Back Stage photography challenges

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Last week’s assignment was photographing for South Coast Repertory Theatre in Orange County. It was the world premiere of Julie Marie Myatt’s new play, “The Happy Ones”.

It was during a full rehearsal that we had to photograph and it was great seeing a full production come together. But shooting back stage, on stage and in front of the stage is a biotch! Stage lights are a photographers worst nightmare, with various parts of a scene’s lighting changing every few minutes. Blue lights, yellow lights, red lights and purple lights make it difficult to control white balance during such a dynamic shoot.

Theatre lights are not kind to cameras.

We’ll be discussing the various ways you can control white balance on one of our Photography Series segments.

Check back soon and in the meantime……stage lights SUCK.

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  1. Matt

    That picture looks beautiful. You guys know how to handle poor conditions well.

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