Heading to Ixtapa+Zihuatanejo, Mexico…

My equipment bags are still packed from my fabulous trip to Viet-Nam and now I’m taking them all with me again to Zihuatanejo + Ixtapa , Mexico!! My kind and generous blog friend, Jaden of Steamy Kitchen, is headed to Ixtapa, Mexico for a press food and wine event and I get to tag along!! I will be her videographer and food partner in crime, so it’ll just be us two gals living it up on the beautiful, sandy, margarita filled beaches of a Mexico resort!  We’ll be eating, drinking, videotaping, photographing and cooking for 6 days, all free of Kids, Dogs and our Men.

I’m twittering all our adventures here for you to follow. So you can join me and my adventures with Jaden for every bite, sip and stagger along the way! – Diane

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If anyone has any suggestions on where else to visit, please leave your comment here! We’ll try our best to be on our best behavior while away , promise! 😉

UPDATE, Return from MEXICO: If you missed my twitters while I was in Mexico, here are the archives. The twitter panel you see here are our most current twits. You are most welcome to follow and join us! follow White On Rice Couple at http://twitter.com

4 am wakeup is only easy when you’re headed to Mexico, like me!! Hope Todd+pups won’t miss me 2 much. I will miss them lots, but not work!

Heading 2 first stop, Mexico City. Starting to regret taking French instead of Spanish in high school. Need crash course in learning words..

OMG! Spent five minutes in coach section looking for seat. Then told I was in FIRST CLASS! Wow, what a treat for a rice paddy gal! Yipeee!!!

So embarassed! got booted back to coach from 1st class during flight. Looked at wrong boarding pass. I’m a true F.O.B (fresh off the boat).

Last nite’s late batch chips/spicy salsa/beer NOT GOOD 4 this mornings yoga class. Snored during the childs pose positon, almost fell over!

DEFINITELY should have taken Spanish rather than French in HS. Saying, “mojito, gracias” all day long , not wise, looking like Asian lush.

Little kids here r SO LUCKY 2 b on this resort. All I got as a kid was a LONG, hot, roadtrip to visit my Auntie in small B.F.E Nevada town
Zihuatanejo market trip: 3 bottles amazing Tequila, 1 is 1942 Don Julio! Only allowed 2 back to USA, 3rd is problem. How to sneak, advice ??
Thnx all 4 tequila advice, found solution: have trusting person carry in their bag for me. Will pay him with a few shots of the GOOD stuff!
I was chili “freak show” today. Vendors brought me hottest habeneros from CUBA 2 eat while group took pics! Zimmerman can’t keep up w/me!
Witnessed Jaden eat 3 pounds fois grois, including my half. The woman is amazing!
Hurricane arrived, lots soothing rain, wind, pretty thunderstorms. Aw shucks, must call boss to say I’m stranded, can’t go to work on Mon.
Last nites RICH dinner of foie gras, duck confit, fatty short ribs has me aching for a big bowl of Pho to cleanse.
Heading to Zihua market with J 2 gather more video footage and eat more street taco’s! Looking for cool spices too.
2 Asian gals at market in Mexico quite a site for locals. We should charge THEM to take out picture! Eating tons of taco’s, spicy salsa!!
Mole, beer, tacos, taquitos, tortas all under $1 US! Great! But taxi (w/flirting driver) cost over $50! Sucks! How much w/out the flirting?!
Fell into deep sleep on beach side hammock. Snored away w/warm breeze flowing thru hair, then rolled over, PLOP! on to sand! Ouch, hurts.
Smuggling across hotel lotion/shampoo/soap for this x-mas stocking stuffers, yes! No more room 4 hotel towels. Gonna miss this free stuff.
Club Med staff  warm, wonderful and multi-talented. Getting to know them over past couple days makes it hard to say good-bye. Like family.
Packed precious tequila next 2 padded bras. Who ever knew my bras would be so useful? If good enough 4 my boobs, then good enough 4 booze.
@kalofagas Ah! Wish I knew earlier, would have snagged the bathrobe 4 ya! But will send ya some of hotel soaps for x-mas! Lavander scent?
Happy 2 be back w/honey & pups, but gotta get back into work groove. No more five course dinners, mojito brkfst & fish tacos. Gonna STARVE!
@blogbooktours My tequila is safe and sound, thanks 2 all the padding! Even found some fresh, spicy habanero chili peppers in pant pockets!
If you enjoyed reading my twitters in Mexico, visit our twitters from our trip to Viet-Nam, HERE!

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  1. White on Rice Couple

    Thank you so much everyone for joining me! I have so much to share with all of you between this Mexico trip and my VietNam trip just 3 weeks ago!
    I hope all of you will get the chance to visit this island paradise as well!
    Again, thanks for reading and supporting me,

  2. Manggy

    Welcome back Diane! I hope Todd was not too mopey while you were away (to be fair, he doesn’t seem the mopey type, hee 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your experiences in Mexico! I wrote you guys an e-mail of thanks, but I can’t really thank you enough for your kindness to me when I visited so I’m going to say it again here on your comments page!
    By the way, I think the Philippines would be a GREAT place to visit, heh heh 🙂 For real!

  3. Lori Lynn

    I’m sure you’re having a great time. Mexico is wonderful. I love the people and the culture and the food. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  4. alexandra's kitchen

    i want your job. such wonderful adventures! I know it must be exhausting too, but I am envious of all the beautiful places you get to see.

  5. jai

    that’s wonderful. have a fantastic trip and bring back wonderful stories to share!

  6. Cakelaw

    Have a great time Diane!! Lucky you!

  7. Toni

    Dang, woman! You’re traveling more than I am!!! Waaaaaaahhhhh!!!!


    Have fun!

  8. shayne

    You lucky dog 🙂

    I suggest visiting Ann Arbor/Detroit Michigan

  9. Mike

    I knew you guys were going on a trip but didn’t know this was it! I hope you two have an awesome time! 😀

  10. Chez us

    Have fun … best place to lose yourself for awhile!!! It has been a bit since I was in Zihu .. but I remember the margaritas to be pretty rockin!

  11. Sandie

    I know I don’t need to say this, but have fun! Safe journeys to you both!

  12. Happy Cook

    Do you need a bag carrier, if you need, just give a shout, i will tagg along ;-)))

  13. Rita

    Your best behavior. You…and….Jaden?!!!! Hehehehe….Syrian mint tea came out of my nose as I laughed out loud

    Go ahead, girls. Be bad!

  14. Kitt

    Well, now I’m glad I quit Twitter, because I don’t think I could bear reading about all the fun you’ll be having, minute by minute.

  15. mikky

    Wow… what a promising trip… you guys have fun out there… will be looking forward to all your great finds… 🙂

  16. noobcook

    how exciting! =D have fun and can’t wait for updates 😀

  17. Precious Pea

    Sounds fun!! Have a good trip!

  18. Christie@fig&cherry

    Have fantastic time! Very exciting. Eat lots of guacamole for me!! 🙂

  19. sharon

    Ooh, you are one lucky gal! Or, I suppose two lucky gals! Enjoy Ixtapa. I haven’t been since high school spring break, but I remember it being pretty 🙂

  20. Hélène

    Hole this is going to be fun. Enjoy every minute of it. Will be following you on Twitter.

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