Merci-Handmade Vintage Satchel Giveaway

Merci Vintage Handmade Satchels on White On Rice Couple

This giveaway has ended. Thank you everyone who commented. Please scroll below to see the winners.

I love curating, collecting and shopping. And I love finding handmade or one of a kind pieces to giveaway on our blog. I purchase these treasures myself, so my little giveaways are never sponsored. If anything was ever sponsored, you, my readers, would be the first to know. If this post really needed a disclosure, then this is it.

Last week Todd and I ventured out to Austin, Texas again to speak at a conference. This year it was the BlogHer Food 2013 conference where we gave a presentation on mobile photography. As always, we had a blast meeting some super fine folks in this blogging community and best of all, we were able to talk about mobile photography, a topic we are totally enamored with. It’s always nice to not talk about technical gear and just get down to the basics of shooting on a mobile phone where light-composition-and timing rule supreme!

As we do on most of our work or travel trips, Todd and I, EAT. Every minute of the day, we’re planning our next meal and in our case, our next five meals. It always is more fun when we have the most awesome “Good-Eater-Crew”, where it’s a gathering of some really food fixated folks who can eat up a storm with us and plan five meals in a day. Our crew this year was Rachel, Jill and Kelly, all of whom are daring eaters with bottomless pits! More of these food adventures to come, promise.

Aside from all the wonderful local Austin food and meet-ups, we managed to escape for a few hours and head out prop shopping at antique malls and along South Congress. I found some gorgeous vintage platters at the huge Austin Antique Mall and was thrilled to be able to fit them all into my and Todd’s (he’s a great guy!) carry-on bags. They arrived home without a dent, scratch nor crack. And I didn’t spend a cent for shipping them. I’m so excited to use these platters in my next photo shoots.

Another great find were come cool handmade stalls along South Congress street where one of a kind handmade pieces were for sale. On Sunday, artist Barbara Pate from Merci-Handmade Vintage had set up a little tent with her very cool handmade satchels. I loved the colors, textures and attention to detail on each of her one-of-a-kind bags. Visit her facebook page to see all her latest textile satchel designs and here’s her website.

Barbara has such a beautiful earthy and vintage aesthetic to her collection, it was hard for me not to want to pick up every single piece. But what I did manage to snatch up were these super cute little satchels that are all handmade by Barbara and best of all, all the materials she sources are eco-friendly and “green”. So I immediately was drawn to her designs and artisan made satchels.

I picked up a few and want to share two of these satchels with you all on the blog today! Two winners will each win a satchel.



The satchels are made from a soft, textured fabric and the knotted handles are made of soft leather.Merci Vintage Handmade Satchels on White On Rice Couple

They’re perfect for holding a small wallet, phone, and essential lip gloss.

Merci Vintage Handmade Satchels on White On Rice Couple

This one is lighter, with a delicate checkered design.

Merci Vintage Handmade Satchels on White On Rice Couple

This one is a nice earthy brown color that matches with everything.

Merci Vintage Handmade Satchels on White On Rice Couple

Here are the Satchel Giveaway Details:

  • I’ll pick two winner via random generator. Each winner will get one satchel.
  • Giveaway only available to folks living in the continental United States.
  • Just leave a comment below and tell me what you’d hold in the satchel!
  • You are welcome to have another entry if you want to Tweet or Facebook the giveaway. Just leave the link in another comment.
  • Giveaway ends Sunday June 23, 2013 at midnight pst. Check back here for the winner on Monday June 24th.
  • and let’s always support our small business folks!

Thanks to Twitter for helping be our random number generator. Congrats to comment winners #13 Lily Sheng and #34 Chandi !

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  1. Laura @ Family Spice

    How cool is that?! Hmm… I’d hold my keys, cell, driver’s license, cash. But knowing my 7 year old daughter, she’ll steal it, add some bling to it and walk around with her notepad, lip gloss and whatever else she can stuff inside that cute bag!

  2. Laura

    I posted yesterday, but do not see it today… Try again. I think these satchels are adorable and think you are super cool for giving them away! Thanks. I would give it to my daughter, who says she would carry her sketch book and pencils in it.

  3. Elizabeth Fitzmaurice

    I posted to my Facebook this awesome Giveaway:

  4. Elizabeth Fitzmaurice

    How cute are those! I’d use one for however much I could carry in it ~ my keys, phone, cigarettes, cash, lipstick! Thanks for Giveaway.

  5. Laura

    I love the look of these! I think y’all are super cool for giving one away… I think I would put my sketchbook and pencils in it. It looks just about the right size for one.

  6. Su Yee

    Oh…how cute!.. 🙂 Love a good find.. Happy Summer’s Day! :):)

  7. Grace
  8. Grace

    Love these satchels! I’d keep my sunglasses and Baby Lips lip balm in it, and let’s be real — probably some sort of snack 🙂

  9. barbara n

    This satchel would be great when I want my hands free at the store and only need to carry my keys, wallet and phone

  10. tk

    cell phone, lip balm, and a mini notebook!

  11. Allison

    They’d make perfect containers for things like jewelry and other small gifts!

  12. Jeanine

    Lovely giveaway! I often go for long walks and bring my keys, some cash/cards just in case, and sometimes my phone (often I just want to disconnect so I don’t). This looks like the perfect size for that.

  13. Susan

    It’s the perfect size for a small bible and tracts!


    My wallet,phone,hand sanitizer,rosary.
    Love your site.

  15. erin

    I would gift this to my mom. She loves unique purses!!

  16. Eileen Thai

    Todd and Diance,
    Your blog is awesome. Love your stories, videos and photos!
    And you guys are so generous. The lovely sachel would be perfect for my keys, wallet and phone.

  17. Elizabeth

    How funny. I always carry a tiny purse, just not this pretty. The brown one is gorgeous.

    I travel with my phone, a pen, a lip gloss or pencil, and a card case. My car key if I’m driving.

  18. Dyepotgirl

    Those are really cute! What would I put in one… Hmmm…. Well I would have to put my phone, and a tiny drop spindle and some fiber for spinning on the go!

  19. Amy Tong
  20. Amy Tong

    These sachels are truly beautiful. I love them both. I would use them for my phone and car key. I think they are the perfect size.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  21. Mary

    Just my keys, credit card iphone and tissue. They are just the right size!

  22. elaine

    I am always taking walks during my lunch break at work and usually have to stop at my car to pick up my tennis shoes. I always need my glasses, sunglasses and my keys with me and my purse is too big to sling for a walk, so I would take that cute little bag with me to put my necessities for a stylish walk!

  23. Lisping

    Like any true Southern girl, all I really need is a debit card and my lip gloss. With such a cute little bag, I could also add a little mad money. These are adorable!

  24. Chris

    These satchels are adorable! I’d carry a wallet, phone, keys and oil blotting papers. Keeping it real 🙂 Hugs!

  25. Holly

    I would carry my cash and keys when I go to the farmer’s market or out about town. It would be great for travel since it would keep things close to the body and within sight.

  26. Kirsten Coenen

    I’d keep it simple! My phone and some cash.

  27. Jen P

    Keys, license, money, and lip balm!

  28. Diana

    Just all the small things I consider important…cell phone, debit card, lipstick. I won’t overstuff
    the purse, like I usually do. Don’t want to dig down for every thing.

  29. Rosie W.

    I would put sunblock, lip balm, phone, keys in one of these sweet little summer satchels.

  30. Suzanne

    What lovely satchels! My essentials are: cash, credit card, keys, phone, and Burt’s.

  31. Kristie V

    As always, credit card, health card, driver’s license, phone and chapstick. Perfect size for an active day!

  32. Kurtis Chin

    I love these…ummm, my wife would love these!
    Lets see…my wife would carry MY chapstick, MY sunglasses, MY chewing gum…and my fake ID!

    I really do love these…simple, great design!

  33. Erica

    It’ll be perfect for a cell phone, my tiny wallet and a lip gloss that I can’t live with out! Of course keys

  34. sarah k
  35. sarah k

    I would carry my phone some cash and lip balm.

  36. Kelley @ Rustic Six

    these satchels are so lovely! they’d would be perfect to hold/carry my business cards!

  37. Merrilee

    What dear little carry-alls! Perfect for a run to the movies or the gym!

  38. gina guthrie

    So cute. Id put my phone, keys, and makeup bag.

  39. terri

    this would be perfect for holding the essentials (wallet, phone, keys) on those occasions when i can’t just shove everything in the pockets of my jeans 🙂

  40. Donna Minick

    Looks perfect for my walks with Ginger across the park to Starbucks: my Starbucks card and a little cash in case my card is low on credit, cell phone, doggie treats, and, of course, a few poop bags.

  41. Kay

    Phone and credit card – car keys!

  42. Rachael

    I would stash a Kit’s organic bar by Cliff Bar so I am prepared for when hunger strikes while I am out and about. No one likes when I get Hangry!

  43. Carrie

    I love these – they are absolutely perfect! I’d carry my wallet, flower hair clip and summer weight lip color and I’d be ready for day or night.

  44. Sue

    They are adorable!! It would be the perfect size to carry with me to the farmers markets. All I need for that is my cash, keys and phone (to call hubby to come out and help carry all of my goodies!)

  45. Inga

    These satchels are the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance – love them! I would keep my pocket-sized field journal for photography & diary notes, my Fisher Space Pen, as well as some lip balm and my phone. The perfect size for daily necessities! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  46. Kim

    perfect for my phone, lipgloss, and sunglasses!!

  47. Evelyn R

    I think my 13 year old daughter would love this for her iPod touch and lip gloss

  48. Zan Caperton

    perfect for phone, lippie, compact and credit cards then off to shop.

  49. Philby

    Wallet phone and my lip balm!

  50. Emma

    I would use the satchel to hold my phone, a larabar, my wallet, keys, and of course an extra bikini. It’s summer! You never know when you’re going to have to make a short beach excursion.

  51. Alvina

    It would hold my purse things! Wallet, cell phone, keys, chapstick, etc. 🙂

  52. Susan in Seattle

    If I were to win one of these gorgeous bags, it would be my ‘going out’ bag and would hold my bare necessities for the night; phone, credit card, keys and lip goo.

  53. Local Forkful

    Oh! Maaan. These satchels have my wife’s name all over them. And that would definitely mark one thing off the birthday shopping list. Check.

  54. Chandi

    This is all I ever carry I like going light; iPhone, wallet,keys. Thank you these are beautiful.

  55. Suzannek

    Looks to be the perfect size for my phone, lip gloss and of course..doggy snacks….
    got to keep those on hand

  56. Josette

    These are so cute!
    Perfect for phone, ID, and lip balm.

  57. Kate

    I’d put all my little knitting notions in it with my phone and chapstick so I would be all set for summer traveling! Such lovely little bags!

  58. Wendy Klicko

    I would give to my 12 year old daughter for her lip gloss, library card and newly earned babysitting money!

  59. Cellabella

    I’d put my change purse, phone, and candy in my satchel!

  60. Madeline

    The satchels are so lovely! I’d put my wallet, phone, and keys in mine 🙂

  61. Carol Dirner

    I would keep my phone, keys, and pitch pipe (I am an a cappella singer and always carry a pitch pipe just in case my quartet is inspired to sing).

    Adorable little bags and I’d love one.

  62. Nikita

    My very essential stuff –
    1. Comb
    2. Little wallet with credit cards.
    3. little hair clip
    4. Little diary with all emergency contacts

    BTW, I love both the satchels but the light checkered one is a delight.

  63. Christi Nielsen

    They are so cute! It looks like it just might be big enough to carry my new Fuji x100s that is being delivered on Thursday! Yay! If not, then cell phone, metro TAP card, and Burt’s Bees. =D

  64. Melissa
  65. Carol

    Perfect for my beloved little Canon Elph 500 HS, lipstick and atm card and phone! Won’t go anywhere without these four essentials! Love your talent, attention to the beautiful details and photography.

  66. Melissa

    Hmmm, looks like the perfect size to hold “feminine” things 🙂

  67. Dana

    They are totally cute! I hold the usual stuff… phone, atm card and membership cards to the SDZoo, Mission San Juan, Scripps Aquarium. I hope I win because I am taking my nephews next week to all of these places!

  68. Karin

    Living with a dog, you always need “poop bags”, which come in ugly colors. I would hide them in these beautiful satchels, tie it around the leather leash or around his collar. Thy would fit my dog’s earth tone coat.
    People would say, “what a beautiful shepherd, looks like he is going shopping”.

  69. Tom M.

    These will make for a lovely gift for the lady in my life. I’m sure she would carry her mobile phone and some cash for new items to keep in her new satchel.

  70. Judi

    I love to ride my motorcycle during the Summer here in The Berkshires. I always need a place to put my Chapstick, gum and mini camera. They are adorable!

  71. Toni

    found treasures of the beachy kind 🙂

    1. Carrie R

      These are gorgeous. I’d carry a diaper, wipes, lipstick, phone, and goldfish in mine.

  72. Claire

    Treats for my dog, and my phone, perfect!

  73. Lisa

    These are gorgeous! Great for holding just the essentials; lip balm, mints, and a magic wallet.

  74. Lily Sheng

    How beautiful! I’ll use it to hold my lip balm, wallet, and iPhone!

  75. Rachael (Fuji Mama)

    So cute!! I’d put keys, phone, a small case with all necessary cards, lipgloss, and a chocolate bar (because I don’t travel without one) in it!

  76. Sara

    I love a cute bag, and these are adorable!

    I think I’d use one to hold my travel sketchbook and a few of my favorite pens – they’re always getting lost in my purse. I think they deserve a nice bag of their own, and it would be great to have one bag with all of my travel sketching supplies together.

  77. sharb

    My diabetic meter, lip balm and credit card. Just the right size!

  78. Marcia

    These are adorable! I live in NYC and commute to work on the subway. These would be perfect for holding my metrocard, phone, keys and ATM card in my larger bag. I’m constantly searching for those things and this would completely organize me!!

  79. Lauren

    You are so sweet for sharing this cute find! I would put in my phone, a little bit of spending money, and a snack. I always find myself in need of something to munch on when I am out exploring the city.

  80. Urban Wife

    What a lovely satchel! I’m all about supporting local businesses. I would probably have a pacifier (for baby), lip gloss (me) and my id/phone in the satchel.

    p.s. I love our city, Austin. Isn’t is just fabulous?!

  81. Jessie

    Looks just the right size for a phone a few cards and a granola bar or two if I’m in the mood to share…

  82. Neonmoon10

    My phone. Lipstick. Lotion. Too much, I’m sure.

  83. Ladywild

    Just my wallet and my phone

  84. Dawn

    Whenever I go clothes shopping, I always put a budgeted amount in a separate coin purse (which came free with a bottle of whiskey) to ensure I don’t spend too much:) These look much classier.

  85. Tamera

    They’re so cute! What would I stash in one? Hmmmm… a tiny square notepad that I bought in Costa Rica in January, my Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm that I can’t live without, my Android, whatever jewelry I happen to be wearing that I am continually putting on and taking off, the stumpy little pencil that we accidentally brought home from the mini-golf course last week, an emergency cough drop, my drivers license, some cash, and some business cards. I think that would pretty much fill it up :^)

  86. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    They are adorable and awesome! Great find! And those platters sound like a wonderful find, too!

    With the satchels, I’d give it to my 6 year old. She would love love love to stash her little goodies in something so cute like this!

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