Merry Calvados Christmas – Apple Sidecar

We all need a drink this time of year. Crazy mall parking, paying $45 overnight shipping to send a $10 gift to Timbuktu, and having to socialize with relatives you’d rather not even see once a year, tend to increase the constriction between shoulder muscles & neck. Forget the chiropractor, reach for the Calvados. A couple drinks with this tasty apple brandy, and you’ll be smilin’ at the post office clerks and pinching uncle Charlie’s cheeks.  Merry Calvados, everyone.

Calvados is a tasty straight, sipping apple brandy from France. It’s a perfect inebriation for this chilly time of year. Normally the price of a decent bottle would inhibit it’s common use as a party cocktail for us, however Trader Joe’s has come to the rescue. They have recently added to their selection a $14 Calvados straight out of Normandy. “Fourteen dollars?” you say. “It must taste crappy.” Trader Joe’s is a better merchant than that, and this stuff is good, especially if you are using it for cocktails.

“What’s a good cocktail using Calvados?” you ask. Funny you should mention it. We’ve recently come up with one that has become one of our winter favorites. This summer we discovered the classic cocktail, the Sidecar, and quickly fell in love. For most of the summer our shaker was slinging out either a Sidecar, a Between the Sheets, and having the occasional Margarita thrown in. But now that winter has arrived, the Sidecar (a lemon based beverage) is too bright & perky of a cocktail. We were determined to create & drink cocktails until we could find an acceptable replacement. The winner… an Apple Sidecar. Making use of our newly found, inexpensive Calvados and a tasty apple cider, we  balanced the cocktail with a bit of fresh lemon juice & triple sec. This cocktail hits the spot, right where that knot in your neck used to be.

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Apple Sidecar  Recipe

1 1/2 oz Calvados
1 1/2 oz Apple Cider
1/2 oz Lemon juice
3/4 oz Triple sec

Combine in shaker with ice and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass & enjoy.

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