  4. White on Rice Couple

    Kitt- Thanks! We live for our garden!

    MPG- This tribute is to make up for all the troubles we caused our mom’s when we were kids!

    Simply- Your boys are wonderful! happy day!

    My kitchen- Thanks again! These are our favorite climbing roses!

    Ricah- Hope you get to return to your garden one day!

    Lisa- Happy mothers day to all of you!

    Dhanggit- Happy day to you too!

    Densie & Lenny- Hopefully we’ll get to see you guys this next week!

    Mom- Thanks! We love you too!

    WC- Yeah, she’s cwazeee!! She like your site!

    Icsa- Homemade cookies are a great gift!

    Nikki- A rose plant for mom? That’s a great gift too!

    Jesse- Yeah, our mom’s are actually the same way!

    Bleeding- How fun! Glad to know you two are getting together!

    Lydia- Thanks!

    Maybelle’s mom- That’s a truly special gift. Sleeping in is a treat too!

  5. feeding maybelle

    my toddler said, “nice mommy” to me. Wonderful gift. (And my husband let me sleep in.

  6. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    Lovely garden!

  7. bleeding espresso

    Gorgeous! All of it! I wished my mom a lovely day and promised her something extra special when she arrives in Italy to visit me in less than a month. Woohoo!

  8. Jesse

    I am so envious of your garden!!
    For Mommy’s Day I …umm… sent happy thoughts to my mom… and then she called me one day early to demand why I haven’t called her yet. =X

  9. nikkipolani

    Now that’s a pretty special tribute to your mothers. Love that healthy Eden rose! I gave my mom the new Jeri Jennings rose which sports mom’s favorite shades – light yellow with apricot tones.

  10. lcsa99

    My mother lives way across the country so I couldn’t do anything in person but I sent her homemade cookies and called and talked to her early on mothers day.

  11. Wandering Chopsticks

    Diane, your mom is hilarious! I can’t believe she brought a vat of bun bo Hue to the nail salon. I bet the girls all loved her after that! I would too! 🙂

  12. Colleen

    I received love and hugs from my daughter whom I was visiting. Gifts, a tribute & calls from my marvelous son. Thank you.
    May we honor all. We all had mothers and all doing the best they could. I am so blessed having two wonderful children.
    I’m a grateful mom & grandma blessing all beings.

  13. Denise & Lenny

    Beautiful Garden – WOW! And what a wonderful tribute. May slipped in too fast for us, I sent our moms flowers this year, not as creative as I usually do; but, it is the thought.

  14. richa

    such a beautiful garden, love those roses 🙂 ur garden pics always remind me of my garden back home 🙂

  15. dhanggit

    what a sweet way to honor your mom and all the mothers out there 🙂

  16. Lisa

    I cooked for my Mom and Gram. When people asked what I was doing for Mothers Day and I told them cooking, I got a lot of people feeling sorry for me…..DON’T…really cooking for the 2 women who made me what I am today was and is a joy for me, so it’s ok. I received a beautiful iron bike for the yard (sounds strange but it’s so pretty). I spent the afternoon planting and just enjoying my time with the family. I hope all you hard working Mom’s had a wonderful day. I know I did!

  17. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Very beautiful!!

  18. Simply...Gluten-free

    Very sweet tribute to your moms! Alas I no longer have a mother alive but I have two wonderful boys who made my mother’s day very special!

  19. Mango Power Girl

    Lovely shots & very sweet tribute to Moms…hope they had a nice day 🙂

  20. Kitt

    Aw, sweet!

    Your garden is gorgeous, too.

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