Pomegranate power!

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Our pomegranate trees are exploding, literally. This huge, red headed beast couldn’t contain itself anymore and started cracking at the seams.

They’re gorgeous, sweet and ready to make it’s way into the kitchen. We’ve got some fabulous cocktails, sauces and dishes planned for this plump puppy. So for all you warm weather gardeners, all we want to say is —–grow pomegranate trees!



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  1. White on Rice Couple

    thanks everyone for the kind comments! LOVE the steroid comment by Krysta! hahah!

  2. Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food.

    Oh ny god! They are so big and juicy and the seeds look so plump! yeah, nothing compared to store-bought.

  3. The Italian Dish

    As usual, stunning. . .

  4. krysta

    that pomegranate needs to be tested for steriods. good lord!

  5. Rebecca (Foodie with Family)

    Oh sweet crappy pappy that makes me hungry.

  6. alice

    Beautiful and stunning shots!

  7. Helen-Tartelette

    OMG!!! These are monstruous in perfection!

  8. Zoë François

    Those photos make me want to weep, in a good way! Stunning!

  9. Kelsey/TheNaptimeChef

    Your photography is simply gorgeous! If you ever come to NYC let me know, would love to see you again!

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