Happy Friday & thoughts from this week

gathering from the garden again, it’s Spring: meyer lemons & thyme

It’s Friday and we’re excited to be home sweet home for the weekend in our own beds, warm with Sierra doggie cuddles. And to see the garden in pre-Spring blooms is extra exciting!

The last 2 weeks of travel have been so fabulous because of the new people that we were able to finally meet. Though we are on the road and in the air to reach destinations for work, shoots, workshops or conferences the best part of all these gathering is meeting new folks that enrich our lives.

Speaking at Blissdom about Imperfection in Storytelling & Photography was life changing because we were able to share very private, personal images and video have never been seen before. Taking those chances of showing some very personal work felt like a huge release of emotions and to have attendees understand and connect with those private moments from our lives was beyond encouraging.

We spoke and shared about storytelling and how we all have a special story to share. No matter how new you are to photography, video or writing, you must believe that your story is worth sharing. Storytelling has little to do with technical experience or having a college degree in the craft. Storytelling has everything to do with being who you are, being real and sharing what is truly important to you in the most honest, sincere, authentic and genuine way that you can.

We are all storytellers, no matter what camera you shoot with or how good you are at writing.

Below is a photo by Rachel of ASouthernFairyTale.com , whom we were so lucky to have met! These are some of her notes that she gathered from our session at Blissdom presentation. Hope it’s useful to you all in some way. 

This same theme and talk was shared at a fun luncheon we hosted at our studio with KitchenAid and Rachel. We asked our friends Cristina Ferrare, Alex Thomopoulos and Joy Wilson to share a demo. It was a true blast to be working with people we love and respect. More photos of this luncheon to come next week.

When we finally made it home after Vegas, Nashville and surviving this big luncheon, the garden finally got some love and attention. We spent a few days weeding, planting new vegetable seeds and buying some heirloom tomato starters. It felt so wonderful to be back, digging in the dirt and witnessing all the new citrus blossoms and flowers.

Next up is planning some new photography workshops at the studio, finishing up a 105 recipe shoot, trips to Orlando and Mexico then back home again!

Hope you all are enjoying your time at home with your families. Being away from home as much as we are makes us yearn more for those quiet moments at home sweet home.

Have a great weekend everyone,

diane and todd

The garden is happy with some citrus! These are all citrus we collected from the garden for a story in the magazine, Real Eats

And new herb seedlings are coming up. Yay! 

 Sneak peak into our studio lunch with KitchenAid. Cristina doing a demo to a packed house. 

Studio: Group shot with Todd, Joy , Cristina, Rachel & Alex. Diane is camera shy and trying to hide! 


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  1. Lori @ Lemons and Lavender

    At the October workshop, I fell hard for the Calamansi limes you had in the studio. Is it possible to successfully grow that variety in a large pot? And what are those gorgeous wrinkly green gems in the photo?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Lori- the Calamansi we had was growing in a pot and and it did very well. the green wrinkly gems are kaffir lime fruit!

  2. Kathy

    Help me! Your lemons look lovely and I’m trying to cultivate a Meyer lemon tree of my own. Any tips? Thanks – your website is always filled with <3!!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Hi Kathy,

      There are several things we’ve found over the years that have helped our citrus grow better and better, but we are still learning. Start with good soil. We have a building material supply place near us which has fantastic soil we buy by the scoop (two scoops will completely fill our truck bed). It is their own mix of two different composts and sandy loam soil. Drains very well and is just rich enough. All of our citrus are on drip irrigation systems to make sure they get enough regular water. Use lots of mulch. Encourage beneficial insects by spraying the absolute minimum and only with organic sprays (spinosad is our main choice). Every once in a while give the roots a nice boost with B vitamin. And of course make sure they are getting plenty of direct sun.

      Good luck!

  3. Dinner Gang

    I really like the quality and colours of your photos! The colour balance in particular is a great. What camera do you use and how much photo editing do you do after shooting? These, especially the lemons on the chopping board, are great snaps.

    I’m keen to learn your ways as I’m starting my own food-related blog!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Thanks for the nice compliments.

      In regards to the color and editing, we do very little editing after shooting. Just a minute or two worth in Lightroom. We try to get the image as best we can in camera first. We shoot with the Nikon dslrs, but have found the camera matters much less than finding the right and angles.

      Good luck with your blog! The food blogging world is a fantastic community.

  4. Susan in the Boonies

    Happy sigh.
    You’ve brought back such happy memories for me. I cried my way through your very personal sharing at Blissdom. But they were good, cleansing tears.
    I love keeping up with what you’re up to, and the citrus image is magnifique!

  5. Eileen

    I wish you two were coming to the Finger Lakes Region. I love taking pics of fruit – strange fetish I guess – lol.. Have a relaxing weekend!

  6. Cathy/ShowFoodChef

    I had such a wonderful time at the KitchenAid Luncheon. Your words about photography go past the camera and into life. I can’t wait for your workshops, count me in always.

  7. Jonathon

    Hi all,

    Seeing the beautiful photos of the citrus reminded me I want to make a batch of home made Limoncello for the upcoming summer season. Would anyone care to share a recipe?

    Durango, CO

  8. Rachel - A Southern Fairytale

    I so loved meeting you two! Your energy is infectious and your stories so touching. Laughing and tearing up and being inspired during your session, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story with us.
    I am dreaming of a garden now 🙂
    Happy Friday, Diane! (and Todd) 🙂

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Rachel- it was such a true pleasure to meet you. You are amazing. And thank you for allowing us to use your image. xoxo

  9. Pig and Rabbit via Facebook

    Love “your eyes are your lens, your heart is your shutter”!

  10. Michele Crim

    I want to live in your orchard! Your photos awaken precious memories (and some tears) of lolling around on the hood of my dad’s Ford smelling the spring and summer orange and lemon flowers in my sunny hometown: Redlands. Thank you for that.
    XO, Michele

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Michele- please come visit! We just planted 17 heirloom tomatoes, so you must stop by for a garden lunch in Summer and help us eat.

  11. Annie Hollywood

    That sounds like a great presentation. The topic of imperfection and storytelling has really been top of mind for me lately. How can I find out more?

    This is my first citrus season in California and I’m loving it and dreading its end… discovering kumquats was exciting and I think I first heard of them here.

  12. a suburban kitchen

    I dream of having my own citrus trees. Beautiful.

  13. Winnie

    Dying to see you two speak again- hope I can make it work out somehow…ps will you come to NY?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Winnie- maybe we’ll see you at BlogHer Annual NYC in August? 🙂

  14. susan

    Looks like such a great day. The light in your studio is so beautiful. Happy to hear you have a bit of time to be a homebody and enjoy the comforts of home!

  15. Gerry @ Foodness Gracious

    Great words, I keep trying to teach my 6 yr old daughter about storytelling and how easy it can be if she just let’s her mind go. There are no constrictions especially in a 6 yr old 🙂 I love to hear her stage shows with her toys and that’s a story in itself. Have a great weekend!

  16. Helene

    Still dreaming of doing a workshop with you guys someday 🙂 Have a great week-end!

  17. Sally

    Ahh. Nothing like home sweet home. I am looking forward to seeing you both next week. Home sweet home is wonderful, but I spend a lot of time here, so happy to have a wee break. It was such an easy winter, it seems less necessary, but I’m glad for a change of scenery, nonetheless. (Spring is still a long way off in the garden, but I can always glimpse it here.)

  18. JulieD

    I can’t wait to see you both next week! Love the last picture, Diane! 😀

  19. Maria

    Your photos always make me happy! I am so excited for Spring! I love hearing about all of the fun things you are involved in! Thanks for always sharing!

  20. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I can’t believe how much traveling and various projects you guys have going on! You mention finishing up a 105 recipe shoot, like it’s no biggie 🙂 wow!

    Your eyes are your lens, your heart is your shutter. I remember the first time I heard Diane say that at Food & Light last year. So profound.

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