Kingsford University- New Sure Fire II briquettes

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Ananth Shenoy, of Kingsford demonstrates their new re-designed charcoal line

I’ve just had a charcoal re-birth. For years now I’ve only used lump charcoal. Call me a charcoal snob if you like, but the stuff is good. It’s a bit unpredictable with all of the random sizes and different heat the char will throw off, however that it the beautiful poetry behind using it. Most importantly, anything that gives such great flavor is worth studying and learning the nuances of using.


However, over the last couple days we have been the guests of Kingsford Charcoal and have listened to their pitches and their excitement over their re-designed charcoal, and I have to say that I am impressed. This year’s Thanksgiving turkey might have to be slow cooked using the new goods in the blue bag.



kingsford 3

More photographs from our days at Kingsford University:


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