Rambutans/Rhambutans “Chôm Chôm”


Fresh rambutans finally arrived at our local Viet fruit store and we grabbed a large bag to nibble on. These red, hairy, & thick skinned fruits have a sweet, soft, fleshy center. The center texture is just like a grape and the flavor isn’t too far from it. In the dead center of the rambutan, the seed is small is almond shaped. We saved a few to photograph, but didn’t get to it right away. Oops! So what you see here are rhambutans with the hairs that are “not so fresh”. Usually, this particular variety of rambtuans have hairs that are the same color of the skin.


Very unique looking, these rhambutans are sometimes confused with fresh lychee’s. Lychee’s have smoother, scaly looking skin, while rhambutans have the hooked hairs. They are eaten in the same peeled way, and lychee’s normally are a little more juicy and watery. Both are delish and when we’re working on a rhambutan cocktail. We’re looking forward to this blending fresh rhambutans with spirits!

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