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We’re so glad it’s Friday. Happy to have all the dishes at the studio washed, put away and props in somewhat proper order. Do you ever feel like this by the time Friday arrives? At the end of each photo shoot, it feels like a Friday. Whew. But that also means frequent wrap parties, and time for a round of cocktails for everyone. So with the incentive of having a few rounds of Fridays within a week, it’s a nice perk to keep us going. 

Because of some hectic travel and work schedules, we’ve been holding some new news aside. At the same time, working out some kinks on the technical side of some new blog features that we had implanted back in May. Yes, it was that long ago that we had some new blog updates. But you probably didn’t notice because they’re hidden within the blog.

Now let’s talk about all this new stuff… 

Great.Ly is the first fun news. It’s a cool new site founded by Sarah Brynden-Brown, one of the most amazing, talented and kindest creatives we know. Great.Ly all about shopping and selling handmade, one of a kind products made by awesome designers and artists around the country! 

The Great.Ly community is for collectors who love buying and supporting small batch, handmade products. It’s also a fabulous platform for those of you who make your own stuff and want to sell it to like-mined folks who care and value special pieces made with heart and love. We love communities like this that allow us to support and buy from local artisans. Actually, we’re nuts about it. 

There’s something for everyone over at Great.Ly. If you want to be a Tastemaker and curate a collection of your favorite products and open a boutique, Great.Ly is for you. You can earn some commission too and use that to go shopping more around Great.Ly! The fun never ends. If you’re a Maker who wants to sell your products, here’s a happy home for you too. Or if you just found something super unique you want to share for that someone special or or the holidays, you can just be a Shopper

We curated a little boutique too that you can visit here. In our collections are some super gorgeous handmade ceramic pieces :

Ceramic Handmade Dishes on @whiteonrice from Great.Ly 

We’ve curated a couple different collections, but our favorite always has to do with Kitchen & Tableware pieces

Handmade Artisan Products on Great.ly story on @whiteonrice

Take some time this weekend and head on over to Great.Ly and find out more about this fabulous community. Best of all, you can start saving all your favorite finds for the holiday, which are around the corner. Isn’t that a scary thought? Christmas around the corner?!

Next up “Shop This Story” Feature: We wanted an easier way to help answer all the emails, messages and questions readers have about our blog recipes and stories: 

“Where did you get that plate?” 

“I love that glass you used in the recipe post, where did you buy it from?” 

“What brand of fish sauce do you recommend?” 

“Can you tell me what olive oil you used in the recipe?” 

“That linen is lovely. Can you share where you bought it from?” 

And the list of questions continue. So to help answer some of those pondering questions regarding specific products, ingredients or items you see in our blog images or products we talk about in the posts, we created a feature to help answer those questions. 

On the blog we now have a brand new feature: “Shop The Story”, which will appear at the end of blog posts that highlight products relevant to the recipe story. 

We try our best to highlight the products or ingredients or basically anything relevant to the blog story or recipe story. That way, you can see the cookbook we’re referring to or once that has similar recipes, specific tools we used, linens, plates, props, sauces, etc …..you name it, we’ll try to highlight it in the “Shop The Story”. From there, you can shop your heart out and see more of the products we used. We haven’t been able to catch up on all the older posts, but we’re working on it! Give us another 14 months to finish it all. 🙂 

Remember Diane’s Vietnamese Fried Chicken Recipe ? Folks are always asking about what brand of fish sauce we use. Now you see it! 

Easier browsing and search for all our recipes

Our new “All Stories” tab on the main menu bar now shows all our current recipes and blog posts in an easy to browse “infinite scroll” feature. You don’t have to keep clicking anymore to see previous posts. The page will allow you to infinitely scroll to through all our posts easily and quickly.

This “infinite scroll” feature is now available on all our Category Pages, as well as our single Ingredient Tag Links. All these can be found on our Recipe Archive page

 Searching for our recipes on the blog is now kinda like scrolling on Pinterest! And speaking of Pinterest, you can follow us there as @WhiteOnRice to see our favorite collections of recipes, home, garden and travel inspiration. 

Food Photography and Food Styling Workshop in October: 

Thanks for all your incredible enthusiasm for wanting to learn more about food photography & styling. Our September workshop sold out so quick, so we added another date: October 4-5, 2014. This will be our last workshop for the year, so you can still sign up over here on our food photography workshop page. 

Whew. That was epic, thanks for listening guys, you’re the best. We’re excited to finally share with you some of our latest fun finds and blog updates. Fall is around the corner and we’re ready for all the new changes and more craziness around the corner. Stay tuned, we’re not finished yet! 

Have a great weekend, 

diane and todd

P.S. This post has some affiliate links that earn us some commission to help support the maintenance of this website. Thanks for the support guys! and gals! 


Shop This Story:

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  1. Steve @coolcathotfood

    All good news and great features for the blog. I especially like the “Shop This Story” idea. Makes it so easy for us, and easier for you guys as well I would imagine.

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