Sharing The Love #1 – Green Tea Garden In A Glass

For all you tea lovers (or soon to be after this post), you can see why it’s so easy to fall in love with these flower green teas! These fabulously fragrant and beautiful glass garden displays are not only visually commanding, but the floral and fruity notes are worth every sip. Hand picked and hand tied from China, these tight, dry bulbs expand and infuse in hot water, giving you exactly what you see here…a green tea garden in a glass.

flowering tea balls tea leaves flowers

These precious little dried tea balls are our favorites and we’re sharing these with all of you, our blogging friends here. Yes!! We will share and send them to anyone who wants one of these lovely jasmine flower teas. Are we crazy ? Yes. Are we getting paid for this? No. So why are we giving them out? Because we want all tea drinkers to experience the joys of watching these beauties metamorphose and having a soothing, delicious tea to savor. But most importantly, we just want to share. 🙂

Here are three of our favorites to choose from. The names that the sales lady gave us are a little vague but these are what we are able to decipher from her jars. They are all green teas, featuring different flowers and flavors:

1. Lotus Globe Amaranth FlowerFloral. (bottom flower) Soft and sweet green tea flavors.
flowering tea balls tea leaves flowers flowering tea balls tea leaves flowers
2. Orange Osmanthus Flower Fruity. (Middle Flower) This flower might not look as pretty, but the subtle , fruity orange flavors are fabulous!

3. Lychee Amaranth FlowerRoasted. (Top Flower) This tea has a nice, earthy, roasted (almost sea-weed) flavor.

So here are the house rules: We can only afford to give out and send out 30 balls. When we start robbing banks, we can send out one to everyone, but until then, only 30 are available to share. We will share these flower teas to our first 30 blogging friends that request one. Limit One Per Person Please! Leave a comment with your ONE selection request and make sure you leave your blog link. We will contact you to confirm your tea selection with a request for your address. We’ll send them out as soon as we can and let the post office decide how long it will take to reach you.

What do we want in return? Nothing. But if you really want to pay us back, just send us back a couple of stamps to pay for postage and we’ll use these to help for postage on future packages to all our blogging friends. If possible, write a post on your blog about how you like these and we’ll give a shout out to all our readers to find out your opinions. These are also available for sale on Amazon and there’s quite a bit of selection to choose from too if you want to satisfy your jasmine flower tea craving even more.

One last note…NO, the orchids are not part of the sharing! 🙂

This event has ended.  The tea is not available anymore. Thanks for participating!

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  1. sandra407

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  2. Christine Toledo

    I would love to have an Orange Osmanthus Flower . Thanks for sharing!

  3. megan

    I ordered some of these from a blooming tea site in December(30th) and still have never recieved them. I even bought a glass tea pot. I still check my mail hoping I’ll be surprised. No surprise yet. They were free samples but I had to pay $2.00 shipping each.
    They look really cool.

  4. argus

    Hi there! I love the pictures of your flower teas. How ingenious!
    Lovely blog you both have here. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Diana

    I had the same tea in a coffee shop in Vietnam last week. Do you know where I can find the flowers in hanoi?

  6. Allison

    Those look amazing! If the offer still stands… I would love an Orange Osmanthus one! I was probably at the same New Year’s flower market last year… but didn’t make it this year unfortunately. Happy belated New Year! 🙂

  7. Sarah C.

    Thanks you guys! I received my tea flower last weekend. Sadly, probably due to the long distance it had to travel and and lack of finesse of the Indiana postal handlers, my Orange Osmanthus was damaged. I didnt take any pics because I didnt want to break anyone heart. I am happy to report that the flavor of the tea was just as wonderful as the flower was supposed to have been. No flavor was sacrificed to make the item more beautiful which can happen from time to time.
    Thanks again! It was a nice treat to receive something fun in the mail!!

  8. Dani

    I know you’ve reached your limit, but just wanted to say I read about you at Kitt’s blog and I think the photos are beautiful. These would make a lovely gift for writing friends! Thanks for letting us know where to buy them.

  9. Kitt

    The tea arrived and is both beautiful and delicious! My report is here.

    Thank you so much!

  10. White on Rice Couple

    Peter – The offer still stands. Just send us your address via our contact page and will get one out to you tomorrow! Hope you enjoy it!

  11. Peter

    I saw the blooming tea on television and they are quite amusing to watch it bloom to a pretty tea flower.

    If your offer still stands, I’d love to receive one of blooming teas.
    My address is available upon request via email.

  12. White on Rice Couple

    Pixie, Matt, Santhi, Agnespterry, Tina & Big Boys – Thanks for visiting everyone ! We love visiting all of you too and gaining inspiration from your food adventures. Big hugs to all of you!

    Wendy – Awesome timing that it’s you Mom’s birthday! Your Amaranth is on the way. Hope it reaches her in time!

  13. Wendy Withers

    I’m so glad you guys found my blog! Otherwise I might not have found yours. If you could send the Amaranth, that would be wonderful. I want to give it to my mom for her birthday.

  14. Big Boys Oven

    By the way we Big Boys Oven is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🙂

  15. Big Boys Oven

    OMG! I just can’t stop falling in love with those photos of yours, so lovely and gorgeous. Great combination of colours!
    We are also a tea fan!

  16. Tiina

    Lovely pictures! I had heard about flower teas before, but never had I seen such beautiful, magical pictures of them!

  17. agnespterry

    That looks beautiful. I only just started discovering tea anyway, and before this winter I thought it was for the birds. I think what ruined me was the sort of cardboard-y aftertaste of pre-bagged store teas, but I love the taste of a good green or white tea now. Too bad I don’t have a clear teapot. ^.^ Those look really cool, especially the orange blossom.

  18. matt wright

    my new favorite blog. Great work guys, great food/drink, awesome photos.

    Ta ta

  19. Santhi

    Such a beautiful blog….lovely photographs, and beautiful writing… Am so happy to have come visiting….:-)

  20. Pixie

    Ta for stopping by my blog, otherwise, I may not have found your gorgeous food blog!

    Beautiful photos and the tea sounds divine!

  21. White on Rice Couple

    Swirling- It’s great that you have some already. The Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco serves these in wine glasses and they definitely are an eye-catcher this way. Now go crazy with your teas!!

    WC – You are soooo cute! Great video to watch ! Check it out everyone ! We bought these teas as EVERGREEN HERBS & ACUPUNCTURE. 121 Beach Blvd. Westminister, CA. It’s in the Shopping Center on the corner of Beach/McFadden.

    Christine – The orchid was a last minute addition because we wanted some background texture. These were purchased at the New Years flower market. You’ll be seeing TONS of these beauties very soon !

    Colleen – Thanks Mom. We have our “not so pretty” moments too . You’ve seen that plenty of times! 🙂

    Sarah – Sharing stuff is always so fun. We are always giving stuff to our friends, family and neighbors. We’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but didn’t get the chance to finally do it. Now is the time! You Orange tea is on the way!

    Susan – Great idea on using them twice. They can be quite strong and using them twice is a good idea! Love your article on “The Empire of Tea”. Check it out everyone !

  22. Susan G

    Lovely photos, lovely offer. I’ve been indulging in the flowering tea with a (pricey) box from Numi, with a glass teapot and an assortment of types, served for special guests. They can be used twice. Glad to find you!

  23. Sarah C.

    Wow am I glad I found you just the other day. What timing! I would love to get ahold of the Orange Osmanthus Flower tea. What a great idea. Maybe I can find something unique like that to give away on my site. Thanks for the idea, and the tea!

  24. Colleen

    Your photos are amazing. So beautiful. You two bloom like flowers!

  25. Christine

    For a moment, I thought you were going to talk about *Tablescapes* 🙂 I just love your photos of this tea – I think I need to run out to the store and buy some immediately. Thanks for your wonderful generosity!

  26. Wandering Chopsticks

    What store did you get them from? They sell it at the Chinese tea shops in SGV too so I’m wondering how it compares in price. And I’m a nerd b/c in my post, I also filmed the teaball blooming. 😛
    Hi Nikki. *Waves back*

  27. swirlingnotions

    I would TOTALLY love to throw my hat into the ring for one of these teas. But I’ll refrain since I’ve already gotten all I need from your post. A friend of mine owns a tea company and has brought over all kinds of gorgeous flowering green teas over the years . . . but they’ve been sitting in my tea container, unused, because I could never figure out what to brew and serve them in to show off their visual beauty. So seeing that you used plain, clear, glass tumblers and that the tea looked just gorgeous in them makes me go, “duh, why didn’t I think of that?” Thank you!

  28. White on Rice Couple

    Morsels – Wow, great observation on the orchids! We didn’t even notice that and didn’t even try to achieve that effect. Thanks!

    Lydia – Glad you’ve experienced these. Kids absolutely love watching these blooming teas. It’s also a great way to introduce them to drinking tea. Start em early !

    Victoria & Nikki – Two Orange Osmanthus , saved ! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

    Lil & Dhanggit – We thought about our friends overseas and decided to still send them out because the tea balls are very light. Can’t leave anyone out on this one!

  29. dhanggit

    i have seen these beautiful jasmine tea blossoms in one of my gourmet escapade in Beijing long time ago….too bad didn’t had the opportunity to taste it..personally my choice is the orange one..but i think it will be too much to ask you to send them here in france 🙂

    btw, what a lovely site you’ve got here..just stumble upon by accident 🙂

  30. nikkipolani

    Cool! I’d seen these on other blogs but wasn’t sure they’d taste good or only look good. I’d like to try the Orange Osmanthus, please. And thanks! (*waves to WC*)

  31. Lil

    what a wonderfully written entry, and yes it’s tempting me into signing up for free tea but it would be unfair that you need to post all the way to europe for it… now, if only i can free some time, i want to read your archived entries!

  32. Victoria

    What a beautiful post and a lovely offer. Your pictures are sublime. I would be so grateful to have one Orange Osmanthus Flower tea ball if I may.

  33. Lydia

    No need to include me, as I’ve already had the wonderful experience of these teas. In fact, I shared them with my granddaughter, who at six years old was fascinated to watch the tea bloom in the glass.

  34. Morsels of Memory

    Looking at your lovely photos is almost like sipping the floral and fruity green tea…I feel calm and relaxed. I especially like the reflection of the orchids at the bottom of the glasses, as if there are rosy petals embedded in the glass. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Kitt

    How beautiful! I’ve seen packages of these, but never tried one. The Orange Osmanthus sounds yummy. May I try it, please?

  36. White on Rice Couple

    Toni- The amaranth is similar to some roasted, earthy Japanese teas we’ve had. We’ll save one for ya!

    Kitt- You’ll be happy with the Orange one. This has got to be a favorite amongst all our friends. But they’re not allowed to have any more till after we share with others first! 🙂

  37. Toni

    Just discovered your blog…….WOW! Love the photos. And those teas? I’ve never seen anything like them. Tar-jay? I’ll look for them here in San Diego. If I were to request one, it would be the amaranth one. Wierd, I know, but your description of it intrigues me.

  38. White on Rice Couple

    WC – Yes, Tar-jay (in a french accent) rocks! But we buy them at the a local Viet Tea vendor and they’re cheaper! Cheaper than Tar-jay? Yes, because we can barter with the tea lady, but we can’t barter at Tar-jay. She give us a “good price”, that’s why we can afford to share this with everyone. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up on Tar-Jay WC! Did you read that everyone? Wandering Chopsticks found them at Tar-Jay!

  39. Wandering Chopsticks

    No need to include me in the giveaway. Just wanted to say your photo looks so pretty, especially with the orchids in the background. I did a post a few months back too after I found these at Target. 🙂

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