See’s Candies Giveaway Winner

Chocolate FundraisersIt’s time to announce the winner of See’s Candies Giveaway! Thank you to everyone who left such endearing comments.  You’re clever turns of phrase and witty humor made picking a winner incredible difficult for the kind folks at See’s Candies. At first the comments were all so wonderful, that the people at See’s were stammering at the task of choosing the “worthiest” comment for a winner.  But they tightened their belts, pulled out the hankies, buckled down and chose a winner for this giveaway.

In the torturous style of beauty pageants around the world, rather than just saying who won, we though we’d share with you those who were so close to bringing home the prize, yet are going to be left sobbing and empty with nothing but their pride to hold on to.

And the runner-ups are (who will unfortunately not be receiving anything except applause);

Comment #17 Lesley!

“Dear Mrs. See’s, I would buy as many scotchmallows as I could. The individual pieces and not the bar because the individual pieces are covered in dark chocolate (yum!) and the bars are milk. In the days before my boyfriend — before he was my boyfriend — was dating, it was Christmas and his office had a 10 lb box of See’s chocolate. I told him my favorites were the scotchmallows and that I could always tell which pieces in a mixed box they were because they were perfectly round dark chocolate cylinders. The next time I saw him, he handed me a disposable coffee cup, filled with scotchmallows. He had rifled through the whole box for me!


You brought warm feelings to their hearts, Lesley.  Ahh the things we do to woo!  Such a great story.  Thanks for sharing.

Comment #24 Rebecca

Dear Mrs. See’s,

I would like to say that I would order a custom mix made up entirely of dark chocolate so that I could hide in the bathroom (as it is the only room in my house with a locking door that works right now) and eat it all myself. Unfortunately, Mommy guilt compels me to scrap that idea and say that I would order a 1# custom mix of few enough varieties that each of my five sons, myself and my husband would get to do a ‘chocolate tasting’ together on Valentine’s Day and then I’d probably get some of the mini toffees or peanut brittle bars to stuff in my apron pockets. THEN I would hide in the bathroom behind a locked door with the toffee and a hot cup of tea and I wouldn’t feel the teensiest bit bad about it. Maybe.

Thank you for doing what you do!

The mom-guilt trip thing had them swooning.  The selfless act of choosing sweets the whole family would enjoy brought back memories of their moms (or maybe it was the memories of their moms hiding from them in the bathroom.  Not completely sure!)  Great comment, Rebecca.  Print it out and leave it on the fridge.  Maybe they’ll get the hint by Mother’s Day!

Chocolate FundraisersOk, everyone!  Enough torture for today.  The winner of the See’s Candies $25 Gift Certificate is…..

Comment #18 Jason!

Congratulations! Jason, when you have time, just send us an email to td at whiteonricecouple dot com with your address, and we’ll pass that on to Mama See’s.  She’ll then be sending you your ticket to tastiness in no time.  Thanks again everyone for participating.  The people at See’s would love to hear your feedback on what you think of the giveaways, so leave a comment and they’ll see it.

Don’t forget to check out their chocolate fundraisers!

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  1. Noreen

    I was really hoped I would win 🙂
    See’s if you want to send me some candy I can do a review or giveaway on my blog. I really do love See’s. My girls were so excited when the little booth became a real store at our local mall. I still remmeber the first box of see’s that was just for me. My uncle (the one that sent my Mom chocolate eventhough she is allergic lol) sent each of us girls a box with three truffles in it. I made those truffles last over a week!!

  2. Lesley

    Thanks for sharing my story!

  3. Rebecca (Foodie With Family)

    Sobbing and empty? Yes. So close, yet so far away. Le Sigh.

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