Help to feed the hungry by Voting with Good Bite


For those of you that have been following our involvement with Good Bite, you already know that Todd and I have shared some of our favorite recipes alongside many more of our awesome blogging friends.

The tireless producers at Good Bite have now invited some fabulous new faces to the Good Bite blogger crew to join forces with Quaker oats in a campaign to help feed the hungry.

Good Bite is kicking off a challenge sponsored by Quaker Instant Oatmeal that begins today and will continue over the next few weeks. The challenge is called the “Awaken Your Senses”  Challenge and twelve bloggers have been asked to participate. I’m honored to be a part of this blogger team and I’m asking for your vote!

Twelve bloggers were asked to share our favorite food memories and I’m certain readers from all around the world can probably relate to a few, if not all of our stories. Our memories will be brought to life by the handsome David Lawrence, who will translate them into an Oatmeal Creation using Quaker Instant Oatmeal and a variety of toppings.

Every two weeks, a new round of videos will be posted where you can vote for your favorite. Then within each round, semifinalists will be selected. The final winner will have $10,000 donated to their chosen food charity.

My video will be featured in the third round and if my video/memory/topping wins, then Children International will receive $10,000!

Children International is a humanitarian organization as well as a non-profit childrens organization dedicated to feeding, sheltering and educating the world’s children.

I’ll be posting my video with my favorite food memory soon and when I do, I’m hoping that you will get involved and vote to help my charity for the Awaken Your Senses Challenge!

Please come see the introduction video that explains the charity event! -Video about the Awaken Your Senses Challenge! I can’t wait for David to share what Quaker Oats topping he created from my memory.

Do you make your own oatmeal topping too? Please share it, because I’m always looking for new ideas for Quaker Instant Oatmeal!

Thanks everyone !

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  1. emy

    I love Quaker oatmeal and over the years I’ve tried different toppings on mine.
    Since milk does not always agree with me, I only use small amount of it.
    Here are my toppings:
    > honey and cantaloupe
    > homemade butterscotch sauce with pecan pieces
    > macapuno strings( sweetened young coconut) and pieces of jackfruit
    >tapioca balls with caramel sauce
    >cream brulee or leche flan with kiwi
    >sweet potato glazed with brown sugar and molasses( I buy these in Mexican bakery or market)
    >the weirdest of all…can be eaten anytime of the day….do not put milk…
    pork or beef jerky from Manila, Eng Bee Tin brand..not too salty,not too hard

    I truly enjoy this food blog.Your recipes are great,photography awesome,stories are
    entertaining and you take us to different places and share your experiences. You
    are so giving.

    Diane and Todd…thank you so much!!! God Bless.

  2. Matt

    I enjoy dried fruits like cherries. When cherries are fresh in season, I pit them and add them to my oatmeal too. I like steal-cut Irish oatmeal more than rolled oatmeal though.

  3. gloria

    Excellent in so many healthy ways. Adding walnuts and dried cranberries with honey and milk. Yum, Yum healthy!

  4. Jessica Lee Binder

    I know most people put sweet toppings on oatmeal but I always lightly fry an egg and let the yolk run over the oatmeal. It’s one of my favorite winter breakfasts. Good luck. Can’t wait to see the video.

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