Sharing The Love #2 -Roasted Gold Potatoes with Rosemary- “Gold Coins”

Purely potatoes- that’s been our breakfast craving for the past few days . Last week was about satisfying our yearnings for protein rich poached eggs, now it’s a yearning for these addicting roasted potatoes. Finding gold potatoes in two and five pound bags at our market (is that a good or bad thing?), a garden full of fresh rosemary and a quick, oven roasted recipe makes our breakfast simple, satisfying, inexpensive and fast! Even better, we’re still in the Chinese New Year mental state of mind with all things Red Rice and gold, so we’re extending our New Years spirit to calling this dish our lucky “Gold Coins”.

roasted potatoes recipe

These roasted potatoes started out as a quick, high calorie, carbo loaded, late night snack (we love late night indulgence), but they proved to an even better and healthier breakfast potato dish. Why are they better for breakfast? Because we eat them with Todd’s perfect, velvety cappuccino! Eaten alone, or as a side dish to breakfast eggs or a dinner main dish, these creamy, gold potatoes just melt in your mouth. Adding rosemary gives a that extra herb flavor that seems to always pair so perfectly with potatoes. Dipping is must for these potatoes too and we’ll flip flop from ketchup to crème fraîche. When we want to keep it simple, a good bowl of Heinz will do just fine, but when we’re feelin’ fancy, crème fraîche is a nice, cool and creamy accompaniment.

roasted potatoes recipe

Using other potatoes work just as well too, but you’ll have to re-name the dish, although the new name probably won’t bring you potential fortune like the gold potatoes may (when we win the lottery, you’ll know why). As long as there’s rosemary in the dish, any humble potato can be transformed into a elegant super-star dish. You can roast them quickly to keep them really soft and creamy, or roast them a little longer to get that desired crusty, like having a round french fry. Hey, there’s another name…Roasted Rosemary Potato Round’s!

Need Some Fresh Rosemary? -“Sharing The Love”

We don’t mean to gloating too much about our rosemary bushes (yes, those are our bushes in the picture) especially to our cold climate blogging buddies, but they are HUGE! Always having to cut them back because they grow like weeds, it feels so wasteful to toss them out when we know there’s so many of you out there who could be creating some terrific dishes out there! So, far all you freezing friends who don’t have access to any fresh rosemary this time of year, we’ll SHARE THE LOVE here and send it to you if needed. We just want to offer this because you’ve gotta have the fresh rosemary on this dish, it makes all the difference! The scent of the fresh rosemary will keep you healthy, happy and warm in your frigidly cold world. Brrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

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Roasted Rosemary Gold Potatoes Recipe

This is super simple, yet exquisitely tasty. Have it for breakfast, as a side for dinner, or use them as a topping for pizza along with a BBQ sauce or tomato sauce and cheese. If you can’t get parchment paper, it is fine to use a Silpat or roast the potatoes straight on the baking sheet, but the texture always comes out best on the parchment paper. It will be worth it to hunt some down.

2 lbs Baby Gold Potatoes
3 T Olive Oil
1 T Fresh Rosemary, finely chopped
Freshly ground black pepper
Sea Salt or Kosher Salt
Optional:crème fraîche (sour cream works, as well)
2 twigs fresh rosemary

pre-heat oven on Roast to 425º Convection or 450º Regular Roast

1. Scrub, dry, and slice potatoes into 1/4″ coins (try to have the potatoes sliced consistent in thickness so they will all roast evenly). Toss with olive oil, chopped rosemary, a decent amount of fresh ground pepper, and season to taste with sea salt. Smack a slice against your tongue to judge the saltiness.

2. Spread potatoes out in uniform layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Toss the optional rosemary twigs in the residual oil from your bowl, then throw it on top of the potatoes. Slide the sheet pan laden with potatoes into the oven, then clean your workstation, have some coffee, or start working on another recipe.

3. After about 15 min., when the potatoes begin to brown on the bottom side (lift one up and give it a peek), flip all the little spuds over. Roast on! When the potatoes have reached a nice golden brown on both sides, @ another 10 min. of roasting, remove from oven. Take the optional rosemary twigs out and set aside for now. Pick up the parchment paper by the edges and slide the potatoes onto your serving dish. Serve with a side of crème fraîche. Take the twigs of rosemary you roasted and clean off the leaves from the stem. Sprinkle the roasted leaves over the top of the crème fraîche.

Evil Chef Mom’s – Fried Rosemary Tomato Pork Chop Recipe.... if this evil woman cooks this for her kids, can you imagine what she makes when she’s nice ?! 🙂

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  1. Sally cameron

    Yum, yum, yum, this makes me drool and want to head straight to the kitchen. I love potatoes, especially with rosemary. Such perfect partners. Thanks for the recipe and as always, beautiful photos. Your recipe also looks like the perfect accompaniment to roast beef tenderloin, so I linked to it!

  2. mikky

    simply beautiful…will definitely try this…thanks for sharing…

  3. Jesse

    Oh my GAWD, rosemary and potatoes… they’re a match made in kitchen heaven!! Mmm, looking at your wonderful pictures is making me crave potato-rosemary bread in the worst posible way o_O

  4. Pepy

    Love rosemary! I made for my focaccia bread that was the first time I fell in love with.

  5. White on Rice Couple

    Cork & Feast- We would prefer to leave them whole too, but when we’re short on time, cutting them smaller cooks faster. You’re welcome to come on over anytime for that cappuccino!

    Nicole- Hope you get your hands on some rosemary and have fun!

    Nags- Sweet potatoes sound tasty too! We’ll have to try that some time. Thanks!

  6. Nags

    I did something very similar with sweet potatoes. and Yes!! i am so J of your rosemary bush 🙂

  7. Nicole

    I’ve never really used rosemary in my cooking. I think I’ve allowed the intimidation of my naivity get in the way, but these pics make it look so bright and yummy, I’ve been inspired!
    That and, oh how much I can’t wait for Spring! (NYer)

  8. Cork & Feast

    Oh my! I see I’m late to the party, but nonetheless, we are also addicted to those wonderfully dainty gold potatoes as well, in fact I have some in the pantry right now. I usually leave mine whole, rub them with olive oil, sprinkle with coarse kosher salt (or sea salt) and add a touch of rosemary and a hint of fresh garlic. As they roast in the oven, they smell oh so delicious! So naturally I love this post!

    As usual, your photos are lovely. Think there’s anyway you could manage to send some of that velvety cappuccino my way?? Along with a few clippings from your rosemary bush?? I’d gladly take them both!

  9. White on Rice Couple

    AnneMarie- It’s OK (patting you on the back here), that’s why we here to help. If you need any rosemary, you know where we are. It ships well. 🙂

    Toni- Yes, we know exactly what you mean. A comforting breakfast for us includes a solid serving of starch somewhere (rice, noodles, oatmeal, bread or potatoes) and a good cappuccino,espresso or hot tea . After that, we good to go!

  10. Toni

    Wow! There’s a potato without egg thing going around! I just started eating sweet potatoes for breakfast! (I’ve got a Chinese patient who turned me on to that idea, and it just hit a spot — I think you know what I mean!) These look great! I’ve got 2 rosemary bushes that are doing great — potatoes for days!!!

  11. Annemarie

    Just discovering your blog after you stopped by mine, and what an absolute treasure trove! You are very lucky with your rosemary bushes, we’ve somehow killed off 3 while everyone around us moans about how their rosemary is like a weed it’s so full and fragrant. Sigh.

  12. White on Rice Couple

    Jen- I’ve seen Le Crueset dutch ovens at discount stores for about $100, but that’s still too much for me. I’m all for the Wal-mart $39 special! We have family in Chicago too and that’s why we don’t visit them this time of year!

    Nikki-Thanks, and the same to you for your equally beautiful feline photo’s ! Can’t wait to see more.

    Julie- Starch for breakfast is our staple. We’ll have fresh fruit too, but it’s the starch that sticks to the ribs and satisfies! We heard about your NYC snow (friends live in Manhattan). We can send you some rosemary to keep you warm if you want.

    FlaN- Hey B, your rosemary is on the way!

    Evil Chef Mom- Oohh, pork chops. That’s sounds like a another breakfast of champions- pork chops and potatoes!

    Cakelaw- yeah, ketchup is just the best! No matter what condiment dips we come up with for potatoes, there’s always a bowl of ketchup waiting for us.

    dhanggit- Happy hearts day to you too! We Love your Valentines post!

  13. dhanggit

    what a perfect combination to celebrate valentine’s day: potatoes and rosemary!! happy valentine’s day to both of you!! kisses

  14. Cakelaw

    These look and sound delish!!!! Love potatoes with ketchup, and I bet the rosemary makes them extra tasty. I’d love to be able to grow my own rosemary – but I don’t have a garden and I tend to kill plants!

  15. evil chef mom

    Those potatoes would have went so well with my pan fried rosemary tomato pork chops.

  16. FlaNBoyant Eats

    who doesn’t love rosemary with potatoes! i haven’t cooked that in such a long time but will consider it on one of my “off cuban dinner” days!
    thanks for bringing this to my attn. your garden looks soo good! won’t yo send me some! 🙂


  17. Julie

    Oooh, these are lovely, and would work really well with the little organic “Russian Banana” variety of gold potatoes I sometimes see at the market. But you know, I’m truly a fan of the protein/starch combo, and I think these taters would achieve perfection with the gorgeous poached eggs you mentioned perched on top, to cut in and let the runny yolk drip and mingle with the crusty, creamy spuds.

    I too am jealous of the rosemary bushes, since it snowed here in NYC yesterday and we’re supposed to get more tonight!

  18. nikkipolani

    Man, those are some beautiful looking spuds! I love the creaminess of Yukons. Great photo series 🙂

  19. kitchenette jen

    Those potatoes look sooo good…we are stuck here in the frozen tundra of Chicago with nothing but half-dead $3 rosemary in sight for at least three more months, so I am jealous! I hope you were able to find your Dutch oven – we were eying the Le Crueset as well (I would love to have the cute Caribbean blue one), but for over $200 cheaper, our red one is a more than acceptable substitute!

  20. White on Rice Couple

    Peter- Seeing your house covered in snow makes us want to dedicate this post especially to you! We recently drove 2 hours to go skiing, but it looks like that can be done right in your front yard!

    Lydia- Noodles is also our breakfast of choice to make us feel like champions. But sometimes we feel like a change for breakfast and save the slurping for lunch or dinner. What noodles do you eat for breakfast?

    Christine- With your creativity, I expect to be seeing a Viet inspired rosemary dish coming soon to your blog. If you’re in the area, swing by for a couple sprigs to take back to your frigid home!

    Pixie – Rosemary is a good herb to grow if you can only grow one. It’s hearty, easy to grow and very versatile. Rosemary also makes FANTASTIC arrangements and garnishes!

    MKIHC- You’re right about how much money we save when we grow our own rosemary. I saw some the other day (half dead) at the grocery store for $3…and that was for only 2 sprigs. Ouch!!

    Andrea- We do feel very lucky to be where we are, but there are some disadvantages to gardening too! We don’t get to grow any of the cold weather stuff successfully- like beautiful dogwood trees, apples, some stone fruits and more!

    Nam -Ceasar Beezer the Wonder Dog is just as lucky to be able to go to Micky D’s. We can’t take our huge monsters to places like that because they will scare people. That’s why we have to take them to the great outdoors where they can fit into place with the other wild animals!

  21. Nan

    I’m off to buy Yukons this morning – my mouth is watering. I love you blog – and Two Dog Blog is great fun! I just spent 10 minutes reading it to Caesar Beezer the Wonder Dog – he loved it as much as I did but now knows that he lives a much more inhibited life….his only trips are to McDonalds! Nan

  22. Andrea

    I have some serious garden envy! I only wish that I could get rosemary to grow as well as you, or anything else for that matter. How wonderful that you can take full advantage of the southern California climate and have such a beautiful edible garden. 🙂

  23. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Nothing beats rosemary potatoes. Great name. Yes, I love my rosemary bushes. We have a hedge of them in the front but the one I cut off for cooking is in the back closer to the kitchen door. While it makes me feel rich cutting my own (no trip to the grocery) I feel bad when we have to trim and just throw it away.

  24. Pixie

    You two rock! You’re both so kind and thoughtful. Rosemary is about the only herb I fortunately have growing. I so wish we had a garden of our own! Potatoes look beautiful and thank you for bookmarking me and leaving such a kind comment. I have done the same. 🙂

    P.S. You have great taste in music!

  25. Christine

    I didn’t try rosemary until college and I was like, what else have I been missing? I think fresh rosemary and new, gold potatoes are a match made in heaven. And yours, with a perfect golden crust on each coin is more than enticing! I am coveting your rosemary bushes too!

  26. Lydia

    What a perfect idea for breakfast — potatoes without the eggs! This might just be better than noodles, which is really my favorite breakfast food. There is something so satisfying about starch in the morning.

  27. Peter

    To the Dynamic Rice Duo…I just love rosemary and potatoes and the photos are teasing us with good weather to come.

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