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“The morning was cold and miserable until she walked in…”

As much as we love eating from our garden and buying from local farmers, there are some things which allow us to savor and appreciate how wonderful it is that our current world has become so global. Fresh mangosteens it one of them.

Here in So Cal, more specifically in Little Saigon, we are lucky to have phenomenal fruit vendors scouring the the world to bring their homeland’s fruit to our little corner. We know we are getting close to the store when a high, rhythmic woman’s voice can be heard hawking her store’s fruit.

The rat-a-tat of Vietnamese with the last sound trailing off and extending into infinite. It is a sound that make me happy, no matter how crotchety I am feeling that day. Before we even enter the store, the beautiful fragrance of fresh tropical fruit, jackfruit, rhambutans, star fruit, papaya, mangosteen, yes even the aromatic durian all intoxicate the senses.



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