Shit Happens- Kitchen Disasters

Shit happens in the kitchen, more often than we would ever want and inevitably with the worst timing possible.

We don’t often fuss over kitchen mishaps because gravity exists everywhere and when dishes land on the floor, there are dogs to clean it up. Even when food becomes charcoal, there’s always a back up dish waiting to be made. Our attitudes are good and we always have a back up plan.

When we’re on shoots for clients, there’s always a plan B, C, D and E tucked away in our bags some where. And if there isn’t a plan F, we’ll make one up on the spot. If there’s a kitchen catastrophe, we have a calm, collected solution to pull out of the magic hat. Save the day, boost everyones morale, then drink it off at the end of the night. Thank God for tequila and brandy!

But no matter how epic the kitchen disaster might be and how severe the four-letter-words are that roll through our minds, we pull ourselves together and start all over again. With a good attitude.

What’s our worst kitchen disaster? Our story goes beyond the food. For us, and many pro photographers, often success comes from not just being able to take the photo the clients want, but to be able to minimize problems, and when they do happen, figure out a way to make it work.

We had an assignment to shoot a 2 day food event, a planned out, fairly formal and staged affair. It took 4 weeks to plan exactly how the shoot was going to happen, every hour of the day.

We were two shooters, covering two different angles and were trying to back up our files as the day went on. But, one of our cameras decided to malfunction during a critical and hectic point of the day when we didn’t have time to download and check our files. When we got back to the hotel, half the shoot from one of the cameras were corrupted.

That’s right, the camera that covered the most important angles of the shoot decided to corrupt all the files. Shit happened.

How did we recover? We lost sleep that night and figured out a way to re-shoot during the second day and all went smoothly. And that story alone is whole separate post.

So what’s your worst kitchen disaster? Do Share.

– Diane and Todd

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  1. Debbie

    just found your blog thru Nicole at Pinch My Salt… and this post really brought back memories of my worst kitchen disaster.. Just happened last summer.. we had people camping for the weekend in our yard and I decided I would make homemade icecream with some peaches I had…Everyone was sitting around the kitchen while I was putting it together.. I had all the sugar,cream,eggs,peaches ect. in the blender and blended it up and lifted the blender and the bottom part had come unscrewed… Holy Moly all that pure sweet sticky goodness went every where… running down the front of me and just exploded all over the kitchen.. I just stood there shell shocked and walked out into the yard and started hosing myself down… I couldn’t go back in there for a few min… when I did everyone was in high gear and had my kitchen cleaned so fast… like it never happened… but oh did it happen…

  2. susi

    i was 13 and making a chocolate hazelnut torte for my dad’s birthday, my mom was in the shower and i leaned over while whipping the egg whites and my long hair was all wound up in the beaters and the mixer stopped and i coulndt move and unplug it or remove the beaters… my mom wasnt happy!

  3. Sopheavy

    I work in the corporate world and moonlight as a photographer in the evenings, weekends etc.
    Well one time our company had a top chef like contest at work and there were four categories each week, appetizer, soup/salad, entree, and dessert. Well I placed out in each category but the last week I wasn’t going to enter in it since I was traveling to NY with my husband for business. Of course I had a miserable time in NY because all I could think of was the competition lol. Well I decided a few days before the contest to enter into the dessert round and flew back early that morning for the competition. Well, of course almost all my tuile were burnt and my dessert was not setting like I wanted it to even though I’ve done it numerous times and it turned out perfectly but I made the mistake of doubling the recipe which I NEVER ever should have done and I knew better but was running out of time. Of course I also made a batch of beautiful raspbery coulis and I had only 2 minutes left to plate up dessert and I was running to grab my coulis out of the frigerator and lo and behold….I slipped and the coulis came down with me in a sea of red..of course I decided to wear white pants that day too so I was a hot mess in front of the judges and audience. There were a bit of coulis left on the bowl. Although I finished plating hastily, I ended up not placing in the dessert challenge. What a shame.

    Another time I was the official photographer for this huge and fancy event and this was the first time I had transitioned from film to digital and of course…my camera was out of battery and I somehow forgot to bring my backup…5 hours into the event the PR lady that was with me said that she needed me right now to get some shots of some VIPs and what do I tell her? “Uh, well, my battery just died…give me 10 minutes to recharge.” Of course that did not look good on my part but she was so understanding but I did manage to get all the shots I needed and they loved the photos but it was quite unprofessional and embaressing that had to happen. Another incident was when I was with this very important client and got all my camera gear together and ready to shoot and was doing some test shots before I started shooting at the location and of course my camera decides to act up on me! Of course my face must have really showed it because the client asked me what’s wrong and all I could say was that my camera is acting strange and I felt like crawling under a table but fortunately after 5 minutes of messing with the camera and turning it off and on a hudred times with the client staring at me the entire time, the camera started working again. At the time I had only one digital camera other than film but now I have two digital backups and one main digital I shoot with but even then, I still run into issues. Several more times it had nothing to do with camera but with location and lighting. I was told one thing and got there it was totally different and had only a couple of minutes to find a solution. A lot of times now the dilemmas deals with lighting condition where lighting condition is absolutely horrible or super dim lighting and I have to make it work with no flash allowed at all and when the room incredibly dark, what is a gal supposed to do especially when I have to get certain shots. It frustrates me so much but I’ve had to suck up and deal with it.

    I know how it feels like when these kind of problems come up but as y’all said..shit happens and as I always tell my husband…I only have two hands and two feet. I can only do what I can do. I always try to come up with a solution to get the shots I need even when it doesn’t work out the first time I will go back and take the shots again if I can without pay if it’s a malfunction on my part. Maybe that’s why I would probably never survive if I did photography fulltime lol.

  4. Carolyn

    I’d have to say my worst disaster came while cooking the last side dish for my husband’s getting out of the Navy party. The guests had just started to arrive, and after a massive amount of vegetable grilling & prep work, I was finally ready to start the grilled homestyle fries. The first step in making the fries is parboiling. So, I parboiled them and while moving the pot to the sink got a little too distracted and splashed boiling water all over my hand. Needless to say I was shocked when it happened; without missing a beat in my conversation, I plunged the hand under running ice cold water. After much cajoling by guests (I had planned to finish cooking with my hand in an ice bag) and worried looks from my husband, I finally acquiesced to being taken to the emergency room… on the condition that my husband finish the grilled meat so everyone could enjoy the party. I missed the party, but from what I’ve heard, the food was great and enjoyed by all. The emergency room, not so much. I was banned from moving pots of water from the stove for a good year after that.

  5. Kris

    My worst disaster was when I was taking a cheesecake out of the oven and didn’t have it on a separate jelly roll pan. Furthermore I placed my hand flat on the bottom of the pan, so it pushed up the bottom of the pan, cheese cake all over the oven door and floor. After clean up, I went to the store to get the ingredients to make it all over again! Have used a jelly roll pan ever since!

  6. nicole

    Oh man I have had several baking and cooking distastes. From underbaked crumbcake to burnt steak.

    I’ve made muffins with jam in them and instead of pockets of lovely jam to bite into I ended up with muffins that had burnt bottoms since the jam sunk to the bottom. Destroyed my pans.

    Bad one this year was when I was taking a cake out of our convection oven, which is mounted above our stove top, and dropped it on the floor. I had the frosting ready to go and just could not mentally deal with the idea of making a new cake, so I ate the frosting from the bowl while cleaning up my super sticky dr pepper cake.

    1. nicole

      how could i forget my canning adventure… a simple boil over ended up with smoke alarms going off and an apartment smelling like a burned marschmellow for a day.

  7. White on Rice Couple

    THANK YOU everyone for sharing your fun, funny, poignant and often painful kitchen disasters!!!
    We really enjoyed reading them and it feels good to know that we all have something in common and can relate to one another. You ALL ROCK!

    much success to you in all your cooking endeavors! 😀
    diane and todd

  8. Denise Michaels - Adventurous Foodie

    I don’t know if I have a “worst” kitchen disaster – but I have discovered that if I rush it when I’m cooking – the results are mostly not quite as good. Proof positive that I’m not a professional – but a rookie – still, after 30 years.

    My most recent kitchen disaster was just a couple weeks ago: I was making this absolutely amazing Apple Cake. It’s full of finely chopped apples and cinnamon-y goodness. The recipe called for a 9-inch pan and I used an 8-inch pan. I cooked it about 10 minutes longer than the instructions called for. It was golden brown I turned it out of the pan. Looked perfect. But when I returned to the kitchen a few minutes later – the middle had collapsed. It was wet and just couldn’t withstand the weight of all the apples.

    I made it again a few days ago and it came out perfectly. The difference: I used a 9-inch pan and used cake strips. Wrote about it all on my blog.

  9. Miri

    My worst was when I was experimenting with a cupcake recipe and added a bit too much baking soda to a batter that had more lemon juice than I originally thought. I basically ended up with hokey pokey (New Zealand version of honeycomb/sponge candy) covering the back wall and floor of my oven. To top it all off, I have a convection oven and it all got lodged down the back of the fan. Not a fun clean up.

  10. The Speeding Turtle

    Camera malfunctioning is definitely bad. I had that happen to me while trying to do a photo shoot as an assignment for school, and all my memory cards decided to corrupt on me.

    My worst kitchen disasters…it’d probably be either the 10cm long scar on my inner arm from the oven door (people kept asking if I’d purposefully cut myself!) or the time when the piping bag burst macaron batter all over me and the table.

  11. Shaina

    Love that you guys got it worked out.

    My *first* kitchen disaster: I was 6 and wanted to see what happened if you microwaved a hard-boiled egg yolk. The answer: It explodes everywhere. My younger sister thought it was the coolest. The babysitter, however, did not.

  12. Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves

    Let me preface this first disaster by saying I was VERY new at cooking. I was in college & got a baking pan w/ a plastic lid which I assumed you could put in the oven. So I did. I was Iming a friend & telling her my apartment smelled of burnt plastic & she said “You didn’t put plastic in the oven did you?” which I met with a “Nooooo……”

    That same year I was cutting up an onion & watching tv & yep you guessed it, cut myself. Bled profusely for a while but at least I didn’t end up in an ER.

    Further along in my cooking career I was attempting to cut a squash in half & I used too much pressure and the knife went straight into the cutting board. This past week I made another dish with squash & it took me a good 10 mins to slice the sucker. I think I need better knives!

  13. rowley

    My worst kitchen accident happened almost two years ago. My partner — an anesthesiologist — called to say he was coming home. My phone was in my pocket and set to vibrate. At the time, I was powering through slices of country ham with a 8″ knife, dicing it to make bitterballen. The phone’s vibrating startled me just enough to throw my concentration off and make me crunch down through bone in my thumb and to take off the tip of one finger completely. No hospital trip, but the good doctor administered a nerve block and I assisted with about 8 ounces of bourbon.

    Photo and story here:

  14. Liz

    My husband loves lemon meringue pie. His grandmother made the best one ever. Most of my kitchen disaster have come from trying to re-create that pie. Needless to say she still holds the crown and probably always will!

  15. Fran

    Oh my … where to start? I’m sorry, this is a long one, a tome.

    Over 25 years ago I had a small catering biz. There were many stressful and hilarious kitchen disasters, but the one that made my heart go into my throat was the time I was catering a party at a big, new house. It was a beautiful place with an enormous kitchen. I set up an Oyster Bar in their beautiful white sink and shucked oysters for what felt like forever. At the end of the evening as I was cleaning up, my heart stopped for just a moment — I swear!

    The sink was marred from the oyster shells. I had padded it with seaweed, but to no avail! Ahh! Black marks all over the brand-spanking new sink in this multi-million dollar monstrosity of a house. WHAT was I going to do?

    Well remember, this was the early 90’s and Corian countertops were all the rage, especially with the McMansion set in Northern Virginia. I reached into the cabinet under the sink, pulled out the Comet and voila! The marks miraculously disappeared. No one was the wiser. Whew! I made it out alive. Only to go home at about 1am where, when unpacking the contents of my tools I wiped my tired eyes — totally forgetting that I’d seeded a big fat bag of jalapeño peppers that afternoon!!

    AHH! What a day.

  16. Amand

    I have two kitchen disasters stories. One is from when I was a broke college student who ate beans and rice all the time and didn’t cook many fancy things except on special occasions. I forgot to soak the beans I intended to make for dinner, but, not knowing much, just figured “Hey, that just means they’ll be a little crunchy, right? Whatever, I’m hungry.” Stupid. I woke up the next morning in an unbelievable amount of abdominal pain and called my mother crying, “Mom, I think I’m dying!” She told me to drink a little baking soda in warm water which, thank heavens, worked like a charm.

    The second is last Thanksgiving. I was making Thanksgiving dinner for other people for the first time (at least as head chef, so to speak). And of course I got swine flu the day before Thanksgiving (though I didn’t know what it was until the day after Thanksgiving), so I wound up stirring everything while trying to breathe away from the food. And puking in the bathroom as quietly as possible while others were eating pie.

  17. Karen at Globetrotter Diaries

    I love this post! O boy I have too many! Well long long ago when I first starting getting in the kitchen and cooking, I made a cake (and I’m not much of a baker). Kept checking it in the oven and was wondering why it was still so wet and soupy… yah, forgot the flour… so yes, shit happens.

  18. kip craglow

    We rented a cabin for the weekend with friends at the base of Mount Rainier. Each night a different couple would make dinner. It was our night. We made a tortilla casserole and as we were taking it out of the oven, it slipped from the hot pan holders supplied in the cabin and it flipped over landing upside down on the inside of the oven door, with part of it oozing over the edge onto the floor. We had a lot of salad, bread and wine for dinner 🙂 And we left a nice tip for the cleaning lady to scrape the oven door clean.

  19. bunkycooks

    Glad you recovered from that one! I guess one recent disaster that comes to mind is the night I was taking pictures of my Turkey Marsala dish and in the middle of slicing the Parmesan cheese over the top, I sliced my finger with it. Pretty gross and what a mess, but I survived and so did the dinner (and the photo with it!).

  20. norma

    About 20 years ago not knowing what a key lime was I made a key lime pie using regular limes. It was beautiful and as I served everyone a slice I waited for their positive reaction. They all puckered at the same time and it was the joke of the evening. Not everything that looks good tastes good. Shit does happen!

    The the black beans that I put in a pressure cooker and ended up pasted on my beautiful white walls when the lid exploded.

    I have many…..

  21. Dragana

    My messiest and smelliest kitchen disaster happened when I left a whole giant watermelon on the counter for several days and it soured and exploded all over the kitchen. The smell was sickening and the fermenting pulp was disgusting. Clean up took lots of paper towels and a high concentration of Lysol!

  22. Jac

    Well, there was the time the Pyrex baking dish EXPLODED in my face. I think there’re still glass pieces behind the stove. I actually wasn’t injured, incredibly… just stood there, staring at the glass-covered oven, heart about to beat through my chest.

  23. Steve-Anna

    What a great question to pose – makes me feel better about my many disasters. Probably the most memorable for me was a Thanksgiving dinner I hosted (or attempted to) for some international guests. I was set on pulling off the classic American Thanksgiving (all by myself, I might add) – turkey, giblet gravy, biscuits from scratch, green bean casserole, a green salad, and last but not least, the sweet potato casserole. I made the casserole ahead of time and put it in the fridge.

    During the last hour of the turkey cooking, I managed to pull the (very cold glass) dish out of the fridge and accidentally set it on a heated burner on the stove. I picked it up to put it in the oven and heard that horrible sound of glass beginning to shatter. The whole thing just exploded in my hands, and all over the kitchen in full dinner prep – shattered glass everywhere. I think at the end of the day at least the turkey came out well, but I was still finding shards of glass all over the place for a week. My guests were quite understanding, we all survived without injury ; )

    Meanwhile, I can’t count the number of simmering soups that burnt to a crisp while I fell asleep on the sofa, and then there was the tomato sauce that landed on the ceiling while on a first date…

  24. Vegmers

    When I first started baking in my early teens, I was given a kids cookbook that had a muffin recipe in it. They were great when you made them properly. Not sure which disaster is my favourite, the time I switched the quantities of salt and sugar or the time I used the plastic muffin tins that came with our new microwave in the conventional oven. The stench of melting plastic filled the house, and I wasn’t sure what to do or how to clean up melted plastic and muffin batter from the inside of the oven. Mum eventually came to the rescue.

  25. Giselle

    I remember my first Thanksgiving dinner, I totally forgot to take out the little goody bag. My Mom came over to help and she took the Turkey out and saw the look on my face. I had guests from my job, family that had traveled from other states to visit. Yeah I had an &*^%$&^* moment. To top it off I decided I was going to try to make Cranberry sauce for the first time (bad Idea) and it turned out like a blob that jiggled. So needless to say, Mom came to the rescue, with a quick slide of hand she the bag out broke down the Turkey and crank up the oven, just to make sure every thing would be cooked through and through. The dinner was a suscess, and everyone loved how moist the Turkey turned out. As for the Cranberry sauce my brother took a mad dash to the deli and they had great home made Cranberry sauce. I’m a Chef now I look back on those days and still laugh. Happy holidays to everyone. Remember it’s not about the food so much as the gathering. Be well.

  26. Karen Mezzetta

    So I’m not so different from everyone else – I’ve had my share of kitchen disasters over the years, including filleting my fingers from time to time… But the one disaster that stands out in my mind and I’m reminded of each and every day is: The last time I tried to make caramel. Some of the boiling hot crapola landed on my glass/ceramic top stove – it left a pea-sized splotch on the gray/black surface that cannot be removed/cleaned off. Every time I look at that thing, it reminds me that candy-making is definitely not my kitchen forte!

  27. Sues

    Ahhh that’s so frustrating! Glad you recovered 🙂

    I just made buffalo chicken pizza and my first one fell completely apart. I was about to throw it in the trash, but then I realized I could just shape it into a calzone and bake it like that. I almost liked it better than the pizza itself!

  28. Amy

    First time trying to make a layer cake. I SO wanted to make my boyfriend a birthday cake from scratch so I gathered up the equipment and ingredients. I baked up the layers and they didn’t rise as much as they should have but the bigger problem was that the layers could not be removed from the pans in one piece. Butter and flour was NOT enough to get the cake off the bottom of the pan. Two pans full of cake had to go in the garbage so I could start again. I was so bummed out!

    After a 3-way call with my mom and grandma, I had a new plan involving wax paper. The layers did come out of the pans this time, but still weren’t very fluffy and didn’t rise much. I was using an old school Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook (1950s reprint) and all that we could figure is that Betty probably assumed the domesticated 50s housewife would be smart enough to use Cake Flour instead of All Purpose. Or perhaps I had a leavening agent that was expired? I’ll never know.

    I finished the cake anyway, frosting it with a chocolate cooked frosting, and my darling boyfriend ate some anyway. It couldn’t have been TOO awful because he stuck around and married me. It has been over 2 years since the incident and I have not yet made another layer cake.

  29. Sam @thesecondlunch

    Technically not my own fault – in college I was cooking steaks for several of my dorm mates. (Nice, expensive, organic, grass fed steaks that I had saved up for) I tripped the fire alarm, which you can’t turn off, or even call to cancel. The entire fire crew came out with the truck, forced us out of the building, and made me leave the stove (and my steaks) to overcook as they stood around even well after they had assessed nothing was wrong. I’m still bitter after all these years….

  30. Donna

    My worst happened while cooking in a 5 x5 ft. kitchen on the top floor of a NYC brownstone. My cooking partner had just finished her large pot of homemade applesauce, and unbeknownst to me, placed it in top of the refrigerator to cool. Oh yeah! one quick turn to open the refrigerator landed that still HOT pot of CRAP!plesauce all over my face and hands. Luckily a doctor lived in the house and I was carefully attended to. Good news? It happened over 30 years ago which means I’ve been pretty successful ever since. Once Burned, Twice Shy?

  31. Sue Barreda

    I had a GREAT fear of pressure cookers!!!!! Then one day my mother in law gave me one to conquer my fear. Make a long story short, years later I still have the stain from the black beans on my ceiling.
    Needless to say, I still (very hesitantly) use my pressure cooker.

  32. Dandy Dishes

    It’s a toss up between almost severing my thumb with a 10in Santoku while chopping vegetables for roasting or Christmas last year when I took the tip of my finger off while slicing potatoes for my gratin with a mandoline…Needless to say, sharp objects and I don’t have real kinship but we make do 😉

  33. Deeba

    I am pretty disaster prone…broken bake ware in the oven… with Lebovitz pastry recipe, with Helen’s balsamic roasted plums, with balsamic strawberries – why do I not learn. My latest was 2 trays of burnt oatmeal cookies that I thought I’d bake at a go in mt new oven…needless to say, I am cooling my heels! Sorry about the camera situation. It’s much bigger than the mundanities in my life… gosh bummer!

  34. Angie

    I’ll just say what happened yesterday, a spaghetti squash that hubby didn’t want 3 days ago, didn’t keep well in the fridge, I tried to salvage it, and it was just goo. But I did make one of the tastiest desserts in a while yerterday, brownie pie, there’s always an upside. I have to make better back up plans though, we resort to running out for sandwiches.
    A camera question, my new mac with iphoto can sometimes download pix from my rebel 350, sometimes it says they are corrupted. My old mac does fine it. I downgraded the iphoto on the new mac, and the same problem. I only have one USB in the back, and still the same, I also replaced the cord and tried 2 different cards, do you guys have any ideas what might be wrong?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Hi Angie,
      Not sure of any solutions for you, we haven’t used iphoto in forever. What we would do is first try reformatting all the cards. Even try new ones different brand, maybe different speed. We’ve had 4 cards get corrupted nearly all at the same time (bad batch from a company we’ll never buy from again). Other than that, google search for answers or talk to canon or apple. Good luck.

  35. Jess "Klutzy Chef

    My worst (and first kitchen disaster) really set the tone for the rest of my life in the kitchen (brimming with accidents and mishaps). I was making rice krispie treats and upon adding the rice krispies, kept the mixture on the heat while stirring. There was no mention on the box that doing so basically recreates quick drying cement. The spoon, the “treats” and the pot all had to get tossed because it was so unbelievably hopeless to get it all off. I still maintain to this day that at the time there was no mention of the remove from heat step on the box and that it’s all Snap, Crackle and Pop’s fault. If only I could blame them for the 1,000+ incidents I’ve had in the kitchen since.

  36. Kate @ Savour Fare

    I’m usually pretty mellow because, as you said, shit happens, and I have a lot of backup plans. But sometimes I let the stress of an occasion get to me, and I end up in tears, throwing things (exhibit a: I find the key is to be able to throw something together at the last minute — I have a killer chocolate dessert that can be made in 10 minutes from pantry ingredients, and that’s been pulled out more than once.

  37. Lana Spiess

    Funny you mention kitchen disasters….I had a kitchen disaster last night! I have always wanted to make Butternut Squash soup, so I set out to do just that. I roasted my squash and vegetables and threw them all into the blender with a bit of broth, turned on the blender and nothing happened. Instead of doing the smart thing and add more liquid I stuck my wooden spoon in to give it a quick stir. A micro-second later I had a broken spoon and soup filled with wood splinters! Surprisingly, my Cuisinart blender was fine.

  38. fastfeasts

    Also stabbed myself..let my mind wander, almost all the way through..rather than stop for stitches, stopped for super glue..the friend you can have if you cut yourself..

    Also blew the eyebrows off my brother who was butting in while I was lighting the oven with a match..yes, old gas..told him to get back..he told me he was going to tell our mother I was lighting it myself..needless to had to tell he anything when she returned.

    Did have the recipe from the gourmet club for a shrimp remoulade to follow…tasted terrible, picked the shrimp out, washed them off, and found another recipe for the remoulade sauce

    Saved by good fortune…heard the gas oven turned itself on..the kind with the wonder pilot light which kept the oven at a wonderful temp to help bread rise…would not turn off…ended up calling for help and had to turn off the gas to the house in order to stop the rise in temp…yes, the temp went up really fast..and now I use the warming oven which is the only thing I have used it for.

  39. justcooknyc

    I told you my photoshoot stories involving theft and fire, right? Man, those stories freakin’ rock. About kitchen disasters at home, I’ll skip the stories involving blood since those are too obvious. Here’s my story. Thanksgiving. First time having the “in-laws” over with my mom for the holiday. I’m cooking everything. I was young, and it was kind of a big deal. Small-ish apartment with the table in the kitchen, so every can see what I’m doing. Everyone is sitting already. All going very well. Making sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. Just have to top with marshmallows and toss them under the broiler now, except I’ve never done this before. They burst into flames because my pan is too close to the broiler. Aaaaaaaaa! I salvaged it pretty well actually because they were so encrusted after I put out the flames, I was able to remove them all in one large charred layer. I guess you had to be there because it doesn’t sound bad, right? It was just the family pressure and all that, freaking me out. Don’t ask me about Cuisinart blades — a painful story.

  40. Gina @ skinnytaste

    I have disasters all the time. Baking low fat desserts and replacing butter with apple sauce or fruit purees does not always work. In fact, when it does I’m always pleasantly surprised! That being said, lots of my baking experiments wind up in the trash, time and money wasted.

  41. pickyin @ Life is Great

    For me I think the worse is when I overbeat the whipped cream for the mascarpone cream frosting of my tiramisu cake. It promptly curdled into a yucky mess and I had to bin it while panicking, mumbling expletives and sweating. Luckily I bought extra mascarpone just for such disaster.

    This to me is more serious that burning a piece of fried chicken or smoking the whole house with overflowing cake batter in the oven because the tiramisu cake was to be a good friend’s birthday cake. I guess it’s critical when you’re doing it for someone else, you really want to produce the best results – that’s the essence of cooking from the heart!


    my worst kitchen disaster was my first attempt at making choco chip cookies – sooooooo hard that they broke the garbage disposal . . . at my neighbor’s house!! and now I’m a food blogger – HAH!

  43. Phoo-d

    Kitchen disasters? I have far too many to choose from. At least many of the ones in the last two years are now documented for perpetuity online. There was last Thanksgiving, when I managed to burn off my eyebrows and the front of my hair when checking on the turkey. Burnt hair is not a good addition to the Thanksgiving aroma. There was Labor Day, when I seared my forearm on the oven when pulling out a plum pie. I now sport a 3″ scar ironically in the shape of a plum slice below my wrist. There was the time the pizza stone spontaneously broke in half in my hands, falling to the ground and taking a huge chunk out of my foot and the floor. However personal injury I can take- losing photo files for a big food shoot, I would be sweating bullets and losing sleep for sure!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Phoo-d Ouch. You just might have won an award for those disasters. Did your eyebrows ever grow back? 😉

      1. Phoo-d

        It took about five months but they finally grew back in! The funny (but not) thing is that Mr. B did the same thing cooking my birthday dinner about a month later. We were an eyebrowless family for several months there! Now everyone opens the bbq v e r y slowly.

  44. TheKitchenWitch

    It’s a toss up between the holiday roast that shriveled up like a sad little turd or the sourdough starter that exploded all over the refrigerator. Plenty of choice epithets were slung both times.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      thekitchenwitch- whew! we can smell the sourdough starter from here. hee hee.

  45. Jessica @ How Sweet

    I feel like I have kitchen disasters every month, but my biggest was red velvet cake. It basically exploded in my oven.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Jessica- oh no! cleaning the oven must have been a biotch!

  46. Allison

    My worst kitchen disaster? A few years ago, while pitting an avocado while preparing to make a sushi roll for the blog, I stabbed myself with a knife in the palm of my hand. Bled like crazy. Son was freaking out more than I was… and he ended up having to roll the maki for me, because I couldn’t do it. Still have the scar. 😉

    And then there was the apple pie I ever cooked, that ended up looking more like a weird turkey than a pie… yeah, it was horrible. I don’t think it actually got eaten. It was years before I made another pie. (Even better are all the stage disasters I’ve had! … oh man, I’m such a basket case. ~_^)

    1. White on Rice Couple

      allison- holy crap, hope your hand has fully recovered and back to full function. How did the other pies turn out?

      1. Allison

        I’m completely fine now! There’s a little white scar in the middle of my palm, but no pain and I have full mobility/function back. All my pies since that first disaster have turned out looking as pies should, although I still haven’t tried baking another apple pie. I leave that to my mother, since she does them so well. 😉

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