Kimchee crazy!!

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We’re making more homemade kimchee gifts for tomorrow’s dinner party guests. In the WORC household every single guest needs to leave with more food to take home, it’s a family rule. No one leaves with an empty stomach, nor with empty hands.

Everything is in the salting stage right now ( cabbage, radish, radish tops, leeks, chives, green onions) and the homemade kimchi paste is finished. Gotta be patient for the good stuff!

below- pictures of our last batch of 6 jars. We might go for 10 jars today!



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  1. KSam

    Need the recipe!! 🙂

  2. Hoangdan Williams

    Wish I was part of your family! But I’ll be happy with the recipe : )

  3. Dawn in CA

    Recipe, please? 🙂

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Dawn- oh yes! definitely we’ll be posting the recipe and steps soon. Can’t promise when we’ll do it, but we sure will!

  4. MyLastBite


  5. Rose

    Awesome! We LOVE kimchi! Can’t wait to see your recipes 🙂

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