Copper Well of Chocolate

strawberries dipped in chocolate

Chunks of chocolate, transformed into a river of dark decadence, kissed with Kahlua, then flowing freely from a copper bowl, unto a bed of plump, ripe, red strawberries…

strawberries dipped in chocolate

This is the vision we had in mind for Jai and Bee’s March Click photography event over at Jugalbandi. If you have yet to visit their blog home, you’ll be whisked away to an amazing adventure of fabulous vegetarian foods, photography, travel, gardening and wisdom. We always feel smarter, healthier and wiser when we leave their site. This month’s theme is “Show Us Your Metal” and we certainly have plenty of that. Copper, chocolate and strawberries. Who can resist the temptations of all three? We certainly can’t, so that’s why we took on these three elements and are submitting it for the event.

To make this vision a reality, we pulled out our favorite copper bowl, made a dark chocolate sauce, gathered up some willing strawberry victims and just started to pour freely. It got a little messy, with chocolate sauce dripping and oozing all over the cutting board and eventually on to the table. Having a pool of chocolate love just meant that there was more fingers to lick and more strawberries to drown into the dark, sweet bath.

It was simple, fun and luxuriously satisfying. We never had so much messy fun before!

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  1. Marc @ NoRecipes

    Drooooool…… I wish strawberries were in season at the greenmarket. I’ve been craving strawberry fondue all winter and your luscious photos certainly didn’t help.

    I did jump the gun a bit a few weeks back and got some strawberries from Wholefoods and made a Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream.

  2. Tartelette

    Mu husband is so weird he nominated me…I love him 🙂
    I have a small copper pot exclusively for chocolate too. Precious!

  3. tbc

    That looks sinfully good!:-) Loved the second pic.
    I recently tried some balsamic strawberries with whipped mascarpone cheese. Wasn’t too disappointed. 😉

    Congrats on the nominations! You have a great space here.

  4. Cakelaw

    Yum – I wanted to lick my computer screen!

  5. Lyrical Lemongrass

    I can just imagine my mum screaming “Clean Up That Mess!!!!” LOL. Great picture, though. 😛

  6. anya

    Mmmhhhh…your strawberries look absolutely happy to be gently hugged by the chocolate!! Sometimes a girl, too, needs just that – a warm chocolate hug!! 😉

    Please, take my Hearty congrats on the nomination!!!!

  7. Ginger M.

    Sexy post! The strawbs look so happy to be bathing in such decadence.
    @ Dani – strawberries, whipped cream and BLACK PEPPER? What an intriguing combination. My head is dizzy from trying to imagine the taste so maybe I’ll just try it myself!

  8. kate

    u 2 are clearly having too much fun in the kitchen, pouring all that chocolate over the strawberries, the wooden board … and god knows where else :p 🙂 well as long as u lick it off its ok :p

    Yes these pictures are gorgeous and can put anyone into the mood for some fun … i mean the eating part … what r u thinking of ?? :p

  9. Dani

    Ever tried sliced strawberries with black pepper and whipped cream?

  10. Rosie

    Congratulations! 😀

    What divine combo chocolate & strawberries that photo should be on the front cover of a magazine – brilliant !!

    Rosie x

  11. Anticiplate

    That looks sinful. I bet it was fun!

  12. Nan

    “chocolate sauce dripping and oozing all over the cutting board and eventually on to the table…” Please, oh please… tell me you licked it all up….I shall then live vicariously for another day….(insert Cher slapping Nicolas Cage’s face in Moonstruck …”Snap out of it!”) Nominated for Best Food Blog? That’s great – can we vote? Where? How? More than once? Congrats!!

  13. FlaNboyantEats

    oh yes, and felicidades… bien merecido…

  14. FlaNboyantEats

    this is like print picture, frame, hang on wall, perfect!! love it…

    please tell me ya’ll fed each other!!!! 🙂

    too good.



  15. nikkipolani

    Congrats on the nomination! Well-deserved indeed 🙂 I had some gorgeous looking strawberries last night at an event and was enormously disappointed in the watery flavor. Must try again!

  16. Ivy

    Who did the cleaning up (lol) but it was worth the mess. Lovely pictures. G0OD LUCK with the event.

  17. Christine

    Chocolate and Kahlua is an awesome combination. How lucky you are to have strawberries at your disposal. Between your copper bowl and Jen Yu’s All Clad pots, I’m gettin’ a lil’ green over here 🙂

    Have you ever tried strawberries with aceto balsamico? It’s a decadent but glorious treat — that’s if you don’t mind dropping a hundo on a bottle of vinegar. Anyway, if you don’t have that, you might like trying a reduction of the red wine vinegar that I’ll be sending you soon. *wink*

  18. Allen

    Those are some sexy food photos — good work on capturing the river of chocolate as it dripped over the cutting board edge!

  19. Simply...Gluten-free

    Yum! I wanted to lick the chocolate off the screen. I would have been licking off my counter if I had been the one with the mess!

  20. Mike

    Chocolate covered strawberries have always been a favorite of mine and the photos look great. I don’t envy the clean-up effort though. 😉

    And many thanks for the linkage (more strawberry stuff coming!)! I hope to see more of your borderline-PG-13 strawberry fun at Strawberry Seduction! 😉

  21. richa

    groovy! that molten choc looks soooo good 🙂
    for some reason my comment would not go thru last night.

  22. rachel

    YUM! I can’t wait for strawberries to be in season.

  23. Luna Pier Cook

    Ok honestly, that first pic belongs on a magazine cover.

  24. a. grace

    my mother taught me that it was rude to lick my plate, but i think she would be okay with me going to town on that cutting board. i’d do it even if she wasn’t. 🙂

  25. dhanggit

    you guys made my day with these photos!! love love love love them!! i was thinking of participating but your entry is too good to beat. hehehehe congrats!!

    btw, i agree with manggy, chocolate sauce all over the kitchen..sounds messy and sexy 🙂

  26. Manggy

    Hmm, chocolate sauce all over? (… the kitchen?– haaAAH) Sounds like fun :p

  27. Cynthia

    Congrats on the nominations!

    I see that the food porn continues to be thriving well at this site 🙂 don’t stop!

  28. Kevin

    Strawberries covered in chocolate sauce….mmm…

  29. Peter

    OMG….you two literally poured chocolate all over your cutting board and likely alot of the kitchen!

    This here is the clean, censored post…I wanna read the bizarro world post about this…9 1/2 Weeks eat your heart out! lol

  30. Kitt

    Yummmmmmmm! You deserve those awards for sure.

    I should make my own faux Nutella again for this event. I love my copper bowl, which Mom carried back from E.Dehillerin in Paris 30 years ago. It works well as a double boiler in addition to egg-whisking duty.

    Here’s my strawberry entry: Strawberry Balsamic Frozen Yoghurt. It’s getting to be that time of year again. Well, maybe not hot out for a couple of months, but I’m thinking about it!

  31. bee and jai

    thanks for participating and the kind words. this combination sounds divine. nice touch with the kahlua. we’ll definitely try. -j

  32. Rebecca

    Hey-this looks decadent! and congrats on your nominations!

  33. Tiina

    Oh – my – godness!! What a delicious picture of chocolate and strawberries!:) And thanks for mentioning this event! I did not know about it, might even participate myself in the future… 🙂

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