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Cute kids, huh? Yes, they sure are adorable, but wish we could say the same about their Grandmother. ( These clients don’t know that we have a blog and it’s a good thing! )

How did we get such big happy faces from them? A big, fat, fake lollipop prop saved the day. The kids never saw such a huge piece of candy before and they did almost anything for the fake treat. Can’t you tell with that tongue hanging out? Tease them with something fake for the money shot, then hand them a tiny tootsie roll lollipop. We’re such liars!

That’s how we get that money shot and send grumpy Grandma the invoice!

Shooting kids Tip: Most kids are cautious about a stranger with a big camera. If you don’t connect to the kid, they squeal with fear. If you are too hyper, you’ll scare the shit out of them. It’s about balance of energy. Be happy and energetic but just enough to balance out the personality of the child you’re photographing. And lastly, bribe them with candy. It ALWAYS helps.


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  1. Connie C

    Keep the picture and gift it to them when they’re 21. Will they still like you then? Hmmm. just a thought. Nice shot though, and I am jealous.

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