We’re having another party, this time for bloggers!

We’re eating backwards today. For breakfast, we heated up the BBQ at 8:30 am and started experimenting with some grilled dishes for the party. Another party, you ask? Heck, yeah! This time, it’s for some cool blogger folks that we have come to know through cyberspace, but for most, we have yet to meet face to face, meal to meal and booze to booze! Yes, this is going to be a kick butt party with some wonderful local Southern CA food bloggers (and some out of state too) that we have all come to know and love. Gathering this group together at our place this Saturday is going to be such a blast!

We have one day off, today, so we’re super duper busy and trying to cram as much as we can in one day: cleaning, stuffing things in the closet, under the bed, prepping, shopping & and getting all the preparations for the festivities. For this quick post, we’re keeping giving you a glimpse of the party menu.

Do all you hungry, curious cats want to know what’s being served?

Here are just a few samples to munch on-get ready to drool and wet your keyboard:

Grilled fresh water prawns w/ our secret sauce (the one we still need to create)


Viet Nem Nuong (pork patty) sliders


Grilled fish with TONS of fresh herbs : Sea bass w/rosemary & garlic & Red Snapper w/chives and shallots


Grilled Flatbreads!! You’ll be making your own folks! This is a chicken basil sausage & sweet onion flatbread.


Don’t worry veg-heads, how about an heirloom tomato & marscapone cheese/pesto flatbread? Also, your veggie sliders are going to be shitake mushroom sliders with pineapple & homemade teriyaki sauce! Plus, lots of veggie salads!


With lots of figs left over from dinner with Jen, we’re working on making a fig-balsamic for the awesome cheese plate. Do you like cheese? please say yes!

Todd’s working on a cocktail just for the party that uses this awesome lychee vodka. It’s chillin’ in the freezer for Saturday.


AND….THANK YOU LISA!!!!! Lisa from TheCuttingEdgeofOrdinary really wanted to attend, but couldn’t this time, so what does this SWEETHEART do? She sends us tons of dishes for the party!!! Wow what a total surprise and the dishes are just beautiful! We’ll definitely be using them and you’ll definitely be there in spirit with all of Lisa. AND Dante & Sierra got a homemade batch of Lisa’s peanut butter dog biscuits! How canine cool is that? You are just awesome Lisa and if this means getting a “NON-RSVP” package from you every time you can’t attend, then you’re on every one of our party lists! 😉 But we do hope that they are RSVP’s next time! We love you Lisa, you are a kind and beautiful soul. Thank you dearly.

Sierra’s cute, bubble drools over the PB dog biscuits. YUMMY!!


Dante is just a food slob & not so elegant. But he loves the treats Lisa!


Last but not least….Many of you have asked us about the outcome of last Friday’s catering gig. Thank you so much for asking everyone and we’ll be writing a separate post on that later. Now we gotta go prep some more for the paaaaarty. See y’all on Saturday!

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  1. Mae

    Oh, wow! Everything looked so good! Where’s my invite?! Hehe… 😉

  2. QlinArt

    Your parties sounds like my kind of parties, food, food, food, food and get-togethers with other passionate foodies. A sure success.
    I must go to back to California one of these days just to meet you guys. I love vietnamese BBQs.

  3. Ivy

    Those bloggers are really lucky. First they get to meet you and then they will enjoy all that great food … sigh … At least shall we see it in video?

  4. Rebecca (Foodie With Family)

    I pride myself on not giving into the green-eyed monster. I am pleased at the progress I’ve made on becoming a mature, even-keeled, considerate adult. But I’m stinkin’ jealous. No fair. *stomps feet with fists on hips*. I want some of that food and I want it badly. Sigh.

    It all looks gorgeous as always. I hope you have wonderful weather and even more wonderful company!

    By the bye, the catering gig? All went well?

  5. toontz

    I so wish I could be there, too. What fabulous food! Have fun, party-goers! (and party-throwers)!

  6. Mikky

    oh my… what a feast!!! hope you guys have fun… cheers to all of you out there!!! 🙂

  7. Mollie

    Fabulous! That sounds like so much fun and what a non-rsvp! I wish people like Lisa would stop coming to my parties. 🙂

    Have a blast!

  8. Mike

    I hope it goes well and you guys (and all the guests) have a great time (and how could they not?!). I wish I could have made it. And lol at the dog photos…I’d have a tough time trying to get mine calm enough for such a great photo

  9. Cakelaw

    Fab looking food – what a great party! Once again loving the shrimp.

  10. Donald


    I really wish I could be there! The food looks really great.

  11. Anna

    those dogs really love those biscuits! look at that drool!!!

  12. megan

    Beautiful dishes,
    amazing menu,
    adorable pooches!
    Have a wonderful time.

  13. Chez US

    AHHHHH! URRRRRR! We really wish we could make it, bummer! Next time definitely! Have a couple of those special cocktails for us!!! Have fun!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    xx oo

    D & L

  14. Hélène

    Oh my! I wish I was there. Come North and maybe we could gather a bunch of bloggers together.

  15. Brooke

    If you had a camera on me right now I’d look a lot like your dogs–drooling and bubbling at the thought of that delicious food!

    I am so excited to hang out, meet, eat and drink that lychee vodka! Know of any good hotels in the area?

  16. Julie

    I feel like your doggies looking at their treats… drool every where. Parties are so much fun especially with rockin’ people like you two. Can’t wait for the meet & eat.

  17. Christine D.

    Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see the post about this partayyy. That lychee vodka sounds pretty yummy…have a drink for me too!

  18. Tony

    I can’t wait to see everyone : ) This is gonna be amazing, amazing, amazing!! Thanks for putting all this together!
    The food looks phenomenal (as usual)! See you tomorrow 🙂

  19. melissa

    I’m so sad. 🙁 I’m even sadder now that I saw what you’re making. *Crying*

    I can’t believe my best friend’s barbecue fell on the same weekend. But hey, at least we’ll each have great party food to blog about afterwards! Actually, I’m the only “real cook” in the bunch, and that ain’t saying much, so I’m doing two pans of pasta, one meat, one veg and this appetizer from Lidia’s Italy that I’ve been wanting to try. So we’ll see.

    Have a lot of fun, T&D!! Can’t wait to come next time.

  20. veron

    Oh my goodness!Look at that spread!Like Lydia, I will be there in spirit! Have fun everyone!

  21. grace

    as if i wasn’t bummed enough that i live in ny and can’t come, you go and post those amazing pictures. MEGA sigh. 🙂

    have a blast.

  22. Leah

    Wow! Everything looks fabulous, though I’d expect nothing less from the two of you. Can’t wait to dig in.

    See you Saturday. 🙂

  23. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    I’ll be there in spirit — hope you all have a super wonderful time!

  24. Psychgrad

    Wow – some lucky foodblogger. Feel like sending the leftovers to Canada?

  25. Marvin

    Wow! I am so glad I’m going to this shindig! I can’t wait to meet everyone and I can’t wait for all the glorious eats!

  26. Sandie

    You have no idea how sad I am to miss this party—as well as the chance to finally meet you, see your beautiful garden, meet the pups AND all the other fabulous food bloggers. Really, I hope there will be a next time… but thanks for the invite and I wish you ALL a fantastic soiree! (How can you have anything but with all that wonderful food you’re serving—YUM!)

  27. Lisa

    I will be there in spirit guys! I’m glad the pups liked the treats!!
    Can’t wait to read all about the event!

  28. Victoria

    This all looks great and sounds like a ton of fun. I will be working ALL weekend but will be thinking about you guys on Saturday. Will have to make one of Todd’s cocktails at the end of the day and toast you guys because you will be partying right then.

    Am looking forward to LOTS of pictures!

  29. Manggy

    WAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! Why are you doing this to me?!!? You guys are MEAN!!! I hate you I hate you I hate you! *Locks self in room*
    🙂 My stomach is seriously grumbling. You don’t think you could have held off the deliciousness factor even just a tiny bit since I can’t come?! Ha ha ha. I’m so bitter. Go on, have your perfect delicious party!

  30. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Drats! I wish I were in So Cal right now!!! Aaaarggghhhhhhh.

    Okay, guys. Hubby and I are going to be there (or thereabouts – LA to be precise) at Christmas this year. You guys gonna be around? Would love to meet up!

  31. Rita

    can’t believe i’m gonna miss this party!!! hmm if everyone’s sayin “drink for me”

    u guys won’t be too drunk to fire up the bbq, aye? 😉

    CHEERS!!!!!!!! BOTTOMS UP!!!!!!!!! lol

  32. Toni

    Well hells bells……..I’M COMING!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!! You guys rock!

  33. Kitt

    Waaaaaaah. Stupid airlines. For every drink you drink for Jaden, drink one for me too, will ya? And pet the puppies more than usual. What great shots of them, the sweet drooly things.

  34. Christie @ fig&cherry

    Wow, that’s so exciting. You two are the best! Will have to watch on the web-cam cos Sydney, Australia is a teeny bit far to travel from for a lunch party! 🙂

    Have a fantastic time everyone – hopefully I can make it over to that part of the world one day!

  35. Jen Yu

    Yay party!! I’m so bummed I will miss out but… I got to have you two (four) ALL TO MYSELF!! (okay, shared with Jeremy…) Can’t wait to see what all you end up cooking and doing. Wish I could be there to play and help and pet the pups. We miss you guys. You need to move next door or vice versa. xxoo

  36. Rita


    I looooove parties…….Too bad I am bit too much to the north…(Seattle, WA). But I hope you guys have lots of fun!

  37. Jaden, Steamy Kitchen

    Have fun everyone! I really wish I could have made the trip. 🙁 Have a drink for me???

    xoxoxoxoxo, jaden

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