Making room for wood burning oven!

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Todd’s trimming our beloved hedge (wimper), but it’s for a good reason. We’re making room for a wood burning oven!

We finally found a great spot in the garden to construct this brick monster. The oven will be constructed from scratch: brick, cement, and re-bar, with our own two hands (forget the manicures). Very soon, we’ll be making some bad ass pizza’s in the backyard! We’ll also be taking lots of photographs to show you step-by-step how we build it.

And to all our party people, you know what that means in Summer time, right? šŸ˜€


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  1. Tamar

    We’ll have to compare notes! We just dug the hole that’s the beginning of our oven. We’re not doing brick and rebar — it’s stone and clay. When we’re all done, let’s have a coast-to-coast pizza party.

  2. Leah

    I want to help! So excited about the wood burning oven. Miss you.

  3. Lucy Lean

    Let me know if you need help – Little Red Hen and all that – I have been known to build glass brick walls 9 months pregnant!

  4. barbara

    The one thing I hate about apartment living is not being able to have a wood burning oven. I wonder if I could convince the body corporate to put one in. In an apartment building with several older single people it would contribute to a more caring and sharing community.

  5. Sharon Scott

    What a project and good luck! I worked on a team of 4 culinary students and a certified Master Baker when I was a student at Kendall College and it took us 4 long, days to complete.

    It’s worth it though! Best of luck!

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