Cocktail shots at night, in restaurant

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Oooh, cocktail shots at night can be tricky, especially in a busy restaurant.

The last thing we want to do is to pull out the speedlight and flash the crap out of everyone at the bar. It’s definitely not cool to interrupt business and the patron’s evening out with your annoying, obnoxious speedlight.

What to do? Have a fast lens (preferably something that stops down to a 1.4), pump up that high(er) ISO setting, don’t breathe, stay motionless, take the shot, hope you don’t pass out at the bar from lack of oxygen and edit out the grain later.

What do you get if you’re lucky? Kinda cool shot with lots of bokeh to remind you of how to quench a thirst properly.


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  1. Brooke @ Food Woolf

    I love this Daily Crack Feature. Thanks for taking care of my daily jones for more WORC!

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